The 10 Best New Spells and Abilities

Skyrim Anniversary Version introduces such an enormous number of modifications to the sport that it virtually warrants being referred to as an growth relatively than an improve. Amongst these new additions are a number of new spells that give Skyrim mages loads of new methods to check out.

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Some new spells, like Orum’s Aquatic Escape, grant area of interest results that will not do a lot in fight. Different spells, like Conjure Bone Colossus and Paralysis Rune, are extremely highly effective and positive to change the way a new player builds their Mage.

Conjure Bone Colossus

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Best Spells Abilities Bone Colossus ESO

Conjure Bone Colossus is a spell first launched within the Necromantic Grimoire creation. This creation boasts huge enhancements to Necromancy (and Conjuring basically), and the Conjure Bone Colossus spell is a prime example of the newfound abilities obtainable to highly effective Necromancers.


The Necromantic Grimoire additionally provides the flexibility to summon a wide range of Skeletal minions, however all pale compared to the mighty Bone Colossus bruiser.

Elemental Flare (And Its Greater-Degree Variations)

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Best Spells Abilities Staff of Elemental Flare

Elemental Flare is a Novice-level Destruction spell that offers two kinds of elemental harm that have an effect on an enemy’s Stamina and Magicka. Elemental Flare offers 15 factors of Hearth and Shock harm every for a complete of 30 harm, with half that harm being dealt Magicka and Stamina to enemies in its space of impact.

There are three different variations of this impact included within the Arcane Equipment pack, being Elemental Bolt, Elemental Burst and Elemental Blast. Elemental Bolt is an Apprentice spell, Elemental Burst is an Adept spell, and Elemental Blast is an Skilled spell, every one dealing extra harm than the earlier tier.

Unbounded Flames/Freezing/Storms

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Best Spells Abilities Unbound Flames Freezing Storms

Unbounded Flames, Unbounded Freezing, and Unbounded Storms are three highly effective Skilled-level Destruction spells with wildly totally different results (although every one is extremely highly effective in its personal proper). These spells can solely be purchased as soon as the participant has hit Destruction 100 and completes the “Destruction Ritual Spell” quest to unlock higher-level spells.

Unbounded Flames creates a stream of fireballs that create an enormous wall of fireplace that lingers and offers harm. Unbounded Freezing knocks down each enemy in melee vary and offers big harm to Well being and Stamina, freezing enemies if maintained. Unbounded Storms offers big Shock harm per second to melee attackers and randomly strike all close by NPCs with lightning bolts.

Conjure Golden Saint…

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Best Spells Abilities Golden Saint

The Golden Saints of Sheogorath’s private airplane of Oblivion, the Shivering Isles, are iconic and stalwart guards of Mania. They’re highly effective spellcasters and, in fact, golden in look – from their head to their toes and every part in between.

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The Saints and Seducers creation brings one other Sheogorath-centered questline to Skyrim, alongside a wide range of new weapons, armor, spells, and different gadgets. Golden Saints aren’t the one guardians of the Shivering Isles, nevertheless.

…And Conjure Darkish Seducer

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Best Spells Abilities Dark Seducer

If golden warrior-spellcasters is not precisely your “factor”, take into account studying the Conjure Darkish Seducer spell as an alternative. Whereas Golden Saints guard Mania, Darkish Seducers guard Dementia. The 2 groups are constantly fighting over Sheogorath’s favor, although they serve comparable functions.

The variations between the Darkish Seducer and the Golden Saint are largely aesthetic, and although they’re each in a position to assault with weapons and solid spells, Darkish Seducers are inclined to favor melee fight whereas Golden Saints favor spellcasting.

Fenrik’s Welcome

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Best Spells Abilities Expert Lockpick Fenrik Welcome

Fenrik’s Welcome is a spell included within the Arcane Equipment pack for Skyrim Anniversary Version, and it is not a spell one finds themself utilizing in fight. Its impact is to show the caster invisible for 5 seconds and allow them to unlock any Skilled-level lock or beneath.

It is the proper spell to study in a Stealth construct, although its impact helps gamers who have not improved their lockpicking skills too. Fenrik’s Welcome is an Skilled-level Phantasm spell, although, so thieves would possibly need to degree up their Magicka abilities a good bit earlier than with the ability to use this.

Paralysis Rune

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Best Spells Abilities Paralysis Rune

Runes in Skyrim usually are not used as typically as extra direct spells, largely as a result of one cannot be too positive of the place their enemy’s pathfinding AI will take them. The Paralysis Rune would not change pathfinding programming, however it serves as a way more helpful Rune than just about any other in the game.

Because the identify suggests, the Paralysis Rune paralyzes enemies who stroll on prime of the spot the place the caster positioned it. As an Adept-level Alteration spell, Paralysis Rune immobilizes enemies for a complete eight seconds, loads of time to get a couple of big hits in.

Choking Grasp (And Its Greater-Degree Variations)

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Best Spells Abilities Choking Grasp

Choking Grasp is a brand new Novice-level Destruction spell included with the Arcane Equipment creation that provides gamers the flexibility to soak up well being. It isn’t too costly a spell, both, at a meager base price of 39 Magicka. It has three higher-level variations, every of which improves the well being absorption fee.

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Strangulation is an Apprentice-level spell that offers and heals 16 harm, Hangman’s Noose is an Adept spell that does 26 harm, and Contact of Loss of life is an Skilled spell that offers and heals a whopping 40 harm on affect.

Summoning Skeletons

Skyrim Anniversary Edition Best Spells Abilities Skeleton Summon Necromantic Grimoire

Along with granting gamers the flexibility to summon the Bone Colossus, the Necromantic Grimoire mod provides a wide range of Conjuration spells revolving round summoning a skeletal military. Archer, Fighter, and Mage Skeletons can now be introduced again from the lifeless, relatively than simply the one-hit-to-kill Skeleton summons.

The Necromantic Grimoire mod provides a lot of different issues that Necromancers could make nice use of, like a brand new set of Necromancer Robes that improve on the base game’s version. Enhancements to Skeleton summons are at all times welcomed by Conjurer-types.

Orum’s Aquatic Escape


Orum’s Aquatic Escape, like Fenrik’s Welcome, will not be a spell that offers harm – because the identify suggests, it provides an escape. This Adept-level Phantasm spell grants the participant invisibility, water respiration, and improved evening imaginative and prescient for a complete of 15 seconds.

It is a fantastic spell for getting previous enemies in a dungeon with out being heard, particularly in darkish areas. It is even higher for getting away from an unwinnable fight scenario, as its invisibility and water respiration results give gamers loads of methods to get away earlier than the enemy can course of what occurred.

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