The 5 Best Horror Movies of 2021 (According to Rotten Tomatoes)

Horror is possibly the most diverse genre in all of cinema, including the highest peaks and lowest valleys. Countless horror movies are released each year, but only a few receive the coveted Certified Fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes, and even a few movies score high enough to top the release year charts.

Fear is terribly subjective, leading to a strange phenomenon in which some of the highest critical scores are confused with negative audience scores. Also, the release date can be a bit controversial. My heart can’t beat unless you tell it and A Quiet Place: Part II Both would be at the top of this list and have hit theaters this year, but both movies are actually due out in 2020 so don’t qualify. Finally, in the case of equal critical scores, in which there are several points, the audience score will be the decisive point.


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movie titant cut

Writer/director Julia Ducournau’s second feature film is an eerie abstract nightmare filled with body-horror graphics, inexplicable eroticism, and stylish brutality. Titane won the Palme d’Or, top prize at Cannes, making Ducournau the second woman to win the award. It also holds the highest audience score on this list with an impressive 85%. The film is scary, but strangely thrilling and carefully choreographed that the audience can’t take their eyes off the screen.

The story is simple, conveyed largely through images and the speed is so fast that viewers can’t take their eyes off their seats. Titane doesn’t look like a crowd pleaser, and it will surely be too weird for some, but what it excels at is setting the mood and reducing the jaw. Expectations for Ducournau’s second year endeavor are high after her excellent first film Original and she surpassed them. The whole world can only imagine what she will bring to the next screen.

movie till death has been cropped

This gripping thriller sees an hapless wife being handcuffed to her husband’s corpse as part of an elaborate plan of revenge. Until death is the feature film debut of both screenwriter Jason Carvey and director SK Dale. The film received critical acclaim for the direction the new creature took and for the best performance of star Megan Fox’s career.

Fox’s career there are some rough spots, but between this and the hit Jennifer’s body, her home is obviously horrifying. Her sheer charisma elevates the material to accentuate her sense of humor and dedication to the role that really shows up on screen. This movie boasts a refreshingly simple story and raises its profile with well-executed fights for survival. Home invasion horror movie fans like Silent or You are next in debt it for themselves to check Until death.

censorship-movie is cut

Another director debut, Censorship is Prano Bailey-Bond’s first feature film, with some strong similarities to her 2015 short. Dirty. It stars Niamh Algar as a strict censor who worked to remove nasty content from cinemas during the height of the “nasty video” era in the early 80s. While trying to limit content from the masses, she discovered an exploit film that comes with her own personal trauma, sending her into a downward spiral that blurs the line between art and reality.

Censorship is a visual masterpiece, full of striking color, elegant cinematography, and cleverly crafted storytelling. Underlined deeply unpleasant psychological horror lies in a scathing commentary on the relationship between violence on screen, the media, fantasy, and its real-world counterpart. This master art thriller is a must-see for fans of the genre and Bailey-Bond’s next project is sure to be highly anticipated.

The Fear Street trio, one Horror series linked together the film is set in the same town in three different time periods and is based on the works of RL Stine who is the focal point of summer. 1666 is the first and most received part of the trilogy. Entire series inspired by many other horror sources, One third so that its eye is firmly placed on the very specific sub-branch containing Challenge and Witch.

As the final installment of the trilogy, this film re-documents its predecessors, revealing aspects of hidden depth that improve the series as a whole. This movie is smart, emotionally powerful, really scary and great ending to a series of thrilling horror hits.

movie coming home-in-the-dark has been cut

With a whopping 40 points difference, this movie has the biggest gap between the critic score and the audience score on the list. This New Zealand horror thriller is another directorial debut, this time by actor James Ashcroft. The film revolves around a couple and their two children who, while on a scenic hike, encounter a pair of violent drifters in a random attack. As the discomfort continues and the body count increases, the innocence of the victims is called into question and the grim story only sinks lower.

This is a sturdy watch, its greatest merit is its unbroken tension. After its brief opening scene, nearly all of its run time is spent in a hostage situation as the context slowly emerges. It’s not for everyone, as evidenced by its little stellar audience reviews, but the sheer intensity and emotional tension make it worth the experience.

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