The best armor for the night sword

Nightblades in Scrolls online typically characterized by the use of Medium Armor in melee and reliance on Stamina. While this is true for most Nightblade builds in Scrolls online, some rely on Heavy Armor or Light Armor to serve different purposes in group content.

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While Nightblades are generally not great Tanks, their damage output is extremely high and they can also be good combat healers. Nightblades make the most of possible armor sets increase their DPS in some way rather than the ones that enhance their survivability. After all, their DPS is often tied to their ability to be an effective Support player.

Updated November 24, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: ESO’s best armor for Nightblade players are those with critical damage resistance and increased overall damage. Players are split between Stamina or Magicka which are the best resources for building Nightblade, and so there are plenty of good gear for Nightblade to choose from. The most important things to keep in mind when looking for a new armor set are how much the set bonus is, how many pieces you want to get, and the means to get the gear. With an ESO Plus subscription, most of the DLC is available, but unregistered players may need to think about purchasing a DLC or two to access some of these sets.

Tzogvin’s Warband Set

Tzogvin's Elder Scrolls Online Warband Online Armor Set

  • Two-Item Reward: Increases Critical Chance by 657

  • Triple Item Bonus: Increases Critical Chance by 657

  • Four-Item Bonus: Level 1487 Physical Penetration

  • Full Set Bonus: Players receive Accuracy stacks for each Critical Hit. At 10 stacks, the Small Force buff is applied, increasing Critical Damage.

Tzogbin’s Warband armor set gives a good stat bonus, as well as The special effect has increased significantly Severe damage when players take full advantage of it. This armor set is considered by many to be the best armor for Stamina Nightblade ESO players, with almost no competition, thanks to its huge Critical buffs.

Nightblade DPS players tend to build into Weapon Critical anyway, which means players can expect to have Accuracy buffs all the time. Find pieces of this set in Frostvault Dungeon in Eastmarch, part of the Wrathstone DLC.


Hunding’s Rage Set

Hunding's Elder Scrolls Online Rage Online Armor

  • Two-Item Reward: Increases Critical Chance by 657

  • Triple Item Bonus: Add 1096 Max Stamina

  • Four Item Reward: Increase Critical Chance by 657

  • Full Bonus: Weapon damage increased by 300

The Hunding’s Rage armor set is a craftable set that provides some basic upgrade points for three useful stats for the Nightblades. The set is probably not quite as exciting as the special ability granted by Tzogvin’s Warband set, but nonetheless, the Hunding’s Rage set is set there along with the ESO Best Nightblade series.

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The tracking will be a lot less, as the passive bonus means less to worry about Maximize combat potential. To create this set, search Wether’s Cleft in the east of bangkorai, Trollslayer Gulley in the center of The Rift, or Shattered in the southern part of March Reaper.

Set of Briarheart

Elder Scrolls Briarheart online armor set

  • Two-Item Reward: Increases Critical Chance by 657

  • Triple Item Bonus: Add 1096 Max Stamina

  • Four Item Reward: Increase Critical Chance by 657

  • Total Reward: Deal 450 weapon damage over 10 seconds after each critical hit, where each Critical Hit heals the player

Briarheart Armor Bộ give some basic bonus to Critical Weapon and Stamina, along with a useful self-healing ability. Nightblades has a whole tree dedicated to healing and Support-based abilities. However, players who don’t like Siphoning need alternative healing methods, especially for soloing.

Briarheart Set provides a base heal along with a powerful temporary Weapon Damage buff, which is inflicted more often when Nightblade deals critical hits. Looking for pieces of Briarheart is set throughout Wrothgar in the land, especially from the world bosses and tough enemies spread throughout the region.

Kinra’s Wrath . Set

Elder Scrolls Online Best Nightblade Armor Kinras Wrath

  • Two-Item Bonus: Increases weapon and spell damage by 129

  • Triple Item Bonus: 657 More Critical Chances

  • Four-Item Bonus: Increases weapon and magic damage by 129

  • Full Set Reward: Light and heavy hits for a stack of Burning Hearts. At five stacks, the player gains the Main Berserk and allies within 12 meters gain the Mini Berserk

Kinra’s Wrath Set is a set of Medium Armor, Jewels, and Weapons increased weapon damage, magic damage, critical chanceand level one Power up players and their allies with bonus effects fully set. It’s powerful for both Magicka and Stamina-based builds, though it’s solid more player-oriented those near their allies in battle.RELATED: Elder Scrolls Online: The best damage tool for each classThe Kinra’s Wrath series is found in the Black Drake Villa dungeon from the Flames of Ambition DLC. This DLC is available in the Crown Store as a separate purchase or can be accessed through an ESO Plus subscription.

Relequen’s Arm Set

Elder Scrolls Online Best Nightblade Armor

  • Two-Item Reward: Increases Critical Chance by 657

  • Three-Item Reward: Minor Slayer Level

  • Four Item Reward: Increase Critical Chance by 657

  • Full Reward: Heavy and light attacks create noxious Winds, dealing damage to enemies based on their current stacks.

The Arms of Relequen set is a set of Medium Armor, Jewels and Weapons give players big boost come Critical Chance, gives Minor Slayer players a buff and has a powerful full stack bonus. With five pieces equipped, the player will create a Wind stacks damage with each Heavy or Light attack, dealing damage over time up to 10 stacks simultaneously.

The Arms of Relequen set is good on its own, but the Perfection version of the set also gives Max Stamina and an improved Major Slayer buff. This set is found in the Cloudrest Test in Summerset, and the Perfect version can only be purchased from the Veteran version of this dungeon.

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