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The Cartoon Network show ended for a remake in March 2020, with a 10-episode epilogue series. During the run, Steven Universe praised for its uncompromising sincerity, stunning visuals, and epic sci-fi story. The film is about a boy named Steven, who lives with a group of aliens known as the Crystal Gems. Steven himself is a half-gem, and he aids the Crystal Gems in their various intergalactic missions, while learning more about his mysterious mother and the world she came from. Ultimately, he must save the world from impending alien invasions.

While some Steven UniverseThe best episodes of the episode are full of big revelations or preludes to big plots, many of the episodes are more lighthearted, focusing on the emotional connections between characters and adding color to the world. Finally, we need to know what is at stake before the bad guys get in. Steven Universe is about love, family and friendship. The show’s best episodes blend action and emotion.

Alone together

Part 1, episode 36

“Alone Together” marks the first appearance of Stevonnie, a collaboration between Steven and his friend Connie. This is a great expansion of Steven’s own powers, proving that he can really merge and also delving deeper into Steven and Connie’s relationship. Stevonnie is one of the first non-binary characters in animation for all ages, and much of the episode revolves around them learning more about their existence and introducing themselves to friends and family. Additionally, this episode explores the issue of consent, when a smug teenager insists on dancing with Stevonnie, despite their objections. But in the end, it’s a winning episode, as Steven and Connie leave Stevonnie and go back to dancing.


Part 1, episode 53

I’ve tried my best not to structure this list based on songs (it’s a different list), but there’s no way I can skip the “Stronger Than You” episode. In addition to the amazing, powerhouse song, “Jail Break” also delivers the big reveal “Garnet is a combo” and is the beautiful culmination of everything the first season has covered. This is the perfect finale of the season, ending just fine while there are still many unanswered questions for the following episodes. Also, it has an epic fight aboard a spaceship, and indeed that’s reason enough to earn a spot on this list.

We need to talk

Part 2, episode 8

I put this here because the duet is very sexy between Rose Quartz and Greg Universe – and the result is a combination of Rose and Pearl. The sequel episodes about Greg and Rose falling in love are all of their own special kind, but this one is especially memorable because it tells about one of the hiccups in their relationship. Steven Universe emphasizes the importance of communication in any relationship, and Greg and Rose’s relationship is no exception. Greg feels insecure that he can’t merge with Rose the way the other gems can, and wonders if she’ll eventually get bored of him. Definitely an important conversation in any relationship, but especially between an immortal being and a human!

Sadie’s song

Part 2, episode 16

Steven and the Crystal Gems are certainly vibrant characters, but the colorful cast of Sea City can’t be forgotten. “Sadie’s Song” centers on donut shop employee Sadie, as she tries her hand at the town’s talent show with an incredibly catchy pop song. The human side of Steven Universe just as important as the faceted gem, especially considering how much emphasis the show is on beautiful human imperfection. “Sadie’s Song” teaches Steven some valuable lessons about friendship and sows the seeds for Sadie’s final arc.


Part 2, episode 21

Another episode that focuses on past romantic relationships, “The Answer” focuses on Ruby and Sapphire and their taboo relationship. It’s like a fairy tale, when the privileged and sheltered Sapphire is saved by a lowly Ruby guardian. They accidentally merge and while the rest of Gem society loathes their looks like Garnet, they end up falling in love. Sapphire defies Blue Diamond to be with Ruby. It’s a deeply romantic story, with plenty of awkwardness and gentle sweetness.

Mr. Greg

Season 3, episode 8

Hey, shake your feet! It’s Mr. Greg! Yes, many episodes of Steven Universe have music, but this is the only “music episode” in the series. It started off as a fun time, when Greg Universe suddenly got a lot of cash and took Steven on vacation to Empire City – and Steven decided to take Pearl with him, because he felt it. great number of tension between Greg and Pearl. Amidst the catchy songs that speak of the deep bond between Greg and Pearl, neither of them want to tell the other about the loss of someone they both love. Pearl’s unfortunate ballad, where she mourns the loss of Rose to Greg, is perhaps the best song of the entire show, but the final song of the episode, “Both of You,” is particularly bittersweet. confused.

Education of the Mind

Season 4, episode 4

Steven Universe has been praised for truly examining the emotional ramifications of being a child hero. In “Mind Education,” Stevonnie sits down with Garnet to meditate, after Connie and Steven’s separate anxiety and refusal to deal with their problems ultimately affect the stability of the union. between them. Steven has a great saying “stay positive!” The psychology of bigger problems (which the next series really couldn’t deal with) and “Education of the Mind” helped him realize that it wasn’t the healthiest approach to dealing with emotions. sense of guilt. And, not to deliver a killer song again, but the “Here Comes a Thought” segment is wonderful and also incredibly light.

The last trip out of the coastal city

Season 4, episode 6

In this episode, Pearl goes through a gay panic attack and Steven and Amethyst try to help her in vain. It is awesome. “Last One Out of Beach City” shows Pearl joining Steven and Amethyst as they go to a rock concert. On the way, they happened to meet a girl with pink hair that looked very great number of like Rose Quartz (Clear Pearls have varieties). It’s a lot of fun, with great little character relationship moments, and also ends with a different set of ending credits than the usual Steven Universe episode, which features “15 Minutes.” by Mike Krol.

A pale rose

Season 5, episode 18

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that the revelation that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond didn’t happen before. Steven Universe was intricately planned from the start, and all of those disjointed seasons over the course of four and a half seasons culminate in this satisfying revelation. It’s something a lot of people have seen coming – but in the best possible way, with all the clues there, look back. It’s also the final groundbreaking reveal that unfolds in the film’s finale, bringing Steven and the Crystal’s adventures to a natural end (with a film and sequel series that interrogate the larger emotional segment). “A Single Pale Rose” as a main class in a show has finally surfaced and we, the audience, realize that yes, we’ve had all the clues all along. A great reveal and an even more engaging setting, as characters scramble to pick up (ha) shards.


Season 5, episodes 23 + 24

Second half of Steven UniverseUnderstandably, the final season is full of tension and action to tackle the series. But before the epic adventure arrives at Homeworld and the final confrontation with the Diamonds comes this brief moment of respite and celebration. As the episode’s opening song continually emphasizes, amid sweeping revelations, the pain of the past, and potential war on the horizon, it’s important to take a moment to remember love and friendship. The ending episode kicks off the finale of the show’s finale, but it’s also a fun celebration of what makes up Steven Universe very special. Also, we had to give it props to show one of the first gay weddings on all-ages animated television.

All 5 seasons of Steven Universe available to watch on HBO Max, Steven Universe Future and Steven Universe: The Movie. The 10 best Steven Universe episodes


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