The 10 best physical attackers for competitive play

With the release of the DLC expansions too Pokémon Legends: Arceus, there are over 900 different species of Pokémon in the franchise that has spanned over two decades. However, when it comes to the competitive scene, only a small portion of these Pokemon are considered viable. Often the same few Pokémon appear in competitive battles.

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A key component in building a team in a competition Pokemon Match is the balance between Pokemon that specialize in Attack and Special Attack stats. For the former, these Pokémon are often brutal sweepers that pose a threat to many defenseless Pokémon. These ten 8 generation Pokemon are the best when it comes to physical attacks.


10 dragonite

Dragonite may be lovable on the outside, but he’s a tough fighter when it comes down to it Pokemon VGC. Dragonite, who debuts in the first generation games, is Dragon/Flying-type, making him particularly vulnerable to Ice-type moves. However, Dragonite makes up for this with its whopping 134 base Attack stat, which is well above average for any Pokemon.

Dragonite will be placed in the newest OU Sword & Shield competitive meta, meaning many metagames have banned it. When paired with moves like Dragon Dance, Dragonite’s Attack and Speed ​​stats only increase. This will particularly boost the Earthquake attack, which counteracts Flying-type weaknesses like Rock and Electric.

9 Tyranitar

Tyranitar’s overall stats surpass Dragonite’s, showing him boasting incredible Attack, as well as HP, Defense, and Special Defense. However, as a Rock/Dark-type Pokemon, Tyranitar is quite vulnerable to Fighting-types, which can be tricky in a competitive meta where Fighting-types are quite popular among players.

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Luckily, Tyranitar has access to attacks like Thunder Wave that stun opponents. This can thwart or slow an opponent’s attack, allowing Tyranitar to utilize his high attack stats with moves like Stone Edge or Heavy Slam. An item like a Choice Band can also prioritize increased attack stats instead of choosing different moves.

8th groudon

Groudon is the legendary mascot for Pokemon Rubyand is very popular alongside its competitive meta sapphire counterpart, Kyogre. However, since both are classified in the Uber tier, they are useless in certain parts of ranked play. Still, there’s no denying Groudon’s massive 150 base Attack and 140 base Defense.

Upon powering up, Groudon also activates the Drought ability, which makes the weather sunny for several turns. This boosts Groudon’s fire-type attacks, such as B. the powerful moves Heat Crash or Fire Punch. However, Groudon also has a fairly wide range of ground-only STAB moves, such as his signature Abyssal Blades move.

7 Garchomp

Introduced in the 4th generation, Garchomp has seen some pretty high peaks in competition Pokemon Scene. In Gen 6 it had access to an extremely powerful Mega Evolution, although this ability hasn’t been included since Gen 7. With Mega Evolution gone in Gen 8, Garchomp is still thriving thanks to its strong attack, HP, and speed.

Its Attack stat only gets stronger when paired with the Sword Dance attack, which increases a Pokémon’s Attack by 2 levels. Combined with Garchomp’s Rocky Helmet-like Rough Skin ability, Swords Dance allows Garchomp to hold off for a few turns before destroying any opponent with moves like Earthquake or Scale Shot.

6 Landorus Therian

The Therian form of Landorus is very popular in the competitive world Pokemon due to its versatility as a physical attack sweeper as well as a defensive support. His Intimidate ability paralyzes opponents on the switch-in by lowering their Attack. This also gives Landorus some time to build up stealth rocks or perform a few sword dances.

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Strategies like these can pose a real threat to common Pokemon like Heatran or Corviknight, especially thanks to Landorus-Therian’s placement in the OU tier. The ground/flying combo makes it vulnerable to Ice-types, but also negates the Flying-type’s weakness to Electric-type attacks. Landorus Therian is an easy Pokémon that fits on any team.

5 Aegislash

Aegislash’s appearance in Generation 6 and 7 caused it to dominate the competitive scene, leading to its relegation to the Uber tier. Since the release of Pokemon Sword & Shield, however, Aegislash has dropped significantly to UU, the UnderUsed level. However, even at this much lower level, it has one of the best attack stats in the game thanks to its ability.

When Aegislash uses an attack, its Ability Stance Change causes it to transition into blade form. His base form usually has lousy attack and special attack instead of incredible defense and special defense, while the blade form reverses this. Moves like priority Shadow Sneak and Close Combat will rarely fail to deal devastating damage from an Aegislash.

4 Yveltal

Yveltal is another Uber-Tier Pokémon that isn’t often seen in ranked battles in Gen 8. But even for a Legendary Pokemon, that is Pokemon Y Mascot has some of the best stats in the series with 131 Base Attack, 126 Base HP, and 131 Base Special Attack. It even has enough speed to outperform some of the biggest competitive threats.

Luckily, as a Dark/Flying-type, Yveltal also has access to some pretty important STAB moves. Sucker Punch and Knock Off are not uncommonly missed among any type of competitive Pokemon, but especially Dark-type physical attackers. It also has access to moves like Roost and Oblivion Wing, which can heal themselves and deal devastating damage.

3 burn-in

Incineroar gained widespread popularity when it was included as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Luckily, Incineroar Bros smashes just as well in competition Pokemon, with a base Attack stat of 115 that rivals the best starter Pokémon in previous games. Its access to the Intimidate ability also makes it a great switch-in Pokemon.

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Especially in doubleplay, Incineroar is a great hub for lots of viable Pokemon. Using a move like Fake Out that makes opponents flinch on the first turn gives partners room to buff stats or heal when needed. Moves like Flare Blitz and Knock Off also give him a chance to deal devastating STAB damage.

2 rill boom

Rillaboom is also a great starter Pokemon in the competitive scene after its introduction Sword & Shield. When powered up, it summons Grassy Terrain that increases grass movement by 50% and restores its HP every turn. This HP boost makes Rillaboom the perfect choice for an item like the Life Orb, which drains health for attack boosts.

A move like Grassy Glide, given priority in Grassy Terrain, also makes up for Rillaboom’s mediocre Speed ​​stat. Additionally, a move like Mallet is an option for players who want their attacks to have a bit more penetration in exchange for recoil damage. All in all, most Water-types will fail in singles or doubles against Rillaboom.

1 Urshifu Rapid Strike

Any player who has the Isle of Armor DLC in Sword & Shield gains access to Urshifu, Kubfu’s legendary evolution. As Kubfu evolves, players have the choice of getting Rapid-Strike Urshifu or Single-Strike Urshifu, which differ in type (Fighting/Water and Fighting/Darkness, respectively). However, only one of these forms is a competitive animal.

This form would be the Fighting/Water-type Quick Strike Urshifu. It has 130 attack along with 100 HP and 100 defense, but that’s not the best. Urshifu’s Invisible Fist ability ensures all moves make contact through Protection, rendering moves like Archer or Baneful Bunker useless against it. Rapid-Strike Urshifu is, simply put, a wallbreaker of choice.

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