Texas Dem Lawmakers Who Fled State to Showboat in DC Get Bad News as the Official Results Come In

After leaving their state on a private plane – masked and armed with at least a can of beer – to avoid voting on an election integrity bill that would otherwise be easy Overcoming the state’s Republican majority, three fully vaccinated Texas Democratic lawmakers have tested positive for COVID-19.

Because of course they have.

Here’s the basic story, ICYMI: On Monday, the majority of Texas House Democrats and some state Senators flew away – in a private jet – to Washington DC, to strip the House of Representatives and prevent a vote on the Republican electoral integrity bill.

They hadn’t even left the ground before they began to disseminate evidence to the world that this was all just a dramatic, self-aggravating stunt.

Republican Governor Dan Patrick used a Twitter post to mock a photo posted on the social network:


Election Integrity Team says Fulton County Ballot Image Analysis reveals ‘revealable fraud’ in Audit

The fact that they immediately started going live on social media doesn’t do much to ensure that all of their followers know how very brave they did.

Naturally, New York Times happy to help, with reporters Reid Epstein and Nick Corasaniti, describing the stunt in the approval terms: “The hastily arranged departure added a cinematic element to the party controversy faction in a country with a colorful political history.”

And it was certainly a mockery when someone posted a picture of her in her underwear online to show how hard life was at the Washington Plaza Hotel.

So. Brave.

That was definitely the case for Miller Lite they brought with them when they initially fled the state attracting the most attention from critics, but the mask of hypocrisy is also quite blinding and turns out to look a lot worse now.


Image: Texas Republicans use Miller Lite Memes to mock Texans Dems

These legislators could have been better off if they had stuck in rules they expect us to try to comply while flying.

Of course, both masks and vaccines are supposed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus – depending on who you ask, when you ask, what Dr. Anthony Faucice had breakfast that morning, and at least what phase the moon was in.

But in this case, if the legislators removed the masks because they believed their stab would protect them, it would have played out as their political stunt.

Have the Texas Democrats completely ruined their own political situation?

Austin Americans reported Saturday that three of the Texas Democrats running for office in Washington have tested positive for coronavirus despite being vaccinated.

“A member discovered their positive test result Friday night, but they were asymptomatic, caucus officials said. All House lawmakers were alerted and received a quick check following the member’s positive result,” the newspaper reported.

Two other members tested positive Saturday morning, one of whom had mild symptoms, according to reports. Most of the nearly 60 lawmakers who left the state earlier this week were staying at the same hotel.

The paper also noted: “Three people who test positive for the rapid tests will receive the coronavirus PCR test, a more sensitive and accurate version of the COVID-19 test,” the paper also noted. . “Active members will be quarantined for 10 days before taking their next test, according to a memo obtained by the American-Statesman.”

Two of the lawmakers who tested positive have yet to be identified, but Representative Celia Israel of Austin has confirmed her positive test result for Chinese-Americans.

It looks like COVID-19 is also conspiring against the Republican electoral integrity bill, as this would mean at least three of these members would have to prolong their already arduous — and insignificant — time. brave, did I mention their bravery? – stay in the nation’s capital.

The American-Statesman also reported that, “There was a significant increase in the use of face coverings among lawmakers and Democratic staffers at their hotel on Saturday morning,” after mask had only been used by the group “sparsely” since arriving in Washington.

Representative Chris Turner, House of Representatives said: “The House Democrats are following all CDC guidelines and procedures. Democratic Party caucus Chairman, in a statement, according to American-Statesman.

“This is a sobering reminder that COVID is still with us, and while vaccination offers tremendous protection, we must still take the necessary precautions. We reached out to public health experts in Texas to provide further guidance. Our caucus will follow all recommendations from public health experts as we continue our work,” he added.

Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan, who has urged lawmakers to return to the state and said on Thursday that a plane will be in “standby” mode. in Washington this weekend to bring them home, graciously wished lawmakers on news of the positive test results.

According to the American-Statesman, Kim and I offer our prayers for the safety and health of the members of the Texas House of Representatives Democratic Committee who have tested positive for COVID-19 while in town. Washington, DC,” he said, according to the American-Statesman.

With the sincerest hope that legislators are really good, it is impossible not to take note double standards double standards and hypocrisy when hypocritical.

First of all, lawmakers are effectively drafting legislation – and very openly – after their party has loudly declared that the US Senate Court is a “relic” of the US Senate. Jim Crow, that’s disgusting as well as it’s absurd. They use language despicable too By the way, denounce our efforts to secure our elections.

Second, this is the party that loudly supported civil liberties Americans are constantly being suppressed to prevent the spread of a virus that these lawmakers don’t seem to fear very much.

Democrats have supported everything from vaccine passport exceed mask requirements (incl on the plane) for our monitoring message to prevent the spread of “misinformation,” all in the name of this supposedly serious health emergency.

By staring at their navel and running to Washington, DC, where they are too busy to record live events and meet with legislators to remember virtue signals they are complying with mask requirements of their political party call, these Texas legislators may have unwittingly caused their own mini outbreak of COVID.

And to judge by their own standards, by fear of Democrats when it comes to issues like vaccine passports and masking duties – not to mention dystopian government control through their “problematic” speech about the virus, they are taking risks that could cost their lives.

What will they do if cases start spreading to others who have stayed in the hotel or seen them this week, like Senator Elizabeth Warren or the Vice President? Kamala Harris?

Whether you’re terrified of the virus or you think the severity of it has been overstated, there’s no denying the apparent contradictions here.

Hello. Truly a circus.

Texas Dem Lawmakers Who Fled State to Showboat in DC Get Bad News as the Official Results Come In

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