The 8 Worst Type Combinations In The Series

With almost 900 Pokemon having been launched since Gen I, gamers have loads of kind combos to select from when constructing their groups. Some are extremely robust, however not all of them are stellar. When a Pokemon takes on two sorts, it carries the resistances and weaknesses for each. Typically, they will cancel one another out — but when the kinds have a weaknesses in widespread, the Pokemon will take 4x the harm from these strikes.

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This results in some dual-types being extremely fragile. A few of these Pokemon can nonetheless be helpful in battle, however others do not even have good offensive protection to make up for it. Regardless, gamers who use these combos must preserve therapeutic gadgets readily available.



This combo lands itself a spot as the most effective of the worst sorts. Whereas it does have seven weaknesses (probably the most that any Pokemon can presently have), none of these weaknesses are 4x tremendous efficient. What’s extra, the mixture of Rock and Combating-type strikes permit the legendary Terrakion — the only Pokemon with this typing — to deal super-effective harm to eight differing kinds.

Nonetheless, those that select to make use of Terrakion should be cautious in battle. Amongst its many weaknesses are three out of the 5 commonest Pokemon sorts: Water, Grass, and Psychic. Trainers needs to be very cautious when selecting what opponents to struggle with a Rock/Combating kind.


Shiftry in the anime

With a 4x weak point to Bug-types and 6 different weaknesses besides, Pokemon like Nuzleaf and Cacturne have numerous opponents to be careful for. What’s extra, a few of these weaknesses are quite common, corresponding to Flying-type. Fortunately, different weaknesses are rarer, corresponding to Ice and Fairy.

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Grass/Darkish does have a good variety of resistances going for it, together with the quite common Water kind, and is totally immune to Psychic attacks. Sadly, neither typing on this combo presents very a lot offensive benefit; Grass is resisted by many sorts, and few sorts are weak to both Grass or Darkish assaults.


Tyranitar in the anime

Tyranitar positively seems harmful, and its attacking energy actually is not to be underestimated. Nevertheless, like Rock/Combating, its weaknesses are numbered and quite common. Fighting-type attacks spell doom for this typing, with 4x effectiveness. It is weak to 6 different sorts as properly, together with Bug, Water, and Grass — all widespread within the Pokemon world.

As above, Darkish typing offers this Pokemon an immunity to Psychic-type assaults. It additionally has good kind protection, making it a good offensive selection. Defensively, although, Rock/Darkish’s weaknesses outnumber its strengths. Contemplating the frequency of sorts that may annihilate this Pokemon in comparison with ones it resists (corresponding to Ghost and Darkish), Tyranitar is simple to wipe out.



Exeggutor is aware of some highly effective strikes, however there is not any doubt that this kind mixture leaves it (and different Pokemon of this kind) with sure disadvantages. For instance, the Psychic/Grass combo has seven weaknesses, together with a 4x weakness to Bug-types. Its weaknesses outnumber its resistances, and even outnumber the kinds that deal regular harm.

On the plus facet, Psychic-type assaults simply can maintain Poison-types that threaten it. Apart from that, although, this typing would not have a lot offensive benefit and might’t simply counter its different weaknesses.


Abomasnow in the anime

As highly effective as Abomasnow may be in the fitting fingers, there is not any denying that it and its pre-evolved kind are extremely fragile. They’re glass cannons, hitting arduous however simply destroyed. With a 4x Fireplace-type weak point and 6 common weaknesses (together with the widespread Flying and Bug sorts), it is simple to take these Pokemon out.

Although Ice/Grass resists a couple of pretty widespread sorts (Water, Floor, Electrical, and Grass), 4 resistances is not lots for a dual-type. What’s extra, the mixture of Ice and Grass-type assaults solely presents super-effective harm in opposition to 4 sorts. It is not sufficient of a trade-off for the variety of weaknesses.


Geodude in the anime

Although this typing does provide good offensive protection via its assaults, it sadly has simply as many defensive weaknesses. Rock/Floor Pokemon haven’t one however two 4x weaknesses, Grass and Water, each of that are extremely widespread all through the video games. It is also weak to Ice, Metal, Floor, and Flying.

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Rock/Floor’s immunity to Electrical is one defensive plus, and it has a good variety of resistances — together with a double resistance to Poison. Pokemon like Geodude could be helpful when battling a Poison-type Gym, however they are often simply taken out with a single Water Pulse.


Amaura in the anime

Ice sorts are amongst the most fragile in the series, and Rock-types have loads of weaknesses of their very own. With two overlapping weaknesses, Combating and Metal, that is one other kind combo with not one however two sorts which are 4x efficient in opposition to it, and 4 extra weaknesses as properly. What’s extra, it solely has 4 resistances.

Fortunately, the mixture of Ice and Rock-type strikes permit Amaura and its evolution (the one Ice/Rock sorts) to take out a wide range of opponents, together with the Grass and Floor sorts that may spell their doom. Nevertheless, they typically cannot do a lot to counter their two largest threats, Combating and Metal.


parasect in the anime

Neither of those sorts are thought of all that robust, and after they’re mixed, their failings solely compound one another. Bug/Grass sorts have a 4x weak point to each Fireplace and Flying, and 5 common weaknesses as properly.

Their offensive kind protection can also be poor. Bug and Grass every have seven differing kinds that resist their assaults, and neither presents up any strikes that may assist counter this typing’s weaknesses. Pokemon like Parasect may fare okay in opposition to a Water or Grass kind, however in most conditions, the Bug/Grass pairing is extremely flimsy and has little benefit.

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