The 10 best water-type Pokemon and where to catch them

The player will return to the Sinnoh region in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. It’s been quite a while since players explored the Sinnoh region, so both new and old players may need a recap of the game. Pokemon available in the area. The Sinnoh region is home to many Pokemon to choose.

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Water type Pokemon abundant in Sinnoh, and when it became strong Pokemon, players have a lot of choices. In Pokemon Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls, type of water Pokemon useful from start to finish, so players should always have one on their team.


Pokemon Cloyster in battle

Cloyster is a dual type of water and ice Pokemon. Cloyster has 180 Defense, making it a great addition to any team. Cloyster’s weakness for Combat, Grass, Electric, and Rock-type attacks puts it at a disadvantage in many battles, but if used strategically, Cloyster can become a valuable asset.

Cloyster’s undeciphered form, Shelder, can be easily captured using a fishing rod on Route 205 as Feugo Ironworks. Players will need a Ice water to evolve Shelder into Cloyster, which can be most easily found on the southern part of Route 213.

Cloyster stats:

HP: 50

Attack: 95

Special attack: 85

Defense: 180

Special Defense: 45

Speed, velocity: 70

Total: 525



Pokemon Empoleon in battle

Empoleon was the originator of the Water style of Sinnoh Pokemon. Empoleon has excellent Special Attack and Special Defense stats of 111 and 101 respectively. With its steel and water dual knock, Empoleon is a powerhouse for stamina. With resistance to Water, Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Telepathy, Dragon, Fairy, Steel, and Ice-type moves and complete immunity to Poison-type moves, Empoleon has few opponents strong enough to take on. challenge it, especially in higher levels.

Empoleon’s unsolved form, Piplup, can be selected as a player begin Pokemon but if the player chooses to catch it later in the game, it can be found in Pokemon Brilliant and Shining Pearl’s Grand Underground

Empoleon stats:

HP: 84

Attack: eighty six

Special attack: 111

Defense: 88

Special Defense: 101

Speed, velocity: 60

Total: 530


Two Pokemon Walrein together

Walrein is dual type Ice Pokemon evolved from Spheal and Sealeo. With a Health stat of 110 and the Skill ‘Thick Fat’ (50% damage reduction from Fire and Ice-type moves), Walrein is a damaging sponge and is very useful in tough battles.

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Both Walrein’s lower evolutions can be found using Surf on Highway 230 and Road 226. Walrein have a high level of evolution, with Spheal evolving into Sealeo at level 32 and Sealeo into Walrein at level 44, although this shouldn’t be a big deal with Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls NS. Sharing is always on.

Walrein’s stats:

HP: 110

Attack: 80

Special attack: 95

Defense: 90

Special Defense: 90

Speed, velocity: 65

Total: 530


Pokemon Swampert in battle

Swamp is a water starter Pokemon from Generation 3. As with most beginners, Swampert boasts great stats with the main highlight being the 100 HP and 110 Attack stats. While the Swampert’s dual taps of Water and Ground give it impressive mobility, it’s also comes with 4x damage weakness to Grass-type moves can interfere with Swampert in key battles.

Swampert’s lower evolution Pokemon and fan favorite, Mudkip, can be seen in Grand Underground.

Swampert stats:

HP: 100

Attack: 110

Special attack: 85

Defense: 90

Special Defense: 90

Speed, velocity: 60

Total: 535


Pokemon Feraligatr roars

2 Generation Water Starter Pokemon Feraligatr It has high Attack and Defense stats, making it a reliable Pokemon to take with you on your journey through Sinnoh. The Feraligatr’s unique water knocking gives it some weaknesses but allows for less flexibility in its movement options.

Totodile, the basic evolution of Feraligatr, can be seen in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Grand Underground.

Feraligatr stats:

HP: eighty six

Attack: 105

Special attack: 79

Defense: 100

Special Defense: 83

Speed, velocity: 78

Total: 530


Pokemon Blastoise in battle

Blastoise is the original 1st generation Water-style starter Pokemon and be a real tank in battle. With Defense of 100 and Special Defense of 105, Blastoise can take most hits it hits. While the player may not be able to catch this Pokemon until the end of the game, its usefulness will last well into the late game as the Strong Water type is vital for any species. Pokemon team.

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The iconic Squirtle, Blastoise’s pre-evolved, can be seen in Grand Underground.

Blastoise stats:

HP: 79

Attack: 83

Special attack: 85

Defense: 100

Special Defense: 105

Speed, velocity: 78

Total: 530


Pokemon Lapras Roaring

Lapras is a great choice for any player Pokemon team. With a huge HP of 130, Lapras is a Pokemon in most battles. Its Water and Ice Dual also gives it a nice set of moves for players to choose from, with moves like Hydro Pump and Ice Beam being heavily used by players.

Lapras is a famous Pokemon that is hard to find Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but can rarely spawn on Victory Road. Shiny hunts this Pokemon in the wild would be a real pain!

Lapras stats:

HP: 130

Attack: 85

Special attack: 85

Defense: 80

Special Defense: 95

Speed, velocity: 60

Total: 535


Pokemon Gyarados roars in battle

Gyarados‘popularity with players has never waned since the introduction of Generation 1, and for good reason. With an Attack stat of 125, that is higher than some legendary Pokemon, Gyarados is a deadly Pokemon to bring into battle and at high levels can take down most opponents in just a few swipes.

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Magikarp, the base form of Gyarados, can be caught using fishing rod on most of the Routes in the game. NS Pokemon will evolve into Gyarados at level 20. Although Magikarp can be difficult to level up due to lack of available moves, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s NS. Share will be used for this.

Gyarados stats:

HP: 95

Attack: 125

Special attack: 60

Defense: 79

Special Defense: 100

Speed, velocity: 81

Total: 540


Pokemon Milotic in battle

Milotic often compared to other bulky water Pokemon like Gyarados, although others have high Attack or Defense stats, Milotic has impressive Special Defense and Special Attack stats. Milotic’s unique water type means it has few useful weaknesses and resistances.

Feebas, Milotic’s lower evolution, can be captured using fishing rod on Mount Coronet.

Milotic stats:

HP: 95

Attack: 60

Special attack: 100

Defense: 79

Special Defense: 125

Speed, velocity: 81

Total: 540


Pokemon Kingdra shoots smoke in battle

Kingdra often overlooked, even though it is one of the most impressive Waters Pokemon available in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and it’s a great place Pokemon. Kingdra has solid stats across the board, reaching a total of 540 stats, matching even the strongest non-legends Pokemon.

Horsea, Kingdra’s base evolution, can be captured using fishing rod on 226 street. Horsea will evolve into Seadra at level 32 and needs to transaction while holding a Dragon Scales developed in Kingdra.

Kingdra’s stats:

HP: 75

Attack: 95

Special attack: 95

Defense: 95

Special Defense: 95

Speed, velocity: 85

Total: 540

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl was released on November 19, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

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