The Best and Worst Rick Sanchez Moments

With Season 5 of Rick and Morty greater than midway over, there are only some extra weeks left to take pleasure in some traditional Rick and Morty adventures. To date, this season has had it ups and downs, from the introduction to Rick’s surprising arch-nemesis Mr. Nimbus to the a lot much less standard incest child storyline. As we begin to strategy the ending to Season 5, I’ve compiled what I contemplate to be Rick’s finest and worst moments within the present to date.

Given Rick’s genius degree of intelligence, Rick has many extra “finest moments” than seem on this checklist. Given Rick’s penchant for being a completely horrible particular person, he additionally has many extra “worst moments” than seem on this checklist. Regardless, I’ve narrowed down Rick’s 5 finest moments and 5 worst moments to date. There are some genuinely touching, really horrible, and ridiculously badass moments within the lifetime of Rick Sanchez, so let’s get rickety-rickety-wrecked, son and get to it.

Greatest: That Time He Cried Over a Morty


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Season 1, Episode 10, “Shut Rick-counters of the Rick Sort” is a vital Rick and Morty episode for just a few causes. It’s the introduction to a recurring storyline concerning the Council of Ricks and the sinister Evil Morty (cue eerie Evil Morty theme tune), one which left viewers eagerly anticipating the second installment, which sadly would not arrive till Season 3. It additionally provided a deeper look into the dynamic between the Ricks and their Mortys, the latter of whom are sometimes deemed as simply replaceable. As Rick explains—and consequently shatters Morty’s perception in what he thought was a particular bond—Mortys are “a camouflage” whose brainwaves (or “Morty Waves”) cancel out the Ricks’ genius brainwaves, enabling them to cover extra simply from enemies. In easier phrases, Mortys are so silly they render Ricks’ god-like mind invisible. Regardless of all of this, we study that our Rick and Morty from dimension C-137 really do have a particular bond. In a uncommon and touching second on the finish of the episode, Rick tears up as he watches his reminiscences of Morty projected on Evil Rick’s display. There may be even one in all him scooping a child Morty up into his arms. Evil Rick (unbeknownst to us on the time, an android being managed by Evil Morty), scoffs, incredulous, “Are you crying? Over a Morty?” And shockingly, sure, he’s. And consequently, so are we.

Worst: That Time He Tricked Morty Into His Personal Disillusionment


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Whether or not it is Morty’s obsession with the Vindicators or his incessant demand for a dragon, Rick has no drawback crushing Morty’s silly goals to smithereens. One of many worst situations, nonetheless, is in Season 4, Episode 3, “One Crew over the Crewcoo’s Morty” the place Morty writes a heist screenplay that finally lands him a pitch assembly with Netflix. When Morty really sits right down to pitch his concept, he out of the blue is overcome with disillusionment towards heists having simply participated in probably the most obnoxiously complicated, long-drawn-out heist of all time. The twist on the finish of the episode reveals that Rick secretly orchestrated the entire convoluted heist so Morty may very well be tricked into his personal disillusionment and due to this fact hold occurring adventures with him. Speak about crushing your grandson’s goals.

Greatest: That Time He Turned Himself in to the Galactic Federation


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Season 2 ends on a gutting cliffhanger that marked a pivotal second in Rick’s character arc. After killing a number of Galactic Federation brokers in retribution for the dying of his shut pal Birdperson, Rick confesses to his household that like Birdperson, he’s a insurgent towards the Federation. Now, none of them are secure on their Earth whereas the Federation is in search of him. He overhears Beth, Morty, and Summer time adamantly taking pictures down Jerry’s argument to show Rick in as a result of he does not perceive why they need to shield “somebody that may by no means do something for anybody however himself.” They remind him that regardless of all of it, they love Rick and that love is unconditional. In an uncharacteristically selfless transfer, Rick turns himself in to the federal government in trade for his household’s safety. As 9 Inch Nails’ “Harm” poignantly performs within the background, we come to comprehend that Rick is not as a lot of a egocentric narcissist as we thought he was.

Worst: That Time He Made Morty Bury His Personal Physique


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In Season 4, Episode 6, “Rick Potion #9,” Rick by accident turns all people of their actuality into Cronenbergs, grotesque humanoid blobs, after a love potion gone unsuitable makes everybody on Earth’s complete inhabitants wish to mate with Morty. In a last-ditch effort, Rick portals to a different dimension with Morty mere seconds after that dimension’s Rick and Morty die in a violent, bloody explosion of their storage. Rick, as one would possibly anticipate, doesn’t appear in any respect fazed as he arms Morty a shovel to bury their corpses in order that they’ll inhabit their house on this new actuality, seeing as how their previous actuality is now overrun by deformed blobs. Nonchalantly asking your grandson to bury his mangled corpse within the yard most likely takes you out of the operating for grandfather of the yr award, no?

Greatest: That Time He Was So Petty Over a Vat of Acid That It Was Nearly a Stroke of Genius


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Season 4, Episode 8, “The Vat of Acid Episode” is without doubt one of the strongest episodes of the season comedically as we watch Rick take his pettiness to an entire new degree. It additionally affords additional perception into Rick and Morty’s sophisticated dynamic, with Morty insisting that Rick will not ever quit management and permit him to give you concepts extra usually. Morty will not cease complaining that Rick’s vat of acid was a silly concept, and so, Rick decides it is time to train Morty a lesson. Livid at Morty for not respecting the genius of his vat of acid, he grants Morty’s want to create a tool that saves a time limit in order that Morty can re-start situations and get “do-overs” with out penalties. In a twist on the finish of the episode, Rick reveals that each one of these horrible issues that Morty did really actually did occur as a result of as he is mentioned earlier than, he does not imagine in time journey. As an alternative, all of these Mortys he killed had been precise Mortys from one other dimension. Morty is horrified, after which hilariously resigned as Rick makes him escape into one other vat of acid simply to rub it in.

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Worst: That Time He Used an Complete Universe to Energy His Break Lights


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In Season 2, Episode 6, “The Ricks Should Be Loopy,” Rick exhibits off one in all his proudest achievements. When his ship does not begin, he and Morty go contained in the engine’s battery which, to Morty’s shock, occurs to accommodate an entire planet. In keeping with Rick, he “put a spatially tessellated void inside a modified temporal discipline till a planet developed clever life.” He then slapped on some antennae and heroically got here bearing the present of know-how (in addition to the common signal for “Peace amongst worlds.”) He taught the microverse to generate electrical energy on a worldwide scale, in order that its complete tradition can…energy his brake lights. In different phrases, Rick’s sensible invention is actually “slavery with further steps.” Rick is commonly careless of others, however that’s next-level merciless (and admittedly, hilarious).

Greatest: That Time Rick Outsmarted the Galactic Federation, Escaped from House Jail, and Eradicated the Council of Ricks


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With the almost two-year hiatus between the cliffhanger on the finish of Season 2 and the primary episode of Season 3, “The Rickshank Rickdemption” was eagerly anticipated. Fortunately, the episode didn’t disappoint. “The Rickshank Rickdemption” exhibits Rick at his most intelligent, inventive, and calculated. By way of sheer craftiness, Rick transfers from mind to mind till he has efficiently escaped from house jail and annihilated the Council of Ricks. Then, he manages to dismantle all the galactic authorities by decreasing the price of the Galactic Federation’s forex to 0. Even when it looks as if Rick actually is trapped with no manner out, he proves that he’s in some way at all times one step forward—even when his opponent is a complete galactic authorities and a military of power-hungry doppelgangers from different dimensions.

Worst: That Time He Drunkenly Declared Noob-Noob the Solely One He Values


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In Season 3, Episode 4, “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender” Morty, to Rick’s utter disgust, invokes his “Morty Journey Card” (good as soon as each ten Rick and Morty adventures) in order that Rick is pressured to reply “a literal name to journey” from the Vindicators, a superhero crew who function “the guardians of the unguarded” (Morty’s phrases), or as “a bunch of drama queens” (Rick’s phrases). After Rick will get blackout drunk and will get diarrhea throughout their convention desk, the Vindicators discover themselves trapped in a Noticed-like recreation orchestrated by none aside from a particularly plastered Rick from the evening earlier than. Rick burps and coughs and slurs alarmingly obscure and life-threatening directions on a video recording. In Drunk Rick’s remaining transfer, he claims the Vindicators really do have one factor of worth to him, and in the event that they know what it’s, to put it on the platform. Naturally, Morty believes Rick is speaking about him, and steps onto the platform with a smug smile. He’s strapped right into a rocket-shaped trip the place Drunk Rick seems on display to precise his love for (seemingly) Morty, whose eyes glisten with tears—till he realizes Rick’s loving monologue is definitely for Noob-Noob. Noob-Noob is the underappreciated intern/janitor for the Vindicators, and likewise the one member of the superhero crew who really laughs at Rick’s jokes. He even stays behind to scrub up after a drunken Rick will get diarrhea everywhere in the Vindicator’s convention desk whereas Rick, Morty, and the remainder of the crew embark on their mission. As Rick drunkenly declares, “All people else had their heads to date up their ass. Even my very own grandson . . . I imply, he is a moron, it is their demographic. However you are completely different, Noob-Noob.” Ouch.

Worst: That Time He Created a Clone of His Personal Daughter


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Rick is not identified for being the very best father, so it should not come as a shock that when Beth tells him that she does not know who she is or what to do subsequent, he responds not with emotional assist, however as an alternative, a suggestion to clone her so she will be able to exit and discover the universe. This occurs in Season 3, Episode 9, “The ABC’s of Beth” by which Beth is confronted with a tough alternative of both letting her dad clone her so she will be able to depart her household and go discover the cosmos, or keep along with her household and discover ways to make peace with the life she selected. Beth’s choice is left unclear till Season 4, Episode 10, “Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri” introduces House Beth, the self-proclaimed “most needed particular person within the universe” (like father like daughter). Finally, Jerry and the children resolve they do not care which Beth is the clone—each Beths are badasses. That is lucky for them, since Rick mind-blew his personal reminiscence of who’s who. He finally decides to look at the reminiscence to search out out the reality. Within the reminiscence, Beth asks Rick to make the selection for her as a result of for as soon as in her life, she needs him to resolve: does he need her to remain and be part of his life, or does he need her to depart? With unhappiness, however not shock, we watch Rick make the clone, however then flip his again whereas a machine randomizes the Beths in order that even he does not know who’s who. On this second, it isn’t solely us as viewers who understand Rick is a fair worse father than we thought. This time, Rick realizes it, too.

Greatest: And of Course, That Time He Turned Himself right into a Pickle.


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It was inevitable that “Pickle Rick” would make an look on this checklist. “I am Pickle Riiiiiiiick!” is immediately recognizable even to those that have by no means seen even one episode of Rick and Morty. In Rick’s most elaborate and artistic experiment, he turns himself right into a pickle to keep away from household remedy. He finally finally ends up having to struggle for his life within the sewers as a result of because it seems, he does not know find out how to cease being a pickle with out the anti-pickle serum that Beth pockets earlier than leaving for remedy. As he battles gigantic rats and kills Russian brokers John Wick model, all whereas in some way nonetheless being a pickle, it has by no means been extra obvious that Rick can come out because the winner in almost each scenario, even when all the chances are stacked towards him. His thoughts is aware of no bounds.

There are some who would possibly (rightfully) argue that Rick’s iconic pickle transformation can also be one in all his worst moments, since Rick goes to such nice lengths to get out of going to household remedy and making a reputable effort to emotionally join along with his household. That’s 100% true, however…let’s get actual. He efficiently turned himself right into a pickle. What else is there to say?

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