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How long does a show last? It’s always sunny in Philadelphia yes, it takes a few things. The first and arguably the most important of these is a colorful cast of characters, which is something the series has been able to boast about from the start. A lot has changed since then, but many of the flaws that punctured the core characters’ personalities are still there, including Mac’s insecurities and his insurmountable thirst for acceptance.

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While each member of the gang is insecure in their own way, Mac figuratively and literally prevails. From his constant need to be seen as a material force to his almost relentless efforts to earn money Dennis ‘accept’, much of his life was built around the false self-image he had fostered over the years. This of course leads to some great character quotes, the best of which can be found below.

7 “All my instincts and my training tell me to use this as a weapon.” (S06E04)


When Mac won the radio phone and the chance to win a weekend at an exclusive clubhouse, he got pretty excited. To win, however, he’ll need to hit a hockey puck from halfway, which isn’t ideal as he’s completely inexperienced with the sport. Thankfully, Charlie was there to help and agreed to teach him how to handle a hockey stick, even though, in true Mac style, he wanted to use it as a weapon instead.

Mac often talks about a big game when it comes to Martial Arts background, but, in fact, he has no formal training or even the slightest aptitude for unarmed or armed combat. In this case, Charlie chooses not to call him his subject and just continue with the lesson, although Dee and Dennis frequently challenge Mac when it comes to some of his larger-than-life claims.


6 “Not gay sex.” (S04E02)


If Archer taught the world anything, that is Idioms can be very important. Apparently, Mac never got the memo, as he found himself having to go back while revealing one of his plans in the season 4 episode. He talks about “oiling his ass” and “plow” before making an unfortunate handshake, which confuses the rest of the gang. To his credit, Mac soon realizes his mistake and quickly makes it clear that he has no intention of having gay sex despite how it sounds.

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This isn’t the only time Mac has released unintentional gay vibes, with one of the more memorable instances of him doing so in season 3 when Charlie, Mac, and Dennis were designing a flyer. to invite “great men” to them. “party mansion.” While the final leaflet emphasizes over and over again that “it has nothing to do with sex”, the fact that the biceps shape they chose for the leaflet looks like male genitalia sends a mixed message. .

5 “I spoke to a priest. He allowed me to exit the conversation. I continued.” (S10E03)


When the gang’s old high school friend Psycho Pete showed up at the bar, Mac and Charlie discussed therapy. Instead of talking to a therapist and actually coming to terms with his problems, Mac revealed that he would rather confess his sins to a priest and have them forgive him immediately. For those wondering, this is really how Mac thinks the confession works, as evidenced by a season 7 episode from a few years ago.

In this episode, Mac decides to visit a priest to tell him the story of how his friends made him fat, and then asks the priest to beat them up for doing it. so. Eventually, the cleric grew tired of hearing Mac’s ramblings and agreed to forgive him and sentence the rest of the crew. This incident could perhaps give viewers some indication of where Mac’s real lack of understanding of his religious traditions comes from, although there are plenty of similar situations.

4 “Science is a liar sometimes.” (S08E10)


Mac’s ignorance of Catholicism was often used as a source of humor on the show, especially during some of the earlier seasons. One of the more memorable examples of this can be found in season 8, when Mac interrupts Dennis and Frank’s mock trial to make an argument against Darwin’s theory of evolution. Instead of solving the problem directly, he once again took a more indirect approach.

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By pointing out some of the mistakes of some of history’s most influential scientists, he was able to sell the idea that “science is sometimes a liar” to Dee, Frank, and Charlie. However, none of them are fully committed to accepting the idea that evolution is bogus, but their willingness to put themselves in the fence nonetheless is impressive and easily one of the achievements. Mac’s best during the show’s fifteen seasons.

3 “I want the bad guy to be different from me so I know why I hate him.” (S14E02)


Focus groups can be a great way to refine an idea and make sure it works well with the target audience. Of course, this is only true if the people selected for the group are not crazy. It’s sad for the makers of Thundergun 4: Cool, they end up with the gang on their team, leading to some gruesome hints that completely destroy the movie. That said, a few of these ideas are actually pretty funny.

The group’s choice was supposed to be Frank’s suggestion that the villain should be someone of color rather than a white person. Mac is quick to jump in and emphasize that this isn’t really “a racial issue”, but rather an opposite problem because he hates people who are different from him. This seems to extend to foreigners and those with accents, which explains a lot of his actions in the previous seasons of the show.

2 “I did an eye patrol and I wiped him out.” (S05E02)


In fact, he’s one of the most cowardly members of the crew, but Mac still likes to think of himself as the group’s protector. When given the opportunity to create a fake persona for himself, he frequently chooses to be a bodyguard and often introduces himself as the head of security at Paddy’s Pub. He has a few different techniques for spotting trouble, but the most infamous of these is undoubtedly his “visual punishment”.

First revealed at the beginning of season five, Mac has used the technique many times over the years. It sounds impressive at first, but once it becomes clear that he’s only really looking at people to gauge whether they might pose a threat, it suddenly becomes a lot less epic. Furthermore, the first person he used the technique with ended up stealing Dee’s car after being “cleaned up”, showing that, unlike the Country Mac, he’s actually not very good at performing these tricks either. this eye hunt.

first “I’m practicing mass cultivation.” (S07E01)


Rob McElhenney spent 5 months mass training for the show’s seventh season, jumping from 160 pounds to a dangerously high 212. The main reason for doing this was that he thought it might make the character Mac comedic. funnier if he was fat and most viewers would probably agree that it did. In particular, the extensive collection of Cartman-like cases in which Mac insists he’s not fat is a clear standout, although the scene where he wheezes while eating isn’t too far off.

The actor was able to shed excess mass remarkably quickly after filming the show’s seventh season and is said to look a lot better than he did at the start when all was said and done. Although the weight may have disappeared pretty quickly, the fat Mac lives on in the memory that helped create It’s always sunnyseason seven is one of the best in the series’ long and hilarious history.

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