The 15 Best Bows (& How To Obtain Them)

Bow is Bard’s weapon in Final Fantasy 14, and they are known to have some of the most compelling weapon designs available. They are also quite varied, from sleek to giant and dark to light. After all, the Bard class is also one of the more fashionable classes next to it Dancers and healers.

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With each new update of the game, there will be more powerful bows. However, the style never changes. There are bows that players love so much that they charm every other bow they use to look like it, regardless of level. These bows are desired purely for their looks, and they are not always easy to obtain.

Updated on July 22, 2021, by Allison Stalberg: Final Fantasy 14 is now more popular than ever. Sprouts are pouring into the cities of Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul’dah. In particular, a lot of people poured into Gridania, and that was because they had attended the Archer class.

Archers eventually become Bards, and the Bards have some nice bows to place on their aura board. Some are sought after for their luminous effect while others are loved for their unique design. Just keep in mind that the better the bow design, the harder it is to get.

15 Elfin’s Palace

players raise their hands to shoot

This 50-degree offering is loved for the adorable little flowers adorning its upper limbs as well as its adorable petite size. In fact, many lalafells players prefer this bow due to its size.

Weapons can be traded by a merchant in Tenant fee. The player only needs three Rowena cards. This bow can also be obtained from the Level 90 Armory.

14 Terpander Lux

player character in the inn holding a glowing bow with minions at his side

This beautiful bow is one of the hardest to get, as it is rewarded for completing the final stage of the optional Anima Weapon quest. That means players have a very long journey ahead to get this bow. A lot of players actually skip the quest because they think the amount of work involved isn’t worth it with a particular weapon.

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However, for the design alone, there are Bard players who find the Terpander Lux bow to be worthwhile.

13 Senor Sabotender Longbow

miqo'te woman singing with sabotender bow on her back

For a bright and whimsical style, the Senor Sabotender Longbow is a great choice. It is decorated with a cactus, stars and gold with green color. The best part is when the weapon is drawn. The light itself is beautiful, but the arrowheads are all star-shaped.

Obtaining this bow is not through any form of combat, but by trading 100,000 MGP to the Golden Saucer rewarders. Players will need to obtain MGP through many of the building’s mini-games.

twelfth Ironworks Magitek Bow Strengthened

This 50-gauge plant may not glow, but it sure is eye-catching. It can be achieved in many different ways. One method is to trade 600 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics to Representative Rowena in one of the city states or Mor Dhona. For those who just want to pay 100 Tomestones, they can trade with Drake in North Shroud. However, they will also need to provide the Ironworks Magitek Supply.

Finally, the bow can also be exchanged for 5 Silver Chocobo Feathers from a Calamity Salvager.

11 High Allagan Synthetic Bow

masked player character holding a black and red bow

Some Bards prefer an intimate look rather than whimsical, and there are great bow designs for that. Between its spikes and fiery red color, the High Allagan Composite Bow looks like it was built for the most epic battles. The item can be used at level 50, however, it is obtained from one of the hardest battles in the game: The Second Coil of Bahamut – Turn Four.

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The second way to get this bow is to craft a copy by purchasing the recipe for Master Blacksmith IV. However, that could be equally difficult given the amount of resources and Blacksmith skills required.

ten Garuda’s Spin

Miqo'te holds a bow in front of the sea.

Equip at level 50, this bow is stolen from The Howling Eye (Hard). Of course, there is about a 1/15 chance of it falling, as there are other Garuda weapons as well. In other words, it may take several tries before the supply drops.

The combination of feathers is really what makes this bow stand out. It goes well with white outfits. There are also a lot of Bard hats with feathers. Basically, this bow is for those looking for a white aesthetic and wings.

9 Shiva’s Diamond Bow

female hyur holding blue crystal bow nơ

Shiva is a level 50 boss that has a lot of nice weapon loot designs. They resemble ice crystals, but it takes a little more work to add nice particle effects to weapons. In particular, the bow is loved by players because it is quite beautiful, thin and has a beautiful color.

To obtain the bow, the player must first obtain the True Ice Bow dropped from Shiva. They should then defeat Shiva enough times to collect five Diamond Dust. In Mor Dohna, players can exchange Real Ice Bows and Diamond Dust for Diamond Bows.

8 Pyros . harp bow

The glowing blue bow held by Au Ra.

This bow is incredibly bold in its design, part weapon and part instrument. It is a rather unbelievable bow and has a rarity at the relic level.

Bows are equipable at level 70 but can only be obtained through Eureka content. Not much Final Fantasy 14 players are big fans of Eureka. For those who enter Eureka, the bow belongs to Gerolt of the Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros. It costs two elemental harp bows, 300 pyros crystals, and five flames of Penthesilea.

7 Midan Metal Bow

female au out holding a metal bow

The Midan Bow may look plain compared to the others, but it has one feature many other weapons lack: it can be dyed. That means players can change the color of the bow to any other color they want. Players also love the small glowing rings located on the upper limb of the bow.

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An arc is a possible falling point in a difficult raid: Alexander – The Son’s Burden (Savage). However, in Idyllshire, bows are purchased from the NPC, Sabina. The player needs to trade them 8 Midan Manifesto – Page 4 is also given at Alexander – The Son’s Burden (Savage).

6 Mischievous Moggle Mogbow

Miqo'te holds a moogle-themed bow outside.

Moogle is the main Final Fantasy and that’s no different in MMO. This makes Moogle-themed weapons always a popular choice. The Mogbow features an adorable Moogle sitting on top and has pink musical effects that pop when drawn for combat.

The bow is level 50 and can be crafted by a level 50 Carpenter. However, this is a high level recipe and requires Kingly Whisker, which is only available in Thornmarch (Extreme). However, this bow can also drop out of that Quest.

5 Yoichi Zeta Bow

miq'ote woman holding up a brilliant golden bow

This 50-gauge tree is a Zodiac Weapon, which means it’s a bit like the level 50 version of Anima and the Weapon of Resistance. It’s a bit easier to get, but there’s still a lot of work involved. This one is especially difficult as it is the final form of the Zodiac Weapon Questline.

Fans love it as a statement piece, but it’s also very pretty. The basic bow is simple, slim and elegant. The glow effects also add a pleasant glow to it.

4 Palace of Heaven

Close-up of white and blue bow.

Obtained in Idylshire from Bertana or Representative Rowena at the Foundation, this 60th grade tree is perfect for a sleek and sophisticated look. Players love it for its sharp details and soothing colors.

Of course, it is not free. Any merchant selling the bow will only supply it with 10 Ward Helm shards. They can only be picked up by completing Duty, The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign, 10 times. It’s not easy and it will take a lot of practice just to beat Duty once. However, there is always the option of going branchless to make it easier.

3 Longbow expands endlessly

kugune player character posing with glowing blue and white bow cung

Equipable at level 60, Endless Expanse Longbows are really easy to find as they are often sold on the Market Board. However, they are not cheap. Weapons that can be crafted as a Carpenter class, although it requires a lot of resources and some of them are very expensive or difficult to obtain by set of classes.

Players love this bow because it has a bubble particle effect. No other weapon has such a seed effect. The bow is also decorated with feather designs, giving it an element of grace.

2 King’s Longbow

miqo'te bows in sick mehg with phoenis on shoulder

One level 80 weapon that has been highly sought after by players are the ones dropped in Titania Extreme. The ordinary Titania was already a tough boss, so to beat her on Extreme takes patience, skill and practice. The winners have a chance to drop the desired weapon. Gorgeous bow, like Titania’s fairy wings.

Titania Extreme is taken on by groups that usually have a lot of practice and want to crush the battle until they get what they want like dragon mounts and various weapons.

first Mighty Thunderdart

purple bow character

Like the Endless Expanse Longbow, this weapon is available for purchase on the Market Board. Since it’s level 50 instead of 60, it also tends to be a bit cheaper. Bows can be crafted by a level 50 Carpenter class.

Many cards like this weapon because of its purple color and unique arrow design. It is also thinner than the others.

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