The 10 Ugliest Star Wars Characters, Ranked

Refusing to create a fictional world filled with glamorous beings, George Lucas and the Star Wars group of at this time proceed to introduce all kinds of characters.

Ugly is available in many kinds inside the Star Wars Universe, from political puppets to crime lords. Every of the ugliest Star Wars characters serves a function, creating a way of worry or absurdity. For the reason that launch of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977, over 20,000 characters have been created. Some like Lando Calrissian are drop-dead attractive whereas others like Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin revel within the foul stench of their look.

Not each character in Star Wars embraced their ugliness like Tarkin, generally showing misplaced or pretend, whereas others merely had no concept how offsetting their look was. From eggs able to hatch to bounty hunters looking for glory, listed here are the ten ugliest Star Wars characters ranked in descending order.

10 – Bossk

Ranked as one of the standard characters within the Star Wars Universe, Bossk isn’t beloved for his beauty. Primarily based on strain fits worn by pilots within the British Royal Air Power, the bounty hunter’s swag apparel helped his total look, along with his status. The Bossk’s awkward look to non-reptilians, and Trandoshan looking expertise, earned him the standing of one of the feared bounty hunters inside the Star Wars Universe.

A former mentor and bodyguard for Boba Fett throughout his teen years, Bossk utilized his instincts and his drive for credit to turn into the most effective bounty hunters. The 2 weren’t good buddies, although, with Bossk seemingly jealous of Fett’s allure with the women. The 2 bounty hunters usually competed with each other for the best-paying jobs, with Fett beating Bossk within the race to assert Han Solo inside Star Wars: Empire Strikes Again.

9 – Ubbla Mollbro

Ubbla Mollbro Star Wars TLJ
Picture by way of Walt Disney Studios Lucasfilm

Featured in Star Wars: The Final Jedi, Ubbla Mollbro put aside look in trade for a hatching mate. The Xi’Dec opera singer went to the Canto Bight On line casino, not a real online casino site like this coated in eggs and a drape of her personal making. She even introduced alongside her canine, who goes flying throughout her scene inside TLJ.

8 – Greedo

Greedo Star Wars
Picture by way of Walt Disney Studios Lucasfilm

Envious of different bounty hunters, Greedo bit off greater than he may chew with the tried seize of Han Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope. The pea-green-colored hunter needed fame and glory — to be the focus, with people overlooking his off-setting look.

Greedo was a Rodian, with eyes too large for his little head and a snout that didn’t say “kiss me.” The underworld didn’t take him critically, largely as a result of his lack of expertise, but in addition due to his look and scheming methods. Unable to hit his goal in life, Greedo handed on with out ever reaching glory and fame.

7 – Poggle The Lesser

Poggle the Lesser Star Wars
Picture by way of Walt Disney Studios Lucasfilm

Chief of the Geonosian race throughout the Clone Wars, Poggle the Lesser spent an excessive amount of time in battle droid factories, and never sufficient self-grooming. Geonosians constructed and designed the primary Dying Star, failing to finish the ship’s major firing perform previous to the battle of Geonosis.

The Geonosian race was impressed by bugs like termites, caring little for themselves and extra about rising their inhabitants numbers. Poggle the Lesser gave off an look of being the alpha however in fact was simply one other device for the Geonosian Queen and Darth Sidious.

6 – Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks Star Wars
Picture by way of Walt Disney Studios Lucasfilm

Jar Jar Binks had quite a few CGI flaws that made him look dangerous. However when in comparison with different Gungans, his unnatural qualities stood out like a sore thumb. Poor Jar Jar by no means had unwell intentions although, regardless of his awkwardness and clumsiness.

Most Gungans had their eyes on prime of their heads, with Boss Nass being an exception. Jar Jar’s protruded from his head like two antennas, with eyes too giant and a smile too creepy to disregard. His tongue was abnormally lengthy and the Gungan’s different physique elements have been both too large or small in comparison with the remainder of Jar Jar’s physique construction.

5 – Bib Fortuna

Bib Fortuna Star Wars Mandalorian
Picture by way of Walt Disney Studios Lucasfilm

Having earned himself the title of Jabba’s ear by means of arduous work and evil schemes, Bib Fortuna wasn’t at all times one of many ugliest Star Wars characters. In his youthful days, the Twi’lek was match and attentive. Working for Jabba the Hutt over the course of many years took a toll on Fortuna’s well being, turning him right into a pasty and slimy puppet throughout the occasions of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Again.

Following the defeat of Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Fortuna took over because the Tatooine underworld boss, changing into extra like his former employer in look day-after-day. Upon his confrontation with Boba Fett years later, Bib Fortuna couldn’t even transfer to defend himself as a result of his years of indulgence.

4 – Figrin D’an And The All-Bith band

Figrin D’an and the all-Bith band Star Wars
Picture by way of Walt Disney Studios Lucasfilm

Years of performing the Kloo Horn formed Figrin D’an’s future as a frontrunner for his personal band. It additionally formed the band chief’s face right into a ripple of muscle tissue, incomes him the nickname “Fiery” Figrin. Along with Figrin D’an’s protruding chops, the musician sported overly giant eyes and a stereotypical alien-shaped head.

Figrin D’an was additionally a compulsive gambler. The band chief was overly essential of his musicians, incomes a status that went past his funky seems to be.


Watto Star Wars
Picture by way of Walt Disney Studios Lucasfilm

Tatooine junk supplier Watto represented a lot of what the dessert planet needed to provide within the underworld circles. Lacking quite a few enamel with flies buzzing round him always, the lengthy snout Toydarian in Mos Espa cared just for his subsequent large rating.

Even Watto’s outfits have been made to spotlight his off-put look, from pants fitted underneath his drooping stomach to a tacky safari-style hat that supplied little to no safety from the dual suns beaming down on Watto.

Bargwill Tomder

Bargwill Tomder Star Wars TLJ
Picture by way of Walt Disney Studios Lucasfilm

Imply to youngsters and ugly, Bargwill Tomder was in control of the fathier stables on the Canto Bight on line casino and racetrack, featured inside Star Wars: The Final Jedi. Having 4 arms and a rotting-looking face, the Cloddogran favored his raggedy pink shirt with a device vest and brown hat.

Bargwill Tomder additionally acquired pleasure out of disciplining baby slaves that served underneath him, utilizing his electro-shock prod on them as a lot because the fathiers’. Imply to the bone, Tomder cared little for his look, using his ugliness as a worry tactic towards the urchin slaves.

Jabba The Hutt

Jabba the Hutt Star Wars
Picture by way of Walt Disney Studios Lucasfilm

King of indulgence and crime syndicate ruler, Jabba the Hutt was by far the ugliest Star Wars character ever created. Initially sketched as a fuzzy and probably cute creature, Jabba turned the drooling and slimy Hutt, feared by many for many years.

Including to his grotesque look have been sounds created by Ben Burtt. From fingers operating by means of a cheese casserole to the crime boss choking on his personal chain by the hands of Leia, nothing about Jabba the Hutt was ever meant to be pleasing.

Honorable point out: Mas Amedda

Mas Amedda Star Wars
Picture by way of Walt Disney Studios Lucasfilm

Mas Amedda served as a political puppet underneath the title of vice-chancellor to Supreme Chancellor Valorum and helped appoint Senator Palpatine as the brand new Supreme Chancellor in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The Chagrian seemingly knew Palpatine was Darth Sidious however didn’t care, placing his political ambitions above every little thing.

At all times effectively dressed whereas portraying an air of indifference, Mas Amedda utilized his look to instill worry in those that would problem him. The vice-chancellor’s eyes usually seemed possessed and he was recognized to punctuate his phrases with a flick of his forked tongue. Along side his fearful and odd look, Mas Amedda saved the Galatic Senate members in verify for these through which he served. | The ten Ugliest Star Wars Characters, Ranked


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