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League’s champion pool is fairly ridiculous.

Nevertheless, identical to in highschool, not all champions are equal with regards to reputation.

Whereas champions like Thresh, Yasuo, or Vayne appear to search out their means into each meta and season, some characters are principally forgotten. And we’re going to look into among the much less well-liked facet of the Rift right here, rating the least-played champions in League of Legends on the time of this writing.

And because it’s considerably troublesome to graph out solo queue stats throughout the board, we’ll be trying on the skilled scene spanning from season 4 as much as season 11, considering each the champion’s decide and ban price.


20. Xerath

Xerath LoL gameplay screenshot
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(281 picks / 196 bans)

This one may come as a shock to some, as Xerath looks as if the perfect champion with regards to professional play.

He’s a strolling talent shot that may bully the hell out of you from throughout the map, and push waves prefer it was no one’s enterprise.

Nevertheless, the professional scene does worth consistency rather a lot. So perhaps having a champion that’s unreliable is a bit dangerous.

To not point out that he’s fairly motionless, with comparatively lengthy capability buffers, and an ulti that nails him to a single area.

Come to consider it, it does make some sense that he isn’t too well-liked, when the championship is on the road.


19. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol LoL gameplay
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(170 picks / 288 bans)

Aurelion Sol suffers a number of the identical issues as Xerath, within the sense that his talent expression is large – but additionally considerably dangerous when going up in opposition to high tier gamers.

Positioning is the secret with regards to Aurelion Sol.

And all these pesky murderer mains are drooling on the mouth on the considered an Aurelion decide.

Though the area dragon appears cool and may completely stomp solo queue in the precise palms, his self-peel is simply too weak. And even his roaming potential is outclassed by different mid-laners.

Nevertheless, it’s price noting that the dragon is sporting a 54.7% win price – so there may be hope.


18. Riven

Riven Least Played Champion LoL
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(204 picks / 239 bans)

Though gamers like Field Field make Riven seem to be the second coming of Christ, the professional scene doesn’t appear too keen on her.

Since we’re taking about the most effective on this planet, it’s not like her talent celling is holding gamers again, however relatively her lack of general usefulness.

Sure, she’s a lane bully, and has made for some nice clips through the years – even popping up within the mid lane.

Nevertheless she stays pretty area of interest.

If you need a CC fighter within the high lane, why not simply decide Aatrox?

If you wish to push lane and soften a clumped up group, why not simply go for Orianna?

So though she’ll at all times have a spot in my coronary heart because the pink pot dashing bully that made me stop high lane, Riven is simply lower than par with regards to the large leagues.


17. Veigar

Veigar LoL gameplay
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(216 picks / 210 bans)

Stacking champions are a bit tough with regards to skilled play.

Not solely do they want some time to essentially get going, however they’re additionally fairly restricted with regards to rotations and mid-game group fights.

In contrast to Sion, Veigar wants stacks greater than life itself. And his 44% win price speaks volumes when it comes this deadly design flaw.

Professionals aren’t going to only sit there and allow you to farm.

You’re both going to get poked out of lane, or they’ll transfer with their group and power early fights.

The truth that he’s a mid-range caster additionally complicates issues, as he neither has the simple burst of an murderer, nor the protection of a poke mage.

So that you may say that he comes up quick general.


16. Quinn

Quinn LoL gameplay screenshot
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(172 picks / 179 bans)

Science has but to find what Quinn actually is.

She’s like a marksman, but additionally sort of an murderer and a second jungler.

This range may sound like factor. However in actuality it simply signifies that her design has an id disaster.

Though we’ve seen her do extraordinarily nicely within the mid lane and jungle, her major position as a high laner is just not fairly nearly as good.

With an general win-rate of 47.1%, Quinn simply appears like a particularly area of interest pocket decide that’s going to get pulled as soon as in a blue moon.

With no actual onerous CC, questionable burst, and mediocre DPS, you possibly can solely excessive so fly.


15. Kayn

Kayn Least Played Champion LoL
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(213 picks / 120 bans)

This one got here as a shock to me initially, as on paper Kayn must be fairly stacked.

His shadow murderer type supplies some high tier burst, in addition to respectable mobility and roaming potential – whereas Rhaast is simply an unkillable CC machine.

However then we return to 2 issues we’ve already talked about on this record:

First, he’s technically a stacking champion, as you want sufficient souls to get your transformation. So his early sport is fairly laughable.

And second, he isn’t actually the most effective at what he does.

An excellent LeBlanc or Zed will present the identical burst as Kayn, but additionally have the power to right away escape, whereas he has to decide to the battle.

And should you simply need an unkillable CC bot, a single offended cow has you greater than lined.


14. Vi

Vi LoL gameplay
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(251 picks – 79 bans)

If I needed to take a wild guess and state why Vi is among the many least current champions in skilled play, I’d put my cash on her Q.

It’s a fairly customary capability that offers you a spot nearer and a few CC, nevertheless it’s fairly mediocre in each phrases.

If we take a look at a Gragas E we’ll see that it’s each means more durable to dodge, and extra spammable than our flying fist of fury.

And in case your Q will get interrupted, you both need to ult or simply settle for dying by the hands of an ADC.

I feel she’s among the best designed champions with a killer soundtrack. But it surely merely wasn’t meant to be with regards to professional play.


13. Illaoi

Illaoi LoL gameplay screenshot
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(100 picks / 186 bans)

I don’t assume it’s a stretch to say that Illaoi is S-tier with regards to climbing solo queue. And a big a part of her energy is how dramatically she will be able to punish errors.

You get hit by one E and immediately it appears like God has forsaken you.

However guess who’s going to dodge most of your Es and potential tentacle slams?

That’s proper, a professional participant.

When Illaoi has the dream setup, like 3 passive tentacles with an E clone and an ult on a number of targets, she’s busted.

However when your enemy simply hides behind a minion after which kicks you round for like 15 seconds, she doesn’t appear as fascinating.


12. Singed

Singed Least Played Champion LoL
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(152 picks / 130 bans)

What are you able to even say about this man that isn’t already apparent?

For years, he has been the go-to troll decide. And that fame could be very a lot nonetheless current right this moment, as his playstyle is simply constructed round making your enemies offended.

However when your complete counterplay is three phrases which have been accomplished to dying by the meme neighborhood, “don’t chase Singed”, you’re sort of in a pickle.

I say that, however the mad chemist is rocking a 57.2% win-rate.

Nevertheless these victories are few and much between, as he’s simply too area of interest to ever be a aggressive decide.


11. Katarina

Katarina LoL gameplay
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(69 picks / 123 bans)

Contemplating what a staple Katarina is within the League neighborhood, it’s wild to assume that she’s the underside of the barrel with regards to the aggressive scene.

You hear Katarina and also you consider 1v5 pentakills with 1,000,000 daggers flying round, and sufficient blinking to place you to sleep.

Nevertheless, that’s simply solo queue.

Katarina could be very excessive danger/excessive reward and will get completely bodied by counter picks.

And what are her counters?

Actually anybody and something that has CC.

So if she doesn’t get that good group battle, or if an Annie simply decides to click on on her champion mannequin, she’s decreased to rubbish in a second.


10. Model

Brand LoL gameplay screenshot
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(89 picks / 75 bans)

Model thrives on disorganized groups.

Having the enemies clump up and provides your ulti free bounces, in addition to stacking your passive bursts, is a moist dream for Model gamers.

Nevertheless, when individuals know when to maneuver out of the way in which, the dream shortly dies.

His single particular person burst or lockdown isn’t that prime in comparison with different mages – and even his wave clear is meh at instances, which means that he merely will get outclassed by different champions that fill those self same positions.

I’m additionally simply going to throw this on the market, however he has a adverse win price as a mid laner, help, and ADC.

That’s an enormous oof second proper there.


9. Warwick

Warwick Least Played Champion LoL
Image Source

(86 picks / 48 bans)

I feel the Warwick rework was among the best Riot has ever accomplished.

Nevertheless, even that superb makeover couldn’t actually push him into the professional participant lime gentle.


His R is simply far too inconsistent.

Having his signature suppression be a talent shot that scales with motion velocity was an excellent design concept regarding the informal participant base.

But it surely additionally made him fairly inconsistent.

Why even danger the prospect of getting physique blocked when you possibly can simply decide Malzahar and click on somebody to dying?

Plus, Warwick does require some early gold to essentially get going.

And God is aware of that counting on early kills is a dying want when you go professional.


8. Grasp Yi

Master Yi LoL gameplay screenshot
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(37 picks / 73 bans)

Grasp Yi has each single situation that Katarina has, however it’s all jacked up on steroids.

The dude can do completely nothing with out the proper setup.

He can get bullied out of lane by nearly anybody, and his ganking potential is almost non-existent.

Additionally, he has no CC in any respect. And even a slight breeze will knock him onto his butt and render him ineffective.

Grasp Yi actually has a 32.4% win price – and it’s for purpose.

There isn’t a query that he’s a solo queue stomper, and a tremendous decide for smurfing. However something past that’s simply dangerous.


7. Garen

Garen LoL gameplay
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(56 picks / 16 bans)

As we’ve already seen to a sure diploma (and it’ll repeat in the remainder of this record), energy creep could be very a lot current in League.

And by that, I imply outdated easy champions are getting utterly pushed out of the principle stage in favor of newer, overloaded champions.

Garen can solely do one factor: run at you together with his sword whereas screaming about Demacia.

Saying that he may be simply kited is an understatement. And doing a flash + Q combo is as superior as you may get with the man.

In different phrases, there’s no room for mechanical outplay potential.

Plus, his package is simply very weak, and gives subsequent to nothing when group fights begin rolling round.


6. Rammus

Rammus Least Played Champion LoL
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(52 picks / 16 bans)

Rammus is a barely higher model of Garen by way of what he gives – however he’s additionally a bit extra area of interest.

Whereas Garen can tank absolutely anything, and normally goes for a cut up of each MR and Armor, Rammus simply needs a Thornmail.

In preferrred circumstances, he can lock down an ADC and play essentially the most brutal sport of “cease hitting your self” whereas their teammates watch in horror. But it surely isn’t at all times that straightforward.

If he messes up his Q, he’s ineffective.

In case you cleanse his E, he’s ineffective.

In case you have respectable magic injury, he utterly falls off.

He may not be as okay as he’s lead us to consider.


5. Nasus

Nasus LoL gameplay screenshot
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(46 picks / 12 bans)

It is best to have seen this one coming the second you noticed Veigar on this record.

It’s because Nasus someway has it even worse than our little magician.

In contrast to Veigar, who can get some stacks by poking the enemy, Nasus is totally confined to only killing issues together with his Q.

Which means if he dares to ever go away the highest lane, about 50% of his injury potential is simply gone.

And contemplating he isn’t the most effective at locking individuals down both, that’s not likely one thing you need out of your high laner.


4. Tryndamere

Tryndamere LoL gameplay
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(24 picks / 24 bans)

This man is only a strolling auto-attack.

He’s like an ADC, however with out the good thing about vary or steep late sport scaling.

Certain, he will get some AD and Crit for his troubles. However he merely can’t evaluate to a six merchandise Tristana or Vayne.

And once more, he’s melee. So attacking something may be a problem in itself.

Individuals usually wish to complain about him, stating how his R is totally damaged. However a professional participant will simply kite a Tryndamere and make him seem to be a misplaced baby on the lookout for their mom.

Having anger as your energy was a good suggestion – however go away it to Olaf and Gnarr for now.


3. Shaco

Shaco Least Played Champion LoL
Image Source

(21 picks / 21 bans)

Shaco simply doesn’t appear definitely worth the effort.

Certain, Pink Ward could make him seem to be the final word 300 IQ lure setter. However that’s not likely what professional play is about.

A sweeper utterly ruins two of his important talents – and the probabilities of fooling a professional into attacking your clone is relatively slim.

The clown is rocking a constructive win price, however with such a restricted presence, it simply speaks to how area of interest he’s.

Keep in solo queue for the genuine jump-scare clown backstab expertise.


2. Amumu

Amumu LoL gameplay screenshot
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(14 picks / 20 bans)

I truthfully discovered this one fascinating.

For years, Amumu has been my go-to with regards to climbing – as his interact can single-handedly win a number of video games.

Nevertheless, that’s simply bottom-tier me going in opposition to backside tier opponents.

In professional play, Amumu’s Q might be the worst interact on the market.

It’s predictable and sluggish, and makes up his complete gameplan.

And with out his Q, Amumu can solely both flash ult you, or slowly run in your normal course whereas crying.

Not the most effective look.

Particularly in comparison with one thing like a Gragas or Jarvan, who can lower their animations with a well-timed flash and utterly catch enemies off guard.

Additionally, enjoyable and miserable reality: Amumu solely received 1 of these 14 video games.


1. Teemo

Teemo LoL gameplay
Image Source

(19 picks / 6 bans)

There’s some poetic justice that essentially the most hated champion in League can also be the least performed competitively.

And the reasoning is fairly simple when you consider it.

His shrooms are a joke when everybody has sweepers, his W is arguably the weakest capability in the complete sport, and each his Q and E are simply mediocre.

Certain, blinding the enemy ADC feels like a sure victory on your group. However there’s no means in hell an expert help is ever going to let you get in vary for that.

And even should you do, ADCs today have so many different methods to deal injury that I don’t assume it will even matter. | The 20 Least Performed Champions in League of Legends – FandomSpot


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