The 10 Best Rock Pokemon (& Where to Catch Them)

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl brings players back to the Sinnoh region of Generation 4. With many of the icons and Pokemon introduced in the original Diamond Pokemon and Pearl, players have some tough choices when it comes to which Pokemon to catch and bring with them on their journey.

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Whether players are exploring the Sinnoh region for the first time or returning after years away, the selection of Pokemon can be overwhelming. Rock type Pokemon is a safe bet for players who are looking for strong Pokemon in Sinnoh and with Brilliant diamond and Shining Pearl’s including the Grand Underground players have even more chances to catch these Pokemon.

ten Golem

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Golem

Golem is a Rock and Ground dual-type Pokemon, which means it has 4x weaker for damage from both Grass and Water moves. This can get Golems into some real trouble throughout the game. However, the Golem is also immune to Electric damage and has excellent Attack 120 and Defense 130 to cover its main weaknesses Grass and Water.

Golems evolved from Geodude and Graveler. Geodude could be found transparent Grand Underground and most likely the player will encounter first on Route 206, Route 207, or in Oreburgh . Mine but can be found in many other places throughout the game. An evolved Graveler can be found in Grand Underground once the player has Defog ability and in nature on Route 211, Route 216, and in MT. Coronet and other places around Sinnoh. Geodude will evolve into Graveler at level 25 and Golem once transaction with another coach.

Golem stats:

HP: 80

Attack: 120

Special attack: 55

Defense: 130

Special Defense: 65

Speed, velocity: 45

Total: 495


9 A skillful way

Happy Pokemon smiling

A skillful way is a Grass and Rock-type Pokemon. Its double knocking gives it some weak points and only two resistors (Normal and Electric). Cradily has decent stats across the board, with 97 Defense, 107 Special Defense, and 81 Attack and Special Attack.

Cradily evolved from Lileep. Lieep can be obtained after the player finds its fossil in Grand Underground. Players will have to find Original fossils after they got it National Dex and then bring it to Mining Museum to get Lieep. Liliep evolves into Cradily at level 40.

Cradily’s stats:

HP: eighty six

Attack: 81

Special attack: 81

Defense: 97

Special Defense: 107

Speed, velocity: 43

Total: 495

8 Kabutops

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Kabutops

Kabutops is a Water and Rock-type Pokemon, resulting in 4x weaker damage against Grass-type moves. Kabutops covers its main weakness by having a massive Attack stat, at 115. Kabutops can deal some real damage under the right circumstances.

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Kabutops evolved from Kabuto. Kabuto can be obtained when the player finds it Dome fossils inside Grand Underground. Players will need to have National Dex to find the Dome Fossil and then bring it to Mining Museum to get Kabuto. Kabuto will evolve into Kabutops at level 40.

Kabutops stats:

HP: 60

Attack: 115

Special attack: 65

Defense: 105

Special Defense: 70

Speed, velocity: 80

Total: 495

7 Omastar

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Omastar

Omastar is a dual-type Water and Ice Pokemon. This typing combination results in 4 times the damage received from Weak Grass attacks. Omastar has a variety of moves including powerful Water moves and a 115 Special Attack to support it.

Omastar from Omanyte, can be obtained by searching conch inside Grand Underground. Players will need to get National Dex to find the Helix Fossil, and then deliver it to Mining Museum to get Omanyte. Omanyte will evolve into Omastar at level 40.

Omastar stats:

HP: 70

Attack: 60

Special attack: 115

Defense: 125

Special Defense: 70

Speed, velocity: 55

Total: 495

6 Shuckle

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Shuckle

Shuckle is a novel Pokemon for players to catch. It has an amazing 230 Defenses and Special Defenses, one of the highest in the game, even matching the defenses of many Legendary Pokemon available in Brilliant diamond and Shining Pearl. It has terrible stats to track this down, with 20 HP, 10 Attack and 10 Special Attack. Shuckle’s allure lies mainly in its ability to absorb most of the attacks thrown. With Bug and Rock double-typing, it also avoids any major weaknesses.

Shuckle can be found in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Grand Underground, but only if the player obtains National Dex. Shuckle has no pre-evolution nor does it evolve on its own, so once it’s been caught by the player, that’s it.

Shuckle’s stats:

HP: 20

Attack: ten

Special attack: ten

Defense: 230

Special Defense: 230

Speed, velocity: 5

Total: 505

5 Aerodactyl

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl has pretty good stats overall, with 105 Attack and 130 Speed ​​which comes in handy in battle. Aerodactyl is a flying and rock-type Pokemon, which means it doesn’t have a major 4X weakness and is also immune to Ground-type damage. Aerodactyl has a decent amount of movement, but Normal-type moves are one of its strongest points, which can sometimes be a step backwards due to Normal-type’s moderate effectiveness against most Pokemon.

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Players will need to find Old Amber fossils in Grand Underground and then bring it to Mining Museum to obtain Aerodactyl. Old amber can be found after the player has got National Dex. Aerodactyl did not develop or have any prior development.

Aerodactyl stats:

HP: 80

Attack: 105

Special attack: 60

Defense: 65

Special Defense: 75

Speed, velocity: 130

Total: 515

4 Rhyperior

Pokemon Rhyperior in battle

Rhyperior is a Rock and Ground-type Pokemon, making it 4x weaker for damage taken from Water and Grass-generation moves. With Water and Grass being common typologies in the Sinnoh region, Rhyperior can be fraught with difficulty. It is immune to Electric-type damage and the awesome stats that come with it. 140 Attack and 130 Defense give it the ability to take down most opponents in just a few turns as well as increasing any major damage it takes in battle.

Rhyperior evolved from Rhyhorn and Rhydon. Rhyhorn can be found in Grand Underground and more Road 227, Mount Stark, and Road 228. An evolved Rhydon can be found in Grand Underground once the player has obtained National Dex. Rhyhorn will evolve into Rhydon at level 42 and into Rhyperior once transaction while holding Guard.

Rhyperior stats:

HP: 115

Attack: 140

Special attack: 55

Defense: 130

Special Defense: 55

Speed, velocity: 40

Total: 535

3 Probopass

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Probopass

Probopass is a defense-heavy Pokemon, and with 150 Special Defense and 145 Massive Defense, it can take most attacks its way. The big downside to Probopass is its weakness that deals 4x damage to Battle and Ground attacks which are a consistent threat throughout the game. Probopass has a great arsenal of moves with powerful Electric, Rock, Ground, and Combat styles on display.

Probopass evolved from Nosepass. Nosepass is rarely found on Route 206 and will evolve into a Probopass after it is leveled up in the Magnetic Field.

Probopass stats:

HP: 60

Attack: 55

Special attack: 75

Defense: 145

Special Defense: 150

Speed, velocity: 40

Total: 525

2 Aggron

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Aggron

Aggron is a Steel and Stone-type Pokemon, which means it is thwarted by a 4x weakness to damage taken from Battle or Ground attacks. The effects of its weaknesses are somewhat mitigated by Aggron’s massive 180 Defense, and with 110 Attack, it can sustain itself in teamfights, even against opponents. strong. Aggron’s dual-typing also gives it immunity to Poison-type damage, which is very useful.

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Aggron evolved from Aron and Lairon. Both Pokemon can be found in Grand Underground once the player has obtained National Dex, and also at Fuego Ironworks once the player has the ability to use Poke Radar. Aron will evolve into Lairon at level 32 and Aggron at level 42. This is a high level evolution, but players can take advantage of Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls NS. Mechanic sharing is constantly enabled to level up their Pokemon quickly.

Aggron stats:

HP: 70

Attack: 110

Special attack: 60

Defense: 180

Special Defense: 60

Speed, velocity: 50

Total: 530

first Tyranitar (Pokemon Brilliant Diamond To exclude, to expel)

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Tyranitar

Tyranitar is a Rock and Dark dual-type Pokemon. Tyranitar has great stats, with 100 Special Defense, 110 Defense, and a massive Attack stat of 134. Tyranitar’s typing gives it a 4x damage weakness on Combat style attacks but also immunity. fully infected with Psychic-type damage. Tyranitar is a great Pokemon, even though it’s exclusive to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

Tyranitar evolved from Larvitar and Pupitar. Both Pokemon can be found in Grand Underground once the player has obtained National Dexand Larvitar can be found on Route 207 once the player has the ability to use Poke Radar. Larvitar and Pupitar can only be caught in the wild in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. Larvitar evolves into Pupitar at level 30 and into Tyranitar at level 55.

Tyranitar stats:

HP: 100

Attack: 134

Special attack: 95

Defense: 110

Special Defense: 100

Speed, velocity: sixty one

Total: 600

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl available for Nintendo Switch.

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