The 10 Worst Things Done By George Costanza

There are no characters in Seinfeld are good people. As fun as they are watching, no one should model their behavior after any potential customer. George Costanza is a particularly obnoxious character. The rap about his bad deeds stretches for miles.

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He’s terrible, the best things happen to him when he decides for an episode to do the exact opposite of what his intuition tells him. The items below are only a small part of his total shortcomings. Although he is to blame, He’s still an extremely funny character.

ten Get rid of his fiancée

susan licks seinfeld envelope
  • Episode: Invitation (Season 7, Episode 24)

For the entire seventh season, George was engaged to Susan but desperately wanted out. He tries to delay the date and even tries to be unfaithful to her. He only left the wedding after Susan can’t stand the poison from licking too many envelopes while preparing wedding invitations.

The initiator, George, selected the invitations. He had no intention of killing her, but his reaction to her untimely death was strangely enthusiastic. At the end of the episode, he then tries to wake Marisa Tomei and arrange a date with her.


9 There’s Jerry calling during a bomb threat

george sleeps under the seinfeld table
  • Episode: Nap (Season 8, Episode 18)

George is famous for doing nothing at his job, but he still tries hold a good position with the Yankee organization. His laziness takes a whole new level when he modifies his desk to comfortably sleep under it.

However, during one of the naps, George Steinbrenner walked in and started waiting for George in his office. To avoid trouble, he asks Jerry to call bomb threats so the place can be evacuated. This isn’t the first time George has come up with a plan to try to get out of work.

8 Almost ended a boy trapped in a bubble

seinfeld bubble boy
  • Episode: Bubble Boy (Season 4, Episode 7)

A boy with a health condition that keeps him in a bubble asks to meet Jerry Seinfeld, but through a series of events, George ends up Instead, play trivial pursuits with him.

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After George Costanza said the boy had answered the question incorrectly because of a typo in an answer, the boy began to choke him. While trying to get out of his grip, he burst the bubble. The boy survived, at least.

7 Cheating in the contest

seinfeld plane george finale
  • Episode: Final (Season 9, Episodes 23 and 24)

One of the most popular episodes of the series is “The Contest”, in which the team has a contest to see who can go the longest without pleasing themselves. Years later, in the series finale, all the friends believe they will die in a plane crash.

During this challenge, George admitted that he cheated in the contest. It doesn’t seem as bad as the others on the list, but there’s something particularly low-key about lying to friends.

6 Provide substances to his boss

seinfeld drugged his boss
  • Episode: Revenge (Season 2, Episode 7)

Everyone has had bad bosses at some point in their career, but that never justifies their drinking. George Costanza only did this after being fired, even though he technically quit before then.

The sad thing is that George has been recreated moments before his boss drank from the spiked cup. As bad as this is, George’s boss seems like a bad guy and the character will get a better job later in the series.

5 Charity

Seinfeld george human fund
  • Episode: The Attack (Season 9, Episode 10)

George Costanza devised a plan to buy gifts for his colleagues during the holidays by starting a fake charity and donating in the name of others. He came up with this idea after someone did it to him.

Like all of George’s ideas, it eventually came back to him when his boss wanted to make a big donation to charity and gave George a check for a hefty sum.

4 His own thoughts while burning

burn the fire
  • Episode: Flame (Season 5, Episode 20)

A fire broke out at a girlfriend’s son’s birthday party. Instead of being chivalrous, George runs out and leaves everyone behind, pushing everyone in the process.

It’s hard to judge too harshly unless one has been in a similar situation, but it’s also not a large and easily extinguished fire. At the end of the episode, a similar thing happens when he thinks a prop gun is real and once again runs away without anyone’s help.

3 Park in a disabled spot

catch the handicap
  • Episode: Handicap (Season 4, Episode 22)

To be fair, Kramer pushed George into the handicap. After returning from their odd jobs, the team discovers the car has been moved to the trash. Unfortunately for George, it was his father’s vehicle, so he made up a lie to not get in trouble with his parents.

The worst part of this act was that the woman had to park her car somewhere else and ended up getting injured because she couldn’t use the spot allotted to her. George and Kramer buy her a new wheelchair, but it’s a cheap model and it eventually malfunctions, causing the woman further injury.

2 Urinates in the bathroom shower

Jason Alexander as George Costanza in Seinfeld
  • Episode: The Wife (Season 5, Episode 17)

Everything on this list is remarkable, but this is the only truly disgusting act. George Costanza pees in the bathroom and another minor character threatens to tell the manager.

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Hard to blame anyone for doing this because the scene where someone pees in the shower is really scary. Elaine keeps George out of trouble, but this shows that Elaine is not a good person either.

first Pretending to be disabled

seinfeld george disabled
  • Episode: The Voice (Season 9, Episode 2)

After George’s owners believe he is disabled, the character does nothing to correct them. Once he was discovered, he still refused stop working, causing a little war of wills between the two.

Before the fixtures were erected, George had his own bathroom and special office. Disability rates are particularly low, even for George. The next job he gets is one that suits him; No one at the company had any idea what they were doing.

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