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While Batman is nearly always the center of attention when it comes to the story of the Caped Crusader (as well as the villains), Alfred Pennyworth (Batman/Bruce Wayne’s butler character and father) is a big part. in superhero success. However, aside from his loyal service to the Dark Knight, Alfred’s past has never been depicted on film or TV. Pennyworth is a series worth watching as it depicts a young Alfred, a skilled soldier, a fearless warrior and a man with many complexes.

Before becoming a loyal butler to Bruce and the Wayne family, Alfred had a challenging life as a young man, this is revealed in the EPIX TV only, Pennyworth. The series acts as both an origin story and a spy thriller, with plenty of action, tension, and humour. There are also younger versions of familiar characters beyond Alfred, including Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane (before they got married and had Bruce), and Lucius Fox.


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The film is set in London, England, and revolves around the ongoing feud between an evil dictatorial organization known as the Crows Society and the Nameless League. The Crows are controlled by Lord James Harwood, a leading figure of evil who deceived the British people by claiming that he would give them what they wanted in terms of getting the British out of poverty and war, but actually intending to cause mass destruction. Harwood plans to destroy the British government, including the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, with the use of advanced nuclear weapons, and intends to turn England into a fascist society.


The No Name League is a more democratic group, but with fewer people and limited resources. Thomas Wayne (Who works for the CIA?) and Martha Kane (an American agent) are two high-ranking members of the alliance on a mission to spy on the Crows to uncover their dangerous plans. Lucius Fox is also a CIA agent who works with the coalition to spy on the evil organization, thanks to his skills as a scientist and expertise in nuclear bombs. Inspector Aziz (a detective with the London police force, who later became the British prime minister) was another key member who became the leader of the federation because of his experience in analyzing corruption in the UK.

In the middle is Alfred, a complicated young man who lives close to his mother (Mary) and father (Arthur), and tries to make a living for himself in London after his combat days as a British SAS soldier. (a special forces unit). Alfred, along with his military friends Wallace ‘Dave Boy’ MacDougal (a heavy drinker) and Deon ‘Bazza’ Bashford, run their own security detail at a posh London nightclub . Alfred and his friends intend to make a lot of money so that they can one day come to America to become more prosperous.

While Alfred wanted run a successful business in his club, and sending his friends and family to America in the future, the young ex-soldier is always pulled back into a violent and dangerous world. Thomas and Martha repeatedly ask for Alfred’s help in defeating the Order of the Crows, whether that means planning attacks, tracking down individuals for interrogation, and stealing valuable information. Although he dislikes doing this, Alfred is very concerned about his homeland and intends to save it by defeating evil organizations such as the Crows’ Order.

Alfred was a good man, but he did a lot of things that he was not proud of, such as stealing money to buy his way into America. He is also forced to take up theft work from his former SAS commander, Captain Gulliver Troy (a man who is strict and occasionally beats his wife). Alfred also had nightmares from going through the war and felt guilty because is an adept killer. While he’s good at what he does, he plans to leave his time as a soldier, killer, and occasional thief behind his back one day.


Alfred is also a man of women. He was initially only interested in Martha (until Thomas caught Martha’s attention). Alfred also falls in love with Esme, a nightclub dancer who is unfortunately murdered by a retired Army Captain in the SAS. Sandra, an aspiring singer working in Alfred’s nightclub, also caught Alfred’s attention, though it turned into an off-the-beaten-path relationship.

Alfred also briefly stayed with Troy’s wife, Melanie, before helping her escape from her abusive husband, and sending her to America to prevent an upcoming attack in England from the Crows’ Order. While the main characters sometimes have trouble being honest with each other due to both personal and professional dilemmas, Alfred still has a good working relationship with Thomas and Martha, helping each other out when England is in crisis. Thomas and Martha also have a happy relationship, despite some controversy about secret information.

The show’s production design fully captures the essence of the 1950s and 1960s, including elaborate wardrobes, old televisions, and traditional homes and buildings (including mechanical and sombre establishments). by Harwood). The action sequences are rough and brutal, the love scenes are clear, and the British atmosphere is both dark and beautiful in a world where people are caught up in lies, deceit and corruption. The villains, such as Harwood and Gulliver, are ruthless, especially Bet Sykes (a crazy, darkly humorous, but somewhat sympathetic killer who occasionally works for her friend Harwood. , and sometimes also helps Alfred due to her likable Esme).


Pennyworth it seems a spy thriller that’s been done many times before, but this series is a great showcase for Alfred’s backstory, and how he’s both a hero and a conflict veteran with so many loves. heck. Younger versions of Bruce Wayne’s parents, Thomas and Martha, are also introduced as American agents willing to do good and help the British people out of war and poverty. This series is proof that other characters associated with Batman can have their own central backstory in a feature film or TV series. Fans will have to wait and see what season three brings to Alfred and his allies in their pursuit of freedom and justice.

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