The 5 worst Netflix movies of 2021 (According to Rotten Tomatoes)

The biggest streaming service in the world necessarily has a ton of content that not all can equal. Of the 156 original movies released by Netflix, 5 stand out as some of the worst-received, according to Rotten Tomatoes’ Critics Score.

Netflix originals come from all over the world, in dozens of languages ​​and with hundreds of artistic lenses. What is really great about the Netflix model is absolute diversity what they put on the screen. Unfortunately, when ambition comes with failure, so inevitably, a significant percentage will fail for a variety of reasons. Although critical reviews are a more respected rating, special praise should go to Father’s Christmas is back, currently not on Tomatometer, but has the worst audience score of the year at 8%.


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NETFLIX - God of Thunder

This superhero comedy carelessly squanders a solid cast with a terrible script. This is not a parody of superhero movies and is more of a straight comic book-like action cinematic that tries to have more regular jokes. Like many of Melissa McCarthy’s worst movies, Lightning Force based almost entirely on dramatic and boring comedies.

The script, done by Ben Falcone, McCarthy’s husband, is very generic. There’s basically nothing special about the story or the characters. Octavia Spencer tries to confront McCarthy’s silliness, but that leaves her character with very little temperament. She’s trying her best and delivering a good performance, but in the dialogue and action, she’s stuck in the background. A dull, lifeless, general appeal only with McCarthy superfans, Lightning Force really earned its critical derision.

madame-claude Cut

A dramaticly staged French biopic about a famous brothel owner, with little more than aimless and apathetic sex scenes. Nice photo of Paris. The highest point of the film is the performances, especially G clear Marillier, the outstanding rising star of Original and Titane, who works great with this poor quality material. Madame Claude’s Life has been made into a movie before, in 1977 French woman, which is just getting slightly better.

The film’s obvious aim is inevitable, but it falls flat due to a complete lack of quality. The weak cinematography in a movie could really use some animation, the script constantly tells the audience what it should show, and the plot feels detached and messy. There is some joy that comes from Mrs. Claude, but it failed to build anything meaningful on its own, leading to a forgettable jaunt during sixties Paris.

square-love cut

This Polish romantic comedy is an almost humorous mishmash of goofy stories and clichés that feel downright sad for its time. Its main characters are people who have lived two lives; half work as a professional model and half live a normal life. The heroine is a dedicated teacher who also works as a model, under a false name, to pay off her father’s huge debt. The male lead is an unrepentant flirt who meets both of her identities privately and thinks he’s dating them both.

The pair (triple?) are drawn together in an unbelievable way with dozens of hurdles thrown in to complicate the obvious ending. The film has all the complexity of the average Hallmark Original, with the added bonus of being generally incompetent and focusing entirely on unlikable protagonists. Can advise only for rom-com addicts, but even casual fans of the genre can call every plot point thirty minutes ahead of time.

carnaval-movie is cut

Four women go to salvador, brazil for the annual Carnival celebration, to meet guys, have fun and gain fame on social networks. So that’s the wrong plot, unfortunately, this Brazilian comedy finds a way to make one of the most famous parties on the planet boring. The four leads are arch patterns; Influencers, nerds, hot people, and pretty girls. Each is indistinguishable from those archetypes in every other movie aimed at the same age, making them dull or annoying.

The plot summarizes with the four main characters learning to reduce which character traits the script has decided is their problem. There’s really nothing going on here, anyone with a keen interest in the subject would get a much better experience out of a travel documentary about the area.

the girl on the train was cut

Adapted from Paula Hawkins’ 2015 novel of the same name, hit the big screen in 2016. Girl on the train is an Indian rendition of this famous story. Unfortunately, this version is plagued by lousy acting, confusing plot, generic visuals, and confusing writing. The dialogue has been described as poetic, if not a bit contrived.

The movie feels like it’s purely a matter of standards, with an emphasis on the suspenseful episode produced to trick the audience into perceiving something. It was a total failure, turning the best-selling adult hardcover novel ever written into an extra soap opera. It’s impressive that this movie makes a mistake, resulting in an impressive near-negative score.

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