The 10 Hardest Trainer Battles In Pokemon History, Ranked

The Pokemon video games have all the time different in issue, particularly with the changes that were made to the way that experience is shared between Pokemon in a number of the sequence’ newer entries. In reality, the precise design of the trainers and battles inside the video games typically have little or no affect on the general issue.

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As a substitute, most battles are made more durable by degree will increase. Nonetheless, some battles unfold all through the franchise are made extremely troublesome because of their inherent design. The problem of a few of these battles is so excessive that many Pokemon followers bear in mind these battles with a mix of awe and concern, particularly one significantly threatening Miltank from Goldenrod Metropolis.

Up to date August 3, 2021 by Tom Bowen: Because it first made its debut greater than 1 / 4 of a century in the past, the Pokemon sequence has supplied gamers with some extremely difficult coach battles. Some draw their issue from the sheer energy of the opposing staff, whereas others happen early on of their respective video games earlier than gamers have been capable of construct the range required to counter into their staff. With the precise technique in place, none are not possible, however a few of these troublesome coach battles will take much more effort to beat than others.

10 Brock

Again within the day with no entry to the web, it was very unusual for gamers to truly know what strikes Pokemon discovered at every degree on high of kind benefits. Being the primary Gymnasium Chief additionally signifies that the Brock battle was in all probability being accomplished by new gamers who didn’t know the intricacies of kind benefits.

Combating Brock in Pokemon Yellow with a Pikachu and one other small rodent from Route 1 is extremely onerous. Solely a Nidorino with double-kick might reliably get gamers by this battle, and most of the people had no concept that was even an possibility.

Although he solely has two Pokemon at his disposal in the primary technology video games, defeating Brock’s Onix and Geodude with Pikachu because the participant’s foremost is not any simple feat, as Ash discovers early on within the Pokemon anime. Fortunately, their ranges are at the least lowered by two in Pokemon Yellow, with Geodude falling from degree 12 to degree 10 and Onix being dropped to degree 12 having initially been at degree 14.

9 Clair

Dragon-types have been more durable to take care of again within the outdated days earlier than Fairy-types. Within the Gen 2 video games of Gold, Silver, Crystal, with solely a pair Ice-types and solely two Dragon-type evolutionary traces, gamers preventing Clair would want Pokemon able to dealing and withstanding some critical injury. However typically, powerful Dragon-types have been by no means Clair’s difficulty.

As a substitute, it was Clair’s under-the-radar destroyer, Kingdra. Being a Water and Dragon-type, Kingdra’s solely weak spot was different Dragon-type strikes. And with solely Dratini and Horsea, gamers didn’t have many choices. On high of this, it is aware of heavy-hitting strikes and smokescreen, so good luck hitting the factor; for many who handle, good luck surviving Kingdra’s personal loopy assaults.

Clair’s full lineup consists of a degree 40 Kingdra in addition to three Dragonairs, all of that are degree 37. The previous is unquestionably the hardest to beat, though the Dragonairs may trigger issues if gamers head into the battle unprepared. All of them know Slam, Dragon Breath, and Thunderwave, however their fourth slots are stuffed with a powerful elemental assault, permitting them to dish out large water, electrical, and ice injury respectively.

8 Whitney

Anybody who performed by Pokemon Crystal remembers a battle that introduced a fury like no different down upon unsuspecting gamers inside the third fitness center. That’s proper, Whitney, the Normal-type Gym Leader. With a easy Clefairy and Miltank, Whitney introduced gamers to their knees.

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Clefairy’s Metronome might imply life or dying all on the whims of destiny. Miltank’s Rollout, stab injury Stomp, and Milk Drink imply that if trainers don’t take out this powerhouse rapidly they’ll count on an intensive thrashing. To high all of it off, that is nonetheless early sufficient within the sport that gamers don’t have entry to revives aside from what they discover en-route, so a one-shot Rollout may very well be devastating.

Very similar to Brock within the gen 1 video games, Whitney solely has entry to 2 Pokemon. As gamers will quickly study, nevertheless, a degree 18 Clefairy and a degree 20 Miltank are to not be trifled with at this stage within the sport. Their normal typing makes them extremely troublesome to counter, whereas their well-curated transfer units may cause loads of issues for many who do not know what they’re doing.

7 Might/Brendan

In Pokemon Emeraldthe player’s rival isn’t extremely troublesome, nevertheless, for gamers hoping to speedrun the sport, their third battle could make or break time. For Emerald speedrunners, they should get to this battle with a degree 18 Marshtomp. Sadly, this implies a double weak spot to their Grass-type, Grovyle.

Additional, they might want to use stat-boosting objects to ensure Marshtomp will survive and win the battle, however the one alternative to do that is whereas preventing their Wingull. What makes this so troublesome is that Wingull is aware of Supersonic and Growl, each of which may make it not possible for Marshtomp to defeat the rivals Grovyle. Finally, all of it comes right down to luck and which strikes Wingull decides to make use of.

Like the series’ many other rivals, the Pokemon that Might and Brendan have at their disposal range relying on which of the three starter Pokemon gamers selected. They’re going to all the time find yourself with a Tropius although, with two of their remaining slots being stuffed with any two of Ludicolo, Slugma, and Pelipper. Their remaining Pokemon would be the starter that is sturdy towards the participant’s personal starter, which may typically trigger issues to these gamers who fail to diversify their assortment of Pokemon.

6 Pink

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One of many hardest fights in any Pokemon sport is the climactic battle on the finish of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Combating Pink is a stunning problem that many gamers assume they’re prepared for earlier than spending the time to essentially analysis this intense problem.

Pink’s staff is such a menace due to its insanely excessive degree. With Pokemon between ranges 80 and 90, trainers might want to grind (even after beating all the Kanto gyms) earlier than they’re able to tackle this troublesome battle.

In addition to proudly owning all three of the gen 1 starter Pokemon at degree 84 and of their remaining evolutionary kinds, Pink additionally has entry to a degree 80 Lapras, a degree 82 Snorlax, and a degree 88 Pikachu. As such, countering him would require a staff with lots of kind variety, to not point out one which consists of Pokemon with equally excessive ranges.

5 Cynthia

In most Pokemon video games, the champion of the area is supposed to be the sport’s most troublesome battle, however this does not all the time find yourself being the case. Nicely, Pokemon Platinum is among the only a few video games within the sequence that undoubtedly will get this proper.

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With a staff not devoted to anybody kind, and the most powerful Pokemon of this generation in Garchomp, Lucario, Spiritomb, and Togekiss, gamers actually need to look at their backs. Moreover, Cynthia’s staff is a really excessive degree, along with her Garchomp maxing out at degree 78. Total, her staff is simply actually actually good.

In addition to Garchomp, Lucario, Spiritomb, and Togekiss, Cynthia additionally has entry to a Roserade and a Milotic. All of her staff are at the least degree 74 by the tip of the sport, that means that gamers must degree their very own Pokemon up fairly a bit in the event that they’re to have any likelihood of beating her once more after Stark Mountain.

4 Ghetsis

Ghetsis’ occasion in Pokemon Black and White is among the hardest staff fights within the franchise. With a typically highly effective staff that makes use of actual methods, Ghetsis makes many gamers quiver. His Eelektross has no weaknesses, his Cofragigus successfully stalls, his Seismitoad can solely be stopped by Grass-types, and his Bisharp can solely be countered by a stable Combating-type.

The actual kickers are his Hydreigon and his Bouffalant. The latter has extremely highly effective assaults and must be stopped rapidly earlier than it wrecks a whole staff, however Hydreigon is an absolute monster. With unimaginable velocity and devastating kind protection, this evil dragon is bound to go away a nasty style in any participant’s mouth.

Except for his Hydreigon, which is degree 54, all of Ghetsis’ Pokemon are degree 52. Collectively they boast ridiculously good kind protection, with the six of them representing eight of the sequence’ 18 differing types when dual-typing is taken under consideration.

3 Evice

The ultimate boss of Pokemon Colosseum is among the hardest fights within the franchise’s historical past. With a ten degree leap from the battle that instantly precedes this boss battle, Evice is one dangerous man. Moreover, his staff completely slaps.

With an Intimidate Salamence, a virtually indestructible Scizor, a Machamp with Rockslide and Earthquake, and a Slaking and Slowking that make a fully lethal combo with Talent Swap permitting the beefy sloth to assault each flip, Evice makes many trainers cry. Additional, with an incredibly limited selection of Pokemon all through the sport, this battle is extraordinarily powerful.

All of Evice’s Pokemon are between degree 60 and 62 and each boasts a distinct elemental kind. In addition to the aforementioned Pokemon, he additionally has entry to an Aggron, although it is going to in all probability be Salamance and Slaking, each of that are degree 60, that may trigger gamers probably the most hassle.

2 Ardos & Eldes

These dangerous blue and pink brothers from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness are two of the toughest fights within the franchise’s historical past. As a result of they’re about the identical although, they’ll simply be lumped collectively.

What makes them so troublesome is how Shadow Pokemon work on this sport. With improved Shadow-type strikes which might be tremendous efficient towards all non-Shadow-types and groups with 4 Shadow Pokemon every, they actually simply make battles right into a dwelling hell. And worst of all, gamers are anticipated to catch their shadow Pokéemon, that means they should stall by tremendous highly effective assaults hoping they’ll survive simply lengthy sufficient to place all of them away.

Between them, they’ve entry to the likes of Sceptile, Charizard, Gengar, Metagross, Latias, and Snorlax, making them extremely troublesome to beat. Worse nonetheless, in Colosseum battles, they’re going to have entry to 6 completely different Pokemon regardless of solely really utilizing 4, that means that gamers must plan for all eventualities when choosing their very own staff.

1 Greevil

The ultimate boss battle in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is even more durable than the 2 brothers earlier than. With 6 Shadow Pokemon that deliver large tremendous efficient injury towards all non-Shadow-types, trainers have to maintain a staff for a very long time.

Even worse is how trainers should catch every of them earlier than they’ll transfer on to the following Pokemon. On high of that, three of the Shadow Pokemon are the legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. With very low catch charges and devastating shadow strikes of their very own, these three depart any coach questioning why they actually need to catch-em-all.

Coping with Greevil’s staff is rather a lot simpler mentioned than executed, because it’s each extremely highly effective and in addition pretty nicely balanced too. The Legendary Birds are undoubtedly the principle attraction, however Rhydon, Exeggutor, and Tauros aren’t any pushovers both and would require cautious planning – and maybe slightly little bit of luck – to efficiently overcome.

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