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Your choice of idea groups in Europa Universalis is an important part of any campaign.

One could argue that it is the most impactful decision given how your nation is positioned.

Different groups of ideas take your land in different directions and offer a variety of bonuses. It goes without saying that there is a situation for each of these groups.

In the later parts of the campaign, you’ll look for groups of ideas that complement your previous playstyle. While this list focuses primarily on the single player experience, multiplayer aspects are also considered, albeit with less impact on my final verdict.

7. Religious

The religious group of ideas. / EU4

Religious ideas are in a unique position to claim last spot in both this leaderboard and our early game list.

Because of the niche they fill, as they are the only group of ideas to offer bonuses related to province conversions, they are a staple of all One Faith runs.

Obviously they can be picked prematurely under certain circumstances. For example, if you need to expand into heathland very early on.

However, in most cases of one-faith runs, you will select them after you’ve already established yourself as an established great power.

One of the two options you have to efficiently pacify your empire when you inevitably expand into pagan lands.

6. humanist

The humanistic group of ideas. / EU4

Humanistic ideas are an excellent alternative to religious ideas when it comes to stabilizing a large empire.

They require less micromanagement and can even prove more useful in certain cases.

Especially in combination with Horde ideas, the combination is exactly what a large multicultural empire needs. All bonuses of the humanistic idea group are aimed at internal stability and faster pacification of conquered provinces.

The massive +30% The Enhance Relationships modifier can do wonders to break up coalitions or prevent new ones!

I’d advise picking it as the 2nd idea group if you’re playing as the Horde Nation that picked Horde Ideas first.

In all other cases, however, the advantages of the group are much more valuable in the later stages of the game.

5. administration

The Administrative Ideas Group. / EU4

Management ideas get fifth place on the list. Again, the logic behind this choice has to do with world domination scenarios.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the ideas group. However, it would be unthinkable not to include it in the list. This idea group is all about blobbing as it offers a big cost reduction in core creation and is topped off with an increase in management capacity.

In the past, collecting administrative ideas was a necessity for world conquest campaigns.

We’ve come a long way since then. And these days, core creation is no longer the bottleneck you’ll encounter with these types of campaigns.

The rest of the group’s bonuses aren’t impressive. Mainly buffs for mercenaries, which also decreased in value after the last patches.

Still, especially for a less experienced player, I would recommend administrative ideas as a roughly sixth choice for a conquer world campaign.

4. Act

The trade ideas group. / EU4

Trading ideas are about making money.

They do one thing, but they do it very well.

While the early game is rather lackluster, the current multiplayer meta is to select them as the fourth group. However, in a single player scenario, you can postpone it a bit longer if needed. You will see a significant increase in your income by picking them.

Especially in scenarios where you already own some trading companies and partially control some high-value nodes, the bonuses from trading ideas will be massive.

That’s where these ideas shine. The key word is “partly”.

With bonuses to your trading share of a node, they find little value when you control a node completely and there are no competitors.

That’s a pretty big part of why they find added value in multiplayer campaigns. That and the excellent guidelines they offer with economy, quality and especially quantity are other exceptional multiplayer ideas.

3. quality

The quality ideas group. / EU4

Quality ideas, the late game king in terms of military skills.

Quality ideas improve the combat capability of your entire army and navy and are there to simply make your military stronger. In addition, they provide access to some exceptional guidelines with other frequently selected groups of ideas.

In multiplayer games, they can be selected earlier than usual, since you practically need them to compete with other player nations.

In single player, I usually look at them later, as a fifth idea or something.

If you want to take on nations that have strong militaristic national propositions (like Prussia or France), at some point you have to choose quality. However, quantity has its own quality!

2. Crowd

The group of ideas. / EU4

Wars cannot be won without manpower.

Especially after the recent changes to mercenaries, manpower is by far the most important resource in the game. What do you mean the changes are not new? Has it been years? Damn I’m getting old.

Crowd ideas are a must.

In a competitive multiplayer environment, they will be your first or second ideas to be chosen.

However, in single player mode you can move the selection around for quite a while. In fact, you can’t select them at all when playing against a nation with a national image like Russia’s.

Crowd ideas are all about giving you a cheaper and larger standing army.

The main bonuses they offer are those for National Manpower and Manpower Recovery Speed. The bonuses are massive and synergize with each other.

The bonus you get from the ideas alone is an effective 80% increase in your available manpower when fighting in a war. Add to that some of the best in-game policies available and you’ll have a hard time skipping this group in any of your campaigns!

1. Diplomatic

The Diplomatic Ideas Group. / EU4

The reason diplomatic ideas take first place is because they are clear a group that finds more value in single player campaigns after the early game.

While rather useless in competitive multiplayer games, its single player value cannot be overstated.

Of course, you can pick them early on in scenarios where you’re fighting to become the HRE Emperor or have a large number of vassals. However, minions can also be handled by ideas of influence.

So what makes Diplomatic such a good idea group?

Well, everything. Aside from the reduction to Diplomatic Tech, which is more valuable early on, all the other bonuses aim to help you in late-game scenarios.

The two additional diplomats will find work to improve relations with your neighbors, and they will do so more efficiently since the improvement in relations is also achieved through these ideas.

The extra relationship slot and diplomatic reputation will allow you to enjoy more comfortable vassal gameplay, while the reduction in province war point costs is ideal for late-game conquests.

The reduced impact of diplomatic action on stability actually makes breaching the truce and annulling royal marriages viable options!

Honorable Mention: Navy

The Naval Ideas Group. / EU4

It’s no secret that land warfare is far more important in EUIV than naval warfare.

However, naval warfare may not be as useless as many players once thought.

This inclusion is primarily for multiplayer purposes, but all points apply to single player campaigns as well.

Lately people have started to choose naval ideas in multiplayer games to rule the seas. Regardless of which nation you are up against, if you have navy and they don’t, you will win all battles of equal value. Provided, of course, that there are also generals with equal rights.

Yes, even against Great Britain.

The thing is that Britain can also choose naval ideas.

In any case, lately every alliance bloc in competitive multiplayer tries to have at least one nation with a focus on naval warfare.

The bonuses of the group need no explanation. They simply make your navy perform better! The 7 best late game idea groups in EU4 – FandomSpot


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