The 5 best Netflix series of 2021 (According to Rotten Tomatoes)

After delays caused by the events of 2020, 2021 has seen a massive release of long-awaited TV shows, including exciting Netflix originals. While some highly anticipated series have already debuted, like Cowboy Bebop, is an unfortunate failure, others received massive audience love as reflected in their scores on the popular review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Interestingly, all of the top shows are action-driven and three out of five are non-English series – a curious trend that reflects the internationalization of viewers and is becoming increasingly popular. more attention on all streaming platforms. With different genres, languages, and focus, these top-performing 2021 Netflix original shows are a must-see.


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Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong in the ink game

Squid fishing game is a unique Netflix phenomenon that, after its premiere in September 2021, took the world by storm and became The most watched non-English show in the history of streamers. The simple yet brutal premise of this gripping series is reminiscent of Royal Battle helped it become widely popular, extending beyond the borders of cinema. The story is about a group of people who compete for the big cash prize by playing a number of games for kids, with one simple condition – whoever loses dies. And like with Highlands, there can be only one (winner).

The concept of survival games is not new, with examples as mentioned before Royal Battle, Alice in Borderland, 3%, and even Hunger game. However, what put Squid fishing game In addition are the relevant characters, including the kind and lovable but flawed protagonist, Seong Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-Jae), the chilling simplicity and innocence of the games presented. selections, social commentary, and brutal and gory expressions go hand in hand with personal drama. The show became so popular that it created a wave of imitations, overlays, and real-life copies of the series’ Giant Dolls appear in public places around the world.

K-drama Hellbound on Netflix

The popularity of Squid fishing game opened the door to other Korean dramas on Netflix, and Hell is bound quickly followed its violent steps. Created and directed by Yeon-Sang-ho, known for success Train to Busanand based on his webtoon Hell, Hell is bound receive Squid fishing game‘drama is full of suspense and gore, while adding an obvious layer of horror and dark fantasy to them. The story takes place in an alternate reality where demonic creatures give prophecies to seemingly random people containing the exact date and time when they will be torn to pieces and dragged to the underworld. prison. After a live stream of the first death caused mass hysteria, a religious organization, known as the New Truth, came to power, treating convicts as criminals and influencing perception. about right and wrong.

Hellbound’s lovable and believable characters, ethical considerations, social analysis, and a final twist make it one of the most popular Netflix shows of 2021.

Gus and Jepperd in Sweet Tooth

The complete opposite of violence and gore Squid fishing game and Hell is bound, Sweet teeth takes on a more realistic and fairy-tale tone as it focuses on the human psyche and explores themes of prejudice and discrimination. Based on a comic book by Jeff Lemire, the show follows Gus, a ‘hybrid’ boy, part human and part deer, who sets out on a journey to find his mother in Colorado. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where infection with a deadly virus called The Great Crumble leads to the birth of other hybrid children like Gus, who are now terrorized and hunted.

The show is much less violent than the original comics, aims to appeal to a younger audience, features lovable, close-knit characters and relationships, and tells a compelling and morally complex story – all All of which make it one of the most popular Netflix shows. five. Sweet teeth confirmed for the second season, supported by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan Downey, are executive producers and promise to expand on the theme of treating mixed-race people and delve deeper into the characters’ journeys.

Assane Diop in the French series Lupine

Another very successful international program, lupine, released two popular seasons, and the third one is officially up and running. French mystery series following Assane Diop (do The Outsiders’ and Jurassic World’s Omar Sy), who aims to avenge his father, is framed by a wealthy family for a crime he did not commit. Diop embarks on a quest to reveal the truth, using clever deceptions and a plot from Arsène Lupin’s heist novel he read as a child.

This nail-biting performance executes one skillful twirl after another, brilliantly demonstrating keeping the audience’s feet on the edge of their seats. While the first chapter sets the scene and introduces the protagonist’s remarkable trickery and camouflage skills, as well as his sharp mind, the second part revolves around the action sequences and the stunts. shares, escalating tensions and threats to Diop. Lupine part 1 hit a whopping 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, followed by an impressive 96% for Part 2.

Arcane - Jinx completely comes to terms with himself in the last episode of the season

Video game adaptations are often very popular, deviating too much from the source material, and either fail to appease die-hard fans or rely too heavily on the viewer’s subject knowledge and keep the audience entertained. unknown fake. Arcane did a work rarely works for both groups. Based on a hugely popular League of Legends The MOBA game and its ever-expanding universe, the action fantasy animated show that follows the story of Vi and Powder, two sisters raised in the shadows of a futuristic society, pulled in two opposite sides of a conflict is greater by grim circumstances and inevitably pitted against each other. While most ArcaneThe game’s main characters are all playable, their biographies are rarely deepened to a substantial degree, making the revealed plot and character development intriguing for fans alike. games and newbies.

Visually stunning, filled with gameplay references and Easter Eggs but never excluding the general audience, has an engaging and emotionally driven plot, as well as relatable characters and music excellent background, Arcane is an undeniably Netflix hit Rarely hits 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and remains one of the absolute must-see movies of 2021.

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