THANK YOU! ISIS is now present in the ‘Nearly All’ provinces of Afghanistan

Joe’s hasty and slow retreat from Afghanistan not only equipped the Taliban, but received a wind and equipment that it recently shown during a march through Kabul. It also empowered ISIS-K, which is now believed to occupy a portion of “nearly all” of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

According to Just the News, covered the topic in a recent article:

United Nations Special Representative Deborah Lyons, Canada, delivered Wednesday’s assessment to the UN Security Council and also said the Taliban’s response to the Islamic State-Khorasan Province’s (ISIS) expansion -K) seems to rely heavily on killing suspected IS fighters.

[…]“Once limited to a few provinces and capitals, ISKP now seems to cover most of the provinces and is increasingly active,” she said.

The group recently claimed responsibility for two explosions that left at least one person dead and half a dozen others injured in a Shiite Muslim neighborhood in Kabul. The group has carried out at least 334 attacks this year, compared with 60 in 2020.

So while the Taliban were once confined to a few small areas of Afghanistan and faced punitive attacks by the United States, as when Trump drop a MOAB into one of its tunnel complexes, It has now spread like a cancer throughout the country and the Taliban are said to have been unable to stop its growth despite using brutal tactics to kill all suspected ISIS-K members. doubt.

Those tactics reportedly include searching the homes of suspected ISIS-K fighters, detaining and killing ISIS suspects outside of the judiciary.

Yet despite those disengagement tactics, the Taliban proved unstoppable to the growth of ISIS-K. The result is not only that ISIS-K holds more territory, but that it is now launching more and more attacks. 2020 sees 60 ISIS-Kstrikes; those numbers have increased by more than 500% to 334 this year and we are still over a month away.

Lyons, in his report on the matter, also notes that Afghanistan is experiencing a long and cold winter due to lack of funds and has effectively pleaded with the “international community” for assistance. The support, if effective, would keep the Taliban secure in power by stabilizing the country.

For that reason, the United States and other Western nations have shown no hesitation in sending more taxpayer dollars to the disintegrating, terror-stricken nation. However, China has shown no such apprehension and has provide huge financial support for the Taliban.

However, that aid does not appear to be enough. The Taliban have demanded that the US and Western Europe release Afghanistan’s financial assets, which were frozen by Western banks after the fall of Ghani’s government and the rise of the Taliban to power.

To put pressure on Western Europe, the Taliban threatened to send a mass of migrants and “refugees” to Western Europe if its funds are not released.

However, while the West has shown no desire to engage with the Taliban to stabilize the country and destroy ISIS, that attitude may be changing. Special Representative for the State Department Thomas West told reporters earlier this month that:

We want the Taliban to succeed against ISIS-K. When it comes to other groups, look, al Qaeda continues to have a presence in Afghanistan that we’re very concerned about, and that’s an issue we’re constantly concerned with in our dialogue with the Taliban.

So perhaps the changing attitude towards the brutal terrorist group means the United States will start funding Mujahedeen again, or at least help it maintain its dominance against ISIS. Time will only tell, but the Taliban are certainly finding all the weapons Brandon of America has left there useful in this new war. THANK YOU! ISIS is now present in the ‘Nearly All’ provinces of Afghanistan


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