Texas school district launches armed agents to round up concerned parents in their own homes

There have been some lively school board meetings in recent days.

After all, parents across the country are annoyed with masked duties, the unwillingness of school boards to listen to their complaints, and their children’s exposure to erotic material and important racial theory.

So naturally, the parents got mad. It’s so crazy that sometimes administrators feel the need to send a police force to parents’ homes to arrest them.

Welcome to Round Rock, Texas, where the Round Rock Independent School District decided that its police department – designed to deal with campus problems – should go into town and arrest a few men. he confronts the school board, according to City Magazine, a publication of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Studies.


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During a school board meeting in August, Jeremy Story, a minister, presented what he said was evidence that Round Rock school director Hafedh Azaiez assaulted a mistress, the City Journal reported. . Azaiez interrupted Story while serving his sentence and the police took him out of the room.

In September, Dustin Clark, a retired Army captain, and other parents protested being barred from attending school board meetings and unable to speak about the district’s masked duty. There is also a tax problem, according to Annals, a journal published by the Rockford Institute, a conservative thought organization based in Rockford, Illinois.

But Board Chairman Amy Weir responded by ordering the police to remove Clark.

But it doesn’t end there. A few days later, the administration sent police to Story and Clark’s home to arrest them on charges of disturbing and disrupting the meeting.

They spent a night in prison, with supporters of the organization on alert all night outside.

While the RRISD incident was extreme, similar things are happening across the country.

In Washington, DC, a suburb of Fairfax County, Virginia, parents were recently greeted with a team law enforcement vehicle in the parking lot for the school board meeting, with a circling helicopter casting a beam of light down on them.

In nearby Loudoun County, Virginia, the superintendent wants the sheriff to dispatch riot control officers, a SWAT team and undercover agents to deal with parents, the City Journal reported. Sheriff Mike Chapman wisely refused.

Though he tried to push back his attempt when he was grilled by Republican senators, Attorney General Merrick Garland in October issued nationwide mail for law enforcement officials to warn them to watch out for “harassment, threats and threats of violence” against school officials.


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In one October 28 hearingRepublican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri accused Garland of, in effect, creating an environment in which prosecutors, according to a Remember board from a U.S. attorney in Montana, parents may be sought for “disturbing phone calls” or “using the internet… in ways that could cause emotional distress.”

Amid the conflict between parent-school boards across the country is Garland’s move forward with allegations by the National Association of School Boards that parents are acting as “domestic terrorists“, a charge that the association later rescinded and issued an apology.

But feds seems to be barely on the side of the parents.

Should administrators call the police for parents in these situations?

Everything is heated, to be sure. But if someone has ever been involved, like a city council meeting about a controversial zoning ordinance or something like that, sometimes tempers flare and voices are raised.

For a government official, it comes with territory – one moment you’re a hero, basking in the glory of your position and respect, the next moment you’re useless to those who don’t. who is yelling at you.

And with the school board, things don’t go to plan. After all, our kids get in too, and there can be plenty of moms – and dads, like Story and Clark.

For example, most parents are unhappy about their children’s exposure to pornography. Kathy May, a mother of four, was worried when she learned Texas’ Keller School District had “Gender Queer: a Memoir” in its library, and she tweeted about it, according to the Chronicles.

The school district, citing ignorance of the book’s graphics, has since removed it, but parents continue to complain, suggesting legislation is needed to prosecute school officials in such situations. .

In addition, the pressures of COVID – like masks and perhaps job losses from vaccination duties – add to the conflict between parents and schools.

So temper flared, and admittedly some parents crossed the line and despite their best efforts to restrain them, act like leftists — as evidenced by frontal actions involving masked missions against school officials in August in Williamson County, Tennessee.

For their part, school boards, other government officials and mainstream media does not help their cause by ignoring their parents’ concerns and worse, by abusing them. Maybe as parents vent, school officials should listen and try to respond.

Unless, of course, they believe, as the unsuccessful candidate for governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe that parents should not tell schools what to teach.

In recent years, we’ve learned a lot about the destructive forces of the left: Deep state conspiracies against a sitting president, Donald Trump; the incompetence or willful sabotage of the Biden administration; the corruption of science in the COVID situation; and now, the weaponization of law enforcement – even at the highest levels – against parents concerned about their children.

The message from some school administrators to parents is becoming clear: Don’t mess with us, or we’ll track you down.

Of his and Clark’s situation, Story said, according to the City Journal: “This isn’t just about Dustin and me. It’s about everyone. If they can come to us and get out of it, school boards across the country will be encouraged to come to you. “

Logical and articulate, The Story of Mr.

And it gives us an opportunity to make a slight correction to what the German pastor Luther was quoted as saying, Martin Niemoller, about the Nazis: “First, they came because of the parents who went to the school board meeting …”


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