The 10 Best Free Simulation Games on Steam

Some games are not about fantasy or science fiction, but rather recreating a playing field that resembles real-life events, facilities, or activities. That’s why simulation games exist. Some players simply want a stress-free gaming time that they can enjoy at their own pace, and that’s why. most simulation games complete.

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Other simulation games push their players straight to the heart of a digital re-enactment of a conflict, complete with rules of physics and physiology as close to reality as possible. That’s the beauty of simulation game. There are a lot of things to simulate in real life, so the genre is also diverse. Therefore, there are many of them, and certain ones will be free on Steam. These games are the best examples.

Room Rec

rec room game

  • Release year: 2016

  • Steam Comment Rating: Very Positive, 91%

Room Rec To be VRChatIts smaller cousin, like that app, is also a virtual reality-ready digital space for people looking to hang out and make new friends. The difference is that it includes custom rooms created by the player, where players can come and go as they please, as long as they are welcome.

Of course, players also get their own avatar here although it offers less freedom than pandemonium which is VRChat. The best part is that it’s cross-platform and Steam players can share the same space with players on mobile or console.


Russian fishing 4

russian fishing 4

  • Release year: 2021

  • Steam Comment Rating: Pretty Positive, 75%

Well, what do you know? Something cool and relaxing coming out in 2021. Russian fishing 4 still the fourth entry in the series. It introduces nicer graphics and much of the same activity, which isn’t really so bad that a lot of people can’t go outside their real-world fishing spots.

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In any case, the main bait of this free fishing game for players is its stunning countryside visuals. One could almost breathe in the sultry air and early morning dew as one struggled with one’s fishing business after the long moments of calm before the storm.

Fishing planet


  • Release year: 2015

  • Steam Comment Rating: Very Positive, 83%

If anglers prefer something a little further west across the Atlantic, then Fishing planet offers an American swamp landscape. It has bogs, marshes, and wooded riverbanks – the perfect spot to fish for some river monsters.

Oh, and Fishing planet is also a multiplayer game with competitive elements and online co-op in case one wants to show off their exploits to their digital fishing buddies. To make things even more varied and complex, there are several combinations of lures, rods, and tons of other fishing gear that make each angler unique.


vrchat game

  • Release year: 2017

  • Steam Comment Rating: Very Positive, 90%

For some, VRChat can be considered a community rather than a full-fledged game because of the way it is structured. That is, there is usually no structure here. Players create their own avatars with or without VR gear, and then they release themselves into the world to troll, poke fun, and generally have fun with others.

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This is the nest that has provided a breeding ground for many species of memes, including the legendary Ugandan Knuckles bird, which disappears so quickly. One thing to note is that although it’s free, VRChat It’s still in early access, which means there’s plenty of room for changes and uncertainties.

Shopping for Titans

shopping giant game

  • Release year: 2020

  • Steam Comment Rating: Pretty Positive, 78%

Do you like running a store? Shopping for Titans is the free game for that. It’s a cute game where the player is assigned a small business to run in a medieval fantasy town. The hard point is that the shop’s machinery and supply chain are somewhat nonexistent, meaning the player has to do everything.

That means dungeoneering is also on the to-do list if a player wants to sell something novel or unique. Once they’ve safely returned to their premises, it’s all about business intelligence as they try to control the economy and invent creative and resourceful ways to grow their store. me.

DCS World Steam Version

Game DCS World Steam Edition

  • Release year: 2018

  • Steam Comment Rating: Very Positive, 83%

DCS stands for Digital battle simulator, and that’s what DCS World Steam Version is all about. that is a simulation game for war, though it’s mostly a bunch of machines and vehicles together. This means the gore is reduced somewhat, assuming one stops imagining what happens to the pilots.

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DCS World Steam Version also not only fighting by plane, but also all modern means of war such as tanks and ships. Along with impressive graphics for free war simulation, it’s heaven for any war history fan looking to recreate the most thrilling battles in modern day combat.

Conqueror’s Blade

conqueror's tongue

  • Release year: 2020

  • Steam Comment Rating: Mixedl 67%

Conqueror’s Blade It’s also about war and it’s as ambitious as possible – perhaps even more so than modern war simulators. That is because Conqueror’s Blade set in the Middle Ages. Players can participate in large-scale medieval battles including bots and other players.

In fact, the total number of joins per battle is 1,000 for each faction. This often results in a 2,000-man melee team-fight to the death, where tactics and carnage take place. Final, Conqueror’s Blade is a simulator not for the faint of heart, especially if one is used to quiet spaces for fishing or socializing.

World Of Warships

World Warship

  • Release year: 2017

  • Steam Comment Rating: Pretty Positive, 79%

World of Warships is a title similar to DCS, except it’s a bit smaller in scale and theater of war. It only incorporates naval warfare, but makes up for the lack of scene variety by having more complex and deeper combat mechanics.

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Any fan of naval history will be delighted with the meticulously detailed battleships operating as close to them as possible. historical partner. The graphics and sound are also stunning, and it doesn’t take long for players to feel like they’re part of a massive Hollywood war epic.

World Of Tanks Blitz

World Of Tanks Blitz

  • Release year: 2016

  • Steam Comment Rating: Very Positive, 80%

World of Tanks Blitz To be World of tanks‘smaller brother, developed with mobile in mind. Players can still choose to use their PC to do just that, hence the availability of Steam. In any case, it goes something like World of tanks except for the larger but noticeably slower battles.

World of Tanks Blitz sees two player factions engage in large-scale tank battles where they can choose and customize their war vehicle. Also a mobile game, it has some energy events that are not usually present in the original World of tanks, making it generally more fun and accessible.

War Thunder

War Thunder

  • Release year: 2013

  • Steam Comment Rating: Pretty Positive – 79%

War Thunder like DCS, but older and older in its war drama genre. It has heavier RPG mechanics where players increase their rank and also unlock new vehicles of war ranging from tanks, planes and ships. Again, every car here is made close to real partner the better.

What makes War Thunder More ambitious is that it also has support for VR. There are thousands of vehicles to choose from and several pre-made modern war eras with balancing systems that are mostly fair for new and experienced players alike.

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