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Idea Groups are an important part of the Europa Universalis experience. They dictate the direction your nation will take. Choosing the right idea groups in a campaign is what separates good players from great ones.

Typically, you go into a campaign with specific groups of ideas in mind, depending on the starting nation and your goals.

However, due to the sandbox nature of the game, your plans can always go haywire unexpectedly!

You must be able to adapt to the situation; Special idea groups can help you achieve just that.

This is more important in the early game, which is the most challenging part of any single player campaign. Unlocking groups of ideas that complement your national ideas and positions is an invaluable skill.

Note: This list mainly considers singleplayer. Of course, certain elements are also applicable in multiplayer lobbies.

7. Religious

The religious group of ideas. / EU4

The Religious Ideas Group holds its place on the list mainly because of its niche but very strong application.

Providing all the necessary tools for pacifying provinces of another religion and a free casus belli against all neighboring countries of another religion, this set of ideas is excellent for a very specific set of situations.

What are these situations?

Well, playing a country with no free claims from its mission tree, whose only way of expansion is provinces of another faith.

In addition, missionary power is slightly stronger in the early game when you don’t have many sources to access. If you need to convert some advanced provinces early in a campaign, this group may be your only option!

However, the niche nature of the idea group prevents it from reaching a higher position on this list.

6. espionage

The espionage ideas group. / EU4

Yes, spy ideas.

While they have long been considered a meme idea group, recent changes have made them significantly more powerful than before.

The peculiarity of the group is that it hardly offers any direct bonuses to your military or economy. However, its unique bonuses give it a specialization that can be valuable for more experienced players.

The reduced cost of claiming will massively help nations without a unique mission tree. It’s also very good when playing in HRE, where claiming is more expensive.

The massive boost to building spy networks is one of the most underrated modifiers in the game. And that’s because people don’t know what the spy network is doing. Spy Network’s bonuses are MANY and we can’t list them all here – but please take the time to read about them.

However, the main reason spying makes the list is the second idea that comes up -20% AE. Playing within the HRE, coupled with the faster build up of the spy network, allows you to squeeze a few extra provinces into each peace treaty.

5. Offensive

The offensive ideas group. / EU4

Offensive ideas are good to have in almost every scenario.

Extra general pips, faster sieges, and discipline are some modifiers that no one would think twice about.

All of the ideas in this group are aimed at improving your military skills and giving you an advantage over your enemies.

The economy and innovation policies are among the best in the entire game, although they are mostly applicable to the later stages of a given campaign.

While there’s no rush to pick offensive ideas early on, the extra general pips of the first ideas in the group are far more powerful early in the game!

4. Innovative

The innovative ideas group. / EU4

Innovative ideas are another grossly underestimated group.

In the face of competition within government, where competition is fierce, innovative ideas are often overlooked.

The innovative circle of ideas also suffers as a result needs be picked early. Well, “needs” is a heavy word, of course you can choose it later. But their value is diminished.

Innovative ideas that offer technology cost reduction, consultant cost reduction, and innovation gain, among other things, offer you maximum value if selected as the first idea group.

With every technology level you achieve and every year that passes, the group’s value potential decreases more and more. This is a problem because many campaigns have other groups of ideas that you need to prioritize.

3. Economically

The Economic Idea Group. / EU4

Economic ideas are arguably the simplest group of ideas in play.

Every single idea you unlock directly or indirectly has a positive impact on your economy.

Since most of these modifiers are multiplicative, their value scales as the game progresses. At this point, someone who is observant may be wondering why this group of ideas finds its place at the top of a list of early game ideas.

Well, after unlocking all the ideas in the group, you will be rewarded with development costs -20%.

That is Celebration for any campaign aimed at playing big, as well as all multiplayer campaigns.

Usually combined with an early selection of quantity ideas for the policy, which incur further development costs -10%Economic ideas are one of the most common first choices of idea groups.

2. Exploration & Expansion

The Exploration and Expansion ideas group. / EU4

I chose to put Exploration and Expansion second because they go hand in hand.

If you’re playing a colonization game (e.g. Portugal, Castile, or England), you’ll want to select Exploration and complete it as quickly as possible. These two sets of ideas are essentially must-haves for any colonization game.

There is no reason to debate their bonuses because the reason they are making this list, their colonization bonuses, is unique to them.

Of course there are nations that do not need both groups for a successful colonization game. Ultimately it depends on your goals.

For example, nations like Hawaii and Norway, which can recruit explorers without picking exploration ideas, can get away with just picking expansion.

Exploration and expansion ideas, especially exploration, can later be exchanged for another idea group at any time. It’s common practice to replace them with a more useful group once most of the world has been successfully colonized!

1. Indigenous

The Indigenous Ideas Group. / EU4

Indigenous Ideas, Paradox’s newest addition to the game in this department, is simply unrivaled as a top choice.

The silver lining is that apparently only Native American tribal nations have access to them.

First off, they offer two bonuses that find more value than usual in connection with the Native American tribes. Tribal Development Growth and Reform Progress Boosts go a long way in accelerating your transition from a disparate tribe to a centralized empire.

Army morale is always welcome early. The idea cost reduction is even better in the native context, as you spend most of your Monarch points on ideas while waiting for the Europeans to arrive.

As icing on the cake, the available policies are decorated with indigenous ideas.

Many of them offer a reduction in development costs, which is also a big deal -5% already provided by the first indigenous idea.

Combined with economic ideas, one can easily achieve silly figures for lowering development costs, allowing dirt cheap development of your lands.

Honorable Mention: Horde

The Horde Idea Group. / EU4

In typical Horde fashion, Horde Ideas (only available to nations with a nomadic government type) are their own small category.

While indigenous ideas, which take first place, are also available to only a few nations, there is a distinct difference. Whenever possible, indigenous ideas should be chosen independently of your future form of government.

Horde ideas, on the other hand, only have insane value if you plan on staying as a horde for most of the campaign.

You wouldn’t pick them in a Jianzhou to Qing campaign where you’re trying to claim the Celestial Empire as quickly as possible.

Her boosts are straightforward:

Better and cheaper cavalry, less riots, extra boosted culture slots and religious unity to stabilize your vast empire.

Caravan Power works wonders to boost your late game economy in the Steppes, while the reduced AE helps expand early in the game. The 7 Best Early Game Idea Groups in EU4 – FandomSpot


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