The 5 worst sci-fi movies of 2021 (According to Rotten Tomatoes)

2021 sees its fair share of great release movies. Audiences can watch all kinds of movies on both the big screen and the small screen. Streaming services continue to provide access to new releases on release date or shortly after, and production and release schedules begin to move in the right direction. Unfortunately for everyone Pig, had one Top disappointed the audience with the poor performance and confusing plot.

Looking back at the 2021 releases, there are plenty of new sci-fi features released to keep audiences entertained. While some great movies offer freshness and fun about robot uprisings, anti-hero carnage, and anime endings, many movies fall short. This list looks back at the 5 worst sci-fi movies of the year according to Rotten Tomatoes, with lackluster diabolical properties, Bruce Willis is depressed, and lasting romances.


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Directed by Mike Cahill and starring Owen Wilson as Greg and Salma Hayek as Isabel, Blissful After a recent divorce, Greg runs into the strange and mysterious Isabel at a bar. Isabel seems to know Greg and believes the world they live in is a simulation. What follows is a messy mix of mind-bending attempts as Greg and Isabel begin to lose sight of what is real and what is imaginary. Blissful miss the mark with both sci-fi and romantic elements, making viewers wish for an escape back to reality.

The Tomatometer score for Bliss is currently 28%, while the audience score is 45%. The unanimous review of the film was that “When it comes to building an entertaining sci-fi movie around some interesting ideas, this Blissful mostly ignorant. “Unfortunately, an A-list cast was unable to save this original and contrived story.

Chaotic walk

Chaotic walk was released in February and stars Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley. Directed by Doug Limon, the film has been in development in limbo since 2011. Tom Holland as Todd, a man lives in a backward future where there are no women and everyone on his planet suffers from a disease called Noise. The incident made it possible for everyone to see and hear each other’s thoughts. When Viola’s (Daisy Ridley) crash lands on the planet, it becomes a race against time to save her and find out the truth about what happened to all the women. Critics rated the film as unevenly paced, poorly developed, and lacking in potential.

Tomatometer score for Chaotic walk was 21% while the audience score was higher at 71%, with many fans seeing the cast as a saving grace. The reviewer consensus said, “Chaotic walk poses on a potentially exciting path, but this dystopian adventure bad bungles its premise and limp to the finish line. “


Mark Wahlberg plays Evan McCauley, a schizophrenic trapped by hallucinations of places he’s never been and things he shouldn’t know. The story takes elements from Code Davinci and the Assassin’s Creed series and smash them together to create a messy movie about reincarnation and the centuries-long battle of different factions for the ‘Egg’, a device that can stop the cycle of reincarnation and world. Invisibly depicting mental illness as some imaginary gateway to a past life, the film failed with critics as well as audiences.

The Tomatometer score is 16% and the audience score is 34%. Critics’ consensus on the film is “An initially gripping sci-fi thriller that quickly turns incoherent, Infinite neither necessary nor important. “


Directed by Neill Blomkamp and Carly Pope as Carly, Demonic tells the story of a woman whose mother was in prison in the past 20 years after a murder. After not seeing her mother at the time, Carly discovered that her mother was in a coma and is currently part of medical research. The facility her mother is in can put someone in the mind of a captive to try to gather information, and Carly reluctantly enters her mother’s mind. What follows is a battle against a demon that has possessed her mother for the past 20 years and now wants to live Carly. What sounded like a promising story was let down by poor performance, poor character development, and a poorly paced story.

The Tomatometer score for Demonic is 15% while the audience score is 18%. The Demonic Critics’ Consensus is that “Neill Blomkamp’s return to making low-budget, high-concept films raises some interesting ideas, add another Ghost waste the once-promising talented screenwriter-directors. “


Set in a derivative future where humans have colonized outer planets, Cosmic sin Bruce Willis . stars and Frank Grillo as space soldiers who must lead the war against the alien invaders, Sigea, who can infect and control people. To stop the invasion, they had to knock down a portal between the Sigea dimension and their dimension. What followed was an exhausting and superfluous re-reading of many of the previous films. The film is largely considered the worst movie of 2021, with many rating Bruce Willis’ sleepy performance as a huge contributor.

The Tomatometer score for Cosmic Sin is 3% while the audience score is 57%. The consensus of critics on the film is “Let him have no Cosmic sin cast the first stone – and possibly use it to wake Bruce Willis from the slumber he seems to have gotten during this terrifying sci-fi blunder. “

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