The 5 most important steps in Middle-earth

Tolkien himself was a man who loved all things rural and natural. He enjoys wandering the woods of England, and always longs for his childhood days before moving to the industrialized city of Birmingham.

Along with his love of nature, he also had a love for its creatures, and he had a particular fondness for horses that is reflected in many of his famous works. On each journey, the heroes are accompanied by a remarkable array of stallions and mares, who make the hardships they go through all the more possible and tolerable.


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Bill the pony lotr Cropped

Bill the horse is the horse described at least in Lord of the Rings film adaptation of Peter Jackson. There are plenty of mighty horses appearing throughout the movies, including the host rushing into battle with Rohan’s men at Pelennor’s field, but a famous horse in the books certainly isn’t shown. Fairly in the movie is Bill.

Believed to be the 10th member of the guild, Bill helps companions from Pony Pony to Mines Moria, traverse many dangerous lands, and carry them through many dangers. Bill is a close friend of the brave Samwise, who later moved to Bag End when Frodo went to the Land of the Immortals, and eventually gave Bill the safe and peaceful life he deserved.


Not every Tolkien fan knows this, but Myrtle is Bilbo Baggins’ loyal steed, accompanying him and the 13 dwarves on their quest to reclaim Erebor. Even though Thorin didn’t want Bilbo on the quest From the very beginning, Bilbo proved his worth time and time again, with the aid of his agile and loyal horse at his side. She was one of the horses captured by trolls who tried to eat the group of tourists, and then rescued when troll turns to stone in sunlight.

Snowmane Theoden's horse

Snowmane is the brave and brave steed of the King of Rohan. During the battle in the fields of Pelennor, Snowmane gathered the other horses, leading them swiftly and gloriously on safe paths through the battlefield. However, both The horse and Theoden met a tragic end, when Snowmane was pierced by a poisonous arrow shot by the Sorcerer King.

The poor steed fell on its owner’s head, crushing him to the bone, and then making matters worse. a Fell Beast swoops in and stuck its claws into the horse’s body. Eowyn defeated both the beast and the Sorcerer King, and after the battle was over and won, the Riders of Rohan returned to bury their king. They also dug a grave for Snowmane, the most honored horse in their army, and wrote on it the words ‘Loyal servant but not master, Lightfoot’s pony, swift Snowmane.’


In the book, Aragorn’s noble horse is named Hasufel. He was the horse that brought Theodred, the son of King Rohan, into battle to which he did not return. The horse is presented to Aragorn by Eomer in the plains of the realm as he journeyed with Legolas and Gimli to reclaim the Hobbits from the orcs who were take them to the broken Isengard. Hasufel joined Aragorn in many battles, and accompanied him through many dangers.

However, in the film adaptations, he dies as a result of Wargs’ attack on way to Helm’s Deep, and was replaced by Brego, who found Aragorn in the Anduin River and brought him to safety. Kenny, the chestnut horse who played Brego in the movies, was so famously attached to Viggo Mortensen, who played Aaragorn, that the actor bought it after the end of the movie and brought it back to live the rest of his days. on Mortensen’s farm. The actor also bought Florian, the white Stallion, who played Asfolath, Arwen’s horse in Fellowship of the Ring, and gave him her double stunt role.


But of course The most famous horse of the trio is Shadowfax, the lands of a world long ago, a man named Gandalf the Grey. Both of them are kindred spirits, existing long before the age of the world, and Shadowfax will not be saddled, and will bear no master other than Gandalf himself.

Said to run faster than the wind, Shadowfax is a legendary horse that can never be tamed, and only comes to Gandalf’s calling because he takes the sorcerer so seriously. According to their history, Theoden was heartbroken when Gandalf borrowed the beautiful horse from Rohan’s stables, but quickly realized that they were meant for each other, and that no other couple could make a match. formidable amount against the enemy.

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