The Bachelor’s ‘Women Tell All’ reunion features tier drama ‘Real Housewives’

Maybe it happened when one contestant called another contestant a “narcissist, temperamental” – or maybe it was when host Jesse Palmer failed (for the second or third time) at regain control of the room. At some point earlier this week Bachelor, it is clear that this “Women tell it all” is different from the norm. I dare say, it actually maybe the most! Dramatic! When!?

Yes, they say it every year—but this time with slides and screenshots allegedly DMs! Captioned by random Bachelor Nation side characters! And yes… There has been much talk about shrimp.

We seem to be living through a miniature Golden Age of messy reality reunions. On Friday, Netflix is ​​out Love is blindthe reunion of both the contestants and the host of the barbecue Part 2 of Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee’s heel. Vanessa Lachey, usually a light force on the show, even got in on the questionable contestant in a clip that immediately went viral. But indignation calls out and explodes on Monday Bachelor is the next level. In addition to getting to know each other, the women are also sure to hide from their ex, Bachelor Clayton Echard.

Some of Monday’s mess was entertaining reality TV series, and some were a bit ugly. First main question of the night: Are women obligated to end things with all the FWBs before they appear on the air Bachelor?

It’s a philosophical puzzle that revolves around the contestants’ first target of the night, Cassidy Timbrooks – a villain who emerged earlier this season through a combination of putting his foot in his mouth and copulating with Clayton. more than other women want. As Cassidy’s competitor Sierra Jackson revealed to Clayton over the course of the season, Cassidy has a friend with interests back home – whom she didn’t exactly cut things off before leaving for the show. submit.

Do we care? Given that there are 30 women appearing this season and only one could get engaged, I have to admit that I don’t. But Cassidy’s housemates certainly did! Jesse Palmer, who replaced Chris Harrison this season, did his best to keep order in the room, but at various points the women yelled at him even as he tried to throw to disrupt the trade.

The room eventually found its next target: Shanae Ankney, whom Sierra calls a “narcissist, narcissist”. If the treatment Cassidy received was harsh, what Shanae received was brutal – although the viewer certainly remembers it, and when the standout reels are soberly repeated, the anger is overwhelming. The anger radiating her way was not without reason.

It’s more than that #shrimpgateone of the dumbest parts of Bachelor drama in recent memory. In addition to the silly game strategies often used by the “villains” on this show to monopolize attention, Shanae also call for possible abuse of a fellow contestant. Though Clayton has since apologized to that contestant, Elizabeth, for not being fully aware of what was going on in the house, the way Shanae accused another contestant, Genevieve Parisi, of being an actor despite publicity admitted that she was acting herself. towards her future fiancé, got everyone trampled in the wrong way. (As in: She actually compared herself to Meryl Streep. A fellow contestant called her “The Budget Meryl Streep” on Monday night.)

When Shanae and Genevieve sat across from Jesse Palmer for a two-on-one interview, things got even more tense. While Genevieve tried to ride the tide against Shanae, her competitor tried to beat her by claiming Genevieve hooked up with a member of Bachelor Nation after she got home. (Again, I have to ask: Why should we care that these women are sleeping with topless tricks?! How is this our business?!)

But beyond her behavior against specific individuals, what seems to enliven the room against Shanae is her absolute, all-around, and unrepentant villain. I mean, this is the woman who once made the team’s date throw the trophy in the pond — an act Clayton himself called “irresistible” on Monday night. Either way, when asked for even the slightest regret, Shanae pursed her lips and whispered “no”.

But speaking of that… Did I mention that Clayton became one of the biggest villains of the night?

“But beyond her behavior against specific individuals, what seems to enliven the room against Shanae is her absolute, all-around, and unrepentant villain. ”

When he talked to Palmer about his experience, in the show’s “reviewing everything,” our Bachelor admitted that he might have made a few (few) mistakes.

“I wish I would do things differently,” he said. “But in terms of regrets, I did everything in the moments that I thought were the best… I can’t really say I regret anything because I had all the best intentions. ”

That statement doesn’t sit well with Clayton’s ex, who understandably wants to know why he kept Shanae around despite repeated warnings from multiple contestants.

“I’m not coming to you or anything,” Sierra said. “Just a real question: Why ignore all the words you’re hearing from all these amazing women… We’ve all told you Shanae is toxic, and she’s hurting the whole house, and she’s apologizing artificially. , lie constantly, and you still trust her more than all of us. Why?”

Lyndsey Windham added: “Many of us have said that, and I don’t know, it’s just frustrating to sit here and see you say that. I wish you would sit there and know that you have a better connection with Shanae than all of us. Own it like a man.”

“I was looking for you,” Sierra told The Bachelor. “I said, ‘I don’t want him to make a stupid decision,’ you know? You did it on your own. I tried to help you… I think you’re confusing love with lust. I think you really need to figure those two things out. ”

And finally, another source of controversy: Did The Bachelor cry on their first date with Sarah Hamrick? Or does he not?

The Bachelor hosts Jesse Palmer and Clayton Echard

Craig Sjodin / ABC

As the women finished partying with Clayton for a while, Sarah managed to secure some goodwill for herself despite some of the contestants insisting she was a game-player of lies. She told Clayton it was “ironic” that he ended up kicking her home and accusing her of being disrespectful “because it feels like that’s what you’re doing to me… I went to great lengths to navigate the drama…because I care about you and our relationship.It feels like the one who is constantly putting me back and constantly stirring the pot is you.”

In the end, the room didn’t take Sarah’s side. But fun fact: her and Genevieve seems to have appeared in the same dress!

But the last item on the agenda (after the necessary starter returned) sent Clayton back to the hot seat when Sierra hit him with one final question. She and the other contestants share that they already know how this season ends — including Clayton telling three women he loves them.

“I want to know exactly who you are to act a certain way and treat these women a certain way and make them follow this pattern of your behavior,” she said. “What did they do to deserve it?”

Teddi Wright asks a softer but more ominous question on the same subject: “Are you… all right?”

Clayton nodded firmly as he whispered, “Yeah.”

The mess continues! The Bachelor’s ‘Women Tell All’ reunion features tier drama ‘Real Housewives’

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