The 10 best decisions as Connor

set in the near future, Detroit: Become Human explores a unique technologically advanced world where androids exist to serve as servants to humans. With plenty of minimum wage jobs, androids are largely responsible for keeping the world running smoothly. You have no choice but to obey…or do you?

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Putting the story in the able (or perhaps not so able) hands of the player almost every decision made impacts the plot. As Connor, Kara and Markus, all of their actions contribute to their deserved end Detroit: Become Human. Although there are over 40 possible endings, there are a few choices that are objectively good, and the best choices in this context for Connor are mentioned below.

Updated August 11, 2022 by Ritwik Mitra: Of the three protagonists that players can control in Detroit: Become Human, most would agree that Connor is the most important of them all. Sure, Markus could lead a revolution to free the androids… but Connor represents the bridge between androids and humans throughout the game.

His actions shape the major events of the game, and here are all the choices players must make in order for Connor to become a truly upright member of society in his own way.


10 Spare Chloe

During Connor and Hank’s investigation, they eventually end up at Elijah Kamski’s mansion. There players will see the android Chloe present in the main menu.

Elijah forces Connor through a Kamski test in which he tells the android to shoot Chloe for vital information. Players should obviously spare her as the information isn’t worth Connor’s brutality and Hank’s anger.

9 Don’t let Connor die

Perhaps the most obvious piece of advice one can give for Connor’s playthrough is to absolutely not let him die in the game, no matter what. While he comes back in later chapters, it does so at the cost of his empathy and memories, which are also reset.

Minor software instability will prevent Connor from becoming a deviant, blocking some of the game’s best endings. So when QTEs and such come up, make sure you succeed in all of them while playing as Connor.

8th Reconstruct and solve the crimes

Connor is given the task of using his robotic functions to solve various crimes. However, if a player does not collect enough evidence, these investigations can also fail.

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It goes without saying that finding all the clues in a crime scene is important for the story to progress on the best possible path. Repeated failures will cause Amanda to permanently shut down Connor, resulting in permanent death!

7 Talk down the dissenters in the first chapter

The first chapter showcases the plethora of options players have access to as they attempt to deal with the deviant. Depending on how much time Connor has had to investigate, he can unlock certain options to calm the deviant.

Otherwise, Connor can either be shot or sacrifice himself to save the child. These outcomes are preferably avoided, and players should ideally have a positive start when playing Detroit: Become Human.

6 Intervene when the arrested dissenter is approached by an officer

After discovering another deviant during his investigation, Connor will interrogate the suspect. Try not to upset the deviant too much as this will cause players to miss an important lead.

Another moment will come when the deviant will start fighting with an officer. Connor should ideally intervene here, otherwise doing so would result in the deviant taking the gun from the officer and shooting both him and Connor.

5 Buy Hank A Drink

In Chapter 6, Connor finds Hank drunk in a bar and asks him to accompany him to a crime scene. The player has the option to buy him a drink, spill his drink, or go outside to wait for him to finish.

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Buy Hank the drink. This helps humanize Connor in the eyes of grumpy, android-hating Hank. Any other choice made will result in Hank’s suspicions being justified and him resenting Connor even more.

4 Be Hank’s friend

This is one of those situations where it’s a series of choices that’s more than a single button press. The player can easily choose to anger, ignore, or fight his reluctant partnership with Hank every step of the way.

It is very important to make friends with your partner. If Hank is not protected and a bond is not formed between the two characters, Hank may kill himself near the end of the game.

3 Find the picture of Hank’s son

In the Russian Roulette chapter, Connor goes to Hank’s house. The player must break a window to save Hank when he sees the man pass out with a gun and a bottle of liquor. It is important to look around his house and find the photo of Hank’s son.

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Having this information about his son can help save Connor’s life in The Bridge when Hank threatens him. The player should take every opportunity to learn about Hank in each Connor chapter (e.g., search his desk) to know how best to gain his trust.

2 Find the Deviant in the Eden Club

If a player hasn’t done well in earning Hank’s trust as an investigator (and as an android), players should make sure they don’t miss the Eden Club mission. Connor gets the opportunity to pursue runaway deviants.

If Connor has previously failed other crime scene missions with Hank, Hank is more likely to not trust him. This may result in him shooting him in the chapter titled “The Bridge”.

1 Choose Different

During the Crossroads chapter, Connor can choose to deviate or not. He only gets this option if the player has made certain choices in the past.

This includes choosing not to kill Chloe, letting the Traci escape from Eden, and saving Hank’s life. If the player chooses to remain a machine, Connor may get an opportunity to kill Markus.

Detroit: Become Human is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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