The 7 worst things Eren Jaeger has done

attack on Titan is a haunting anime series full of shocking twists and chilling revelations. It follows the story of Eren Jaeger, a young boy whose goal is to join the Scout Corps in hopes of protecting his friends and family, but after the Titans attack his home, Eren is fixated on revenge.

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He is a calculated manipulator who doesn’t stop until his goals are achieved. No matter how hard his friends try to influence him, he will always keep fighting for what he believes is right. Eren has done some terrible and unforgivable things attack on Titanbut he justifies his actions as necessary to protect humanity.


7 Laughing at Sasha’s death

The death of fan favorite Sasha Braus came as a shock to fans of the series because it was so unexpected. Many believed their favorite characters were safe because of their rich histories, but the Season 4 episode “Assassin’s Bullet” proved that no one was immune from the onslaught of their enemies.

After learning that Sasha died from a gunshot wound, Eren starts laughing. He showed little emotion prior to this event, but her lifeless body leads him to show how broken his spirit really is. Although it later turns out he knew this was going to happen, he never tried to stop it.

6 Kill Mikasa’s attackers

As a child, Mikasa lived a happy and peaceful life with her mother and father. One day, a group of bandits arrive at her home and kidnap her, but not before murdering her entire family. She later wakes up to find the bandits looming over her, discussing the price they could get if they sold her.

Eren and his father arrive at her home and learn what happened, a sight that fills Eren with unbridled anger. He follows the trail left by the bandits and eventually finds their hiding place. Once inside, he poses as a lost child to distract the attackers before stabbing the two kidnappers. This terrifying attack was necessary to save Mikasa, but there’s no denying how wicked it was for Eren to be a part of it.

5 Attack on Armin

In an attempt to dissuade his friends from getting involved with him, Eren decides it’s best to cut his ties. He meets Armin and Mikasa and berates them for their actions before finally referring to Mikasa as a slave.

Armin, angry about this, lashes out at his former friend, but Eren reacts much more viciously. He brutalizes Armin mercilessly while taunting him for his weakness. Although Eren was only trying to distance himself from his companions, the way he treats Armin shows how evil he can be.

4 Disclosing his hatred of Mikasa

While trying to locate Zeke, Eren discovers the whereabouts of his former friends and decides to question them for the information they are looking for. It’s obvious in each of their encounters that he cares deeply for Mikasa, but in Season 4 of Savagery, Eren shows a very different emotion.

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He informs Mikasa that the only reason she ever fought by his side was because of a trait in her blood, meaning any feelings she had for him were a product of her lineage. He then goes on to say that he has always hated Mikasa, an untrue statement but a cruel one nonetheless.

3 The attack on Marley

After infiltrating Marley under the guise of a wounded soldier, Eren goes to work manipulating both friends and foes to prepare for his attack. He befriends Falco, a young warrior candidate who unquestionably quickly trusts the strange man. Eren sets his plan in motion by asking Falco to send a letter to his Scout Corps allies, an action that quickly leads to the invasion of Marley.

Eren then transforms under a stage where Willy Tybur encouraged Marley to rise up and destroy Paradis Island once and for all. He smashes the famous noble and attacks the attending audience, hoping to lure out the Warhammer Titan. After the battle, the nation of Marley is all but destroyed and many innocent lives are lost. Although Eren believed his actions to be justified, the means he chose to achieve them were callous and evil.

2 manipulation of his father

After escaping Marley, Grisha Jaeger roams the primitive lands of the island of Paradis. Posing as a doctor, he gains access to the forgotten civilization and, thanks to his advanced medical knowledge, becomes one of the most respected practitioners in his field. He eventually raises a family to distance himself from his past life, but his grieving past eventually returns to haunt him.

Grisha’s guilty conscience leads him to confront the Reiss family, a royal family that owns the Founding Titan. Knowing the Titans plan to breach the Wall and wreak havoc on his new home, he asks Frieda to renounce her pacifist vows and stop the attack. When she refuses, Grisha tries to transform but can’t bring herself to do it.

Up to this point he has dedicated his life to saving others and is not about to murder the Reiss family. Witnessing this, Eren seems to remind him of the reason he came to Paradis. It fills Grisha’s head with horrible memories and forces him to attack. Without Eren, Grisha might have had a chance to live a life of peace.

1 Beginning of the rumble

Since childhood, Eren has always longed to be freed from the confines of the island of Paradis. This led him to join the Exploration Corps, but his infernal mind led him down a dark path in the process. As the entire world rises against his homeland, Eren decides that a more permanent solution is needed to ensure his island’s freedom.

After gaining the power to awaken the Colossal Titans that dwell within the walls of his city, Eren unleashes it upon the world, targeting the nation of Marley, a small island that has defied Paradis for countless years. Destroying Marley is Eren’s first goal before bringing the same fate to the rest of the world. Years of persecution have left him an unbound man with no patience left, so he is more than willing to submit when achieving peace requires mass destruction.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3 should appear in 2023.

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