The 5 most exciting gaming moments this week

We all love to have fun and we all love to play games. The combination of these two yields some incredible moments!

Every week, gamers around the world play various games and sure enough, they get to witness many fun gaming moments. Hopefully social media has provided a great opportunity for gamers to share these incredibly hilarious moments with the world in certain communities.

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So the rules of this article are pretty simple. Every week, we pick out some of the game’s most epic or funniest events that come directly from players and share them with you here.

Now, without further ado, see what happened in the funny side of the game this week!

Dying Light 2: Stay Human | Official game trailer for why



Dying Light 2: Stay Human | Official game trailer for why





Battlefield Hardline is no longer a doom entry

Alright, let’s get things started with this incredible meme for Battlefield franchise after launch Battlefield 2042.

As for how frustrated the Battlefield community has been in 2042 since the game’s launch, you can actually find some of Reddit’s best memes in this community.

So, there! Battlefield Hardline, a by-product from Battlefield the series that has never had a place in the hearts of the community that is now participating Battlefield experience, thanks 2042 is a mess.

Now, jokes aside, Tough fault line was a favorite experience for me, and I always look forward to a sequel before EA shuts down Visceral Games.

Anyway, thank you HarryKnots to share this matching meme!

Cyberpunk 2077 features openings, but they don’t lead

Even though Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t been treated well by the developers, the community has still discovered surprising things in Night City, although they do occasionally surprise awkwardly.

If you’ve happened to wander around the Night City, then you probably know that almost every door in the game is locked unless it’s a known or marked location on the map.

Although this blocks any deep exploration in the game, a passionate player (Insatiate__Ire) finally found an unlocked door, but the result was unexpected!

These two open doors summarize the whole story of Cyberpunk 2077 in the best possible way. So if we take those first doors as the game’s trailer, the disappointment behind them is the state of the game after launch.

You Do the Work, Others Get the Prizes!

Well, this is the unwritten rule in most PvPvE raid games such as Hunt Showdown. But it couldn’t be better described than any of the following memes by corey_cobra on Reddit.

In the brutal world of Hunt Showdown, survival is the only thing that matters if you want to save your character and their fancy gear. While some people still prefer to die honorably rather than scavenge, there are players who tend to play smart, spend less and gain more.

This is what happens when everyone is too greedy to get one last kill

Rainbow Six Siege It’s a strange game. Sometimes you can succeed in a 1v5 game by standing in a corner and letting your opponent do the work for you!

Of course, the Warden here did a great job with the first two kills, but the rest came from opponents who were too greedy and too eager to get kills that killed themselves.

Anyway, it’s an interesting clutch, Dead_Bait!

Xbox is roasted on national roast day

You don’t have to follow the game community to check out the memes. Sometimes you just find the funniest game content you didn’t even expect.

On the day of national filming, Wendy’s Twitter account asked followers to leave comments and was roasted by Wendy’s, and as you’d expect, Xbox volunteered to participate and it was half-baked.

Of course, one Halo entering without co-op in campaign mode is a slap in the face for longtime fans of the franchise, for which Xbox has been deservedly roasted.

Now, tell us about your fun gaming moments this week in the comments!

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