The 9 Greatest Metal Gear Retcons

A retcon is a common occurrence for a franchise that has been around for quite some time. When it comes to them metal gears There are tons of retcons in the series. That’s because metal gears has existed for well over 30 years, in both prequels and sequels, which can easily contradict each other as a new character or dialogue is introduced.

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What a retcon is is when a fictional work provides the audience with new information that alters previously described or established events. metal gearsFirmly has had some of these since the franchise shifted from an overhead military action-adventure in 1987 to the open-world stealth game that ended in 2015.


9 The title “Fox”.

In the original metal gears series, Gray Fox was given the title “Fox” for his great service. This title was granted by order of Big Boss, while many other characters were given the title “Fox” due to status and experience that would benefit Big Boss. As revealed in the metal gears 2 Radio Roy Campbell was formerly known as Chicken Fox, meaning Gray Fox wasn’t the only “fox.”

When metal gears jumped 3D, metal gearsFirmly stated that Gray Fox was the only member of FOXHOUND to be given the title “Fox”. This retcon puts a special emphasis on Gray Fox and how powerful he is as a fighter, but at the expense of established lore metal gears2.

8th The big boss’s eye

One of the most iconic looks in video games is Big Boss and his eye patch. The look is a direct nod to Snake Plissken from the films Escape from New York and Escape from LA. It was revealed in the metal gears 2 Manual that Big Boss lost his eye in the late 1980s and as a result had to retire from active combat with lack of depth perception.

With the release of metal gearsFirmly3: snake eaterFans experienced the first prequel in the metal gears Series. The game contained many retcons, but one of the most important was how Big Boss lost his eye. As the Naked Snake, Big Boss had his eye accidentally shot out by Ocelot in 1964.

7 Venomous snake and liquid snake

A crucial character as a whole metal gears Firmly Series, Liquid Snake was the leader of FOXHOUND during the Shadow Moses incident and one of Big Boss’s clones from the Les Enfants Terribles project. Liquid resented his brothers and Big Boss, claiming that Big Boss would berate him as an “inferior” clone, fueling his hatred and desire for revenge.

In the later prequel game metal gearsFirmly5: The phantom pain, Liquid Snake is shown as a child named Eli and is defeated in many confrontations with Venom Snake, believed to be Big Boss. Their relationship is almost non-existent as Venom’s superiority in battle fuels Eli’s plan for revenge.

6 Sunny is female

Olga Gurlukovich was a Russian agent who worked with a private army she commanded. She was soon forced to join the Patriots after they kidnapped Olga’s child, Sunny. Olga plays an important role in the Big Shell incident and Firmly Snake refers to Olga’s child with masculine pronouns metal gears Firmly 2: sons of liberty.

When it came down to it metal gearsFirmly4: Cannons of the PatriotsThe audience saw Sunny and she was a girl. Sunny was taken care of by Old Snake and Hal Emmerich, and she had a tendency to boil rather rotten eggs. Sunny’s gender was a retcon, perhaps due to a mistranslation.

5 Huey Emmerich’s nuclear legacy

As Hal Emmerich begins to get sentimental about his family’s “curse.” metal gears Firmly, he mentions that his father was born on the day Hiroshima was bombed. Hal “Otacon” believes this is part of the curse his family suffered, but what that curse entails has not been explored at this point in the timeline.

When the prequel game was released, metal gearsFirmly: peacewalkerHer fans discovered who Hal’s father was. Huey Emmerich was a mechanical engineer responsible for developing bipedal locomotion technology for the Peace Walker Project. He also developed a mobile nuclear missile platform, thereby contributing to the legacy of the Emmerichs’ involvement in nuclear weapons.

4 Accelerated aging

Since Liquid Snake possesses Revolver Ocelot’s arm, he informs him metal gears Firmly 2 that the advanced aging of Big Boss’s clones is due to the man being cloned from his DNA in his later years, when he is past his prime, making them older.

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It’s not until metal gearsFirmly4 that the audience discovers a retcon and that the accelerated aging experienced by the clones is due to the Les Enfants Terribles project. Accelerated aging is a fail-safe written in their genes.

3 Firmly snake, american

When Firmly Snake made his debut in 3D, his polygons weren’t the only thing that changed. Firmly Snake was now an American of Japanese descent. This was a retcon by metal gears 2where the manual was Firmly Snake was of Japanese-British descent.

The decision to make Firmly Snake an American could have been a decision by Hideo Kojima or the minds at Konami Firmly Snake somehow seems more appealing to western audiences.

2 The Boss and the Bay of Pigs

metal gears Firmly 3 saw Naked Snake’s mentor, The Boss, claiming involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion. The Bay of Pigs happened in 1961 when Cuban exiles launched a botched invasion of the Bay of Pigs on Cuba’s southern coast. These exiles opposed Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution and were secretly funded by the US government.

metal gearsFirmly: peacewalker saw reports that The Boss was actually in the Bay of Pigs, but the truth is that The Boss was in a coma during this invasion, meaning their involvement was later retconned in a future game.

1 The mammalian capsule is alive

No character quite keeps the ripple effect in the metal gears Series as The Boss. The character has a legacy that changed the course of Naked Snake and made him Big Boss. in the metal gears Firmly: peacewalker, The boss had an AI personality that was placed in The Mammal Pod. In another sacrifice, the AI ​​drowned itself to be destroyed to stop the nuclear devastation.

When it came down to it metal gearsFirmly5, the Mammal Pod, along with The Boss’s AI, was functional and intact after being recovered from Lake Nicaragua and found a good home in Outer Heaven. It’s a pretty big retcon considering the AI ​​malfunctioned and was destroyed, but it seems fine in the later games.

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