The 10 most useful tarot cards

cult of the Lamb is a roguelike action-adventure title developed by Massive Monster in which the player assumes the role of a lamb sacrificed to a god. Another god takes pity on the lamb and brings her back to life as long as they promise to start a cult in her name and free her from the chains that bind her.

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Like any roguelike, players must survive rooms full of enemies and defeat bosses to help both their cult and their god, which can be difficult. However, players have access to tarot cards that can improve their odds during runs.


10 More resources with the blessing of nature

The growth of the cult is another crucial part of Cult of The Lamb, in order to build beds, farms and other buildings like churches, a player needs the right amount of resources. Although the Lamb Cult members can gather their own resources for them, this can slow down if they clear the area of ​​the base.

Players can also find resources while defeating enemies. By drawing Nature’s Boon, a player can increase the amount of resources they can gather from the environment.

Completion of a floor or a room cult of the Lamb will reward the player with a chest. Usually these chests contain more gold, zeal and other trifles useful to the player. However, sometimes these chests can be incredibly lackluster.

Rabbit’s Foot increases the chances of getting better loot in all chests in a run. This increases the likelihood of getting blueprints for decorations or even drawing more tarot cards instead of waiting for the specific room to deliver them.

8th Death’s door will harm everyone

For players who feel like the next fight could be their last because of how challenging it is, Death’s Door can save a player’s life when the going gets tough. Players hit to within half a heart deal a damage multiplier to every enemy around them.

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Although it requires a player to lose a lot of health to activate it, it doesn’t stop it from being useful as its main purpose is in those situations. There are also upgraded versions of this card that can increase the damage it deals to enemies, making it an even better choice.

7 Gain more fervor with Fervor’s Harvest

Alacrity is the resource used to cast the curses available to players to damage enemies. When defeating enemies, players gain a small amount of fervor to fuel these curses. However, depending on how often a player uses them, it may take a few rooms for all curses to be restored.

Alacrity’s Harvest has the simple benefit of increasing the amount of Alacrity players regain from defeating enemies, meaning using these curses becomes a much more viable survival option.

6 More red hearts with the hearts 3

A high level of health is vital if one hopes to survive in it cult of the Lamb, one way to ensure this is to increase the player’s heart count. This can be done through upgrading the Lamb or through tarot cards like The Hearts.

The Hearts 3 is the maximum players can earn from this card. When drawn, the Lamb gains two temporary red hearts that it can use for the rest of the run until it’s self-defeated or the boss is finished.

Increasing the damage output of Lamb-wielded weapons can make clearing rooms much faster and easier. Master of The Art does exactly that as it improves the damage done by any player’s melee weapon by a certain multiplier.

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Similar to Death’s Door, players can obtain an upgraded version of this tarot card that increases a weapon’s damage multiplier. This allows for even faster speed sweeps through levels, making the Lamb a force few want to mess with.

4 Win more hearts with a gift below

As a mentor, a large amount of health can increase a player’s chances of completing a level. Shield Hearts, also known as Blue Hearts, are incredibly useful as they allow a player to complete a floor without losing any of their original hearts.

Unfortunately, A Gift From Below does not have any other special effects. However, it’s still incredibly useful when trying to complete a run, as it allows players to be bolder when defeating enemies as they can take unnecessary risks without consequences.

3 Blessing of Fortune doubles healing

Because survival is incredibly important, it’s crucial for players hoping to make it through a run of a level. Healing can be incredibly rare as only some chests can contain hearts and it’s usually only half a heart.

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Players blessed with the Fortune’s Blessing tarot card will regain double the amount of health when healing, not only for regular red hearts picked up from chests, but also for diseased hearts and blue hearts.

2 A diseased heart deals damage to enemies

Players are sure to get hit at some point while dodging the enemies they are facing. The Sick Heart is a cursed item that will be the bane of all enemies’ existence. There’s nothing negative about taking this heart.

Although it looks damaged, each enemy that hits the player not only deals damage to themselves, but also to everyone else visible on the screen for a decent amount of damage. Since it gives the player a whole sick heart, it also means a player can be hit twice to deal that damage to enemies without sacrificing their own health.

1 Get a second chance with the deal

Unlike the other tarot cards that are available from the start of the game. The player must have unlocked the fourth area cult of the Lamb to buy The Deal from Midas’ cave for ten gold bars.

Although it sounds expensive, this tarot card is crucial for later runs where the dangers for the players are multiplied. The deal gives a player a second chance after death as it instantly revives them in their current room with half a heart remaining.

cult of the Lamb is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

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