Terraria Calamity Draedon Update Patch Notes

The new Calamity Draedon Update for Terraria brings tons of new stuff as well as balancing changes and bug fixes.

As a pixelated 2D action-packed platformer, Terraria has reached an amount of popularity among PC players that few games could achieve with an indie budget.

While the developers try to deliver new content every now and then, the game’s community is also active with mods and unofficial content. Calamity is one of the popular mods for Terraria among the community, and yesterday, it received a big update.

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The new update adds new accessories, weapons, walls, furniture, blocks, and more. Also, it includes a lot of balancing changes and fixes.

Below, you can check out all the new additions and bug fixes included in Draedon update. However, you should visit this page for checking out the list of changes as it’s too long to include here.

Terraria: Journey’s End Trailer



Terraria: Journey’s End Trailer





Calamity Draedon Update – Patch Notes


  • Added Angelic Alliance, Calamity, Phantomic Artifact, Rotten Dogtooth, Sand Shark Tooth Necklace, and Shattered Community.

Blocks, Furniture, and Walls

  • Added Hallowed Ore.
  • Added Apollo Trophy, Ares Trophy, Artemis Trophy, and Thanatos Trophy.
  • Added Altar of the Accursed, Codebreaker Base, Cosmic Anvil, Stratus Star Platform, and Thaumatic Chair.
  • Added Advanced Display, Auric Quantum Cooling Cell, Decryption Computer, Long Ranged Sensor Array, and Voltage Regulation System.

Buffs and Debuffs

  • Added Avertor Boost, Concentrated Void, Daedalus Golem, Devourer Cart, Exo Chair, Eye of Night, Flesh Ball, Flowers of Mortality, Little Light (buff), Miniature Eye of Cthulhu, Mini Mind, Perdition, Phantomic Empowerment, Phantomic Restoration, Phantomic Shield, Pineapple, Sage Spirit, Virid Vanguard, and Wither Blossoms buffs.
  • Added Divine Bless Cooldown, Mana Burn, Sage Poison, Universe Splitter Cooldown, and Wither debuffs.


  • Added Draedon, XF-09 “Ares”, XM-05 “Thanatos”, XS-01 “Artemis”, and XS-03 “Apollo”.
  • Added Brimstone Witch.
  • Added Repair Unit.

Pets and Vanity items

  • Added Apollo Mask, Ares Mask, Artemis Mask, Draedon Mask, and Thanatos Mask.
  • Added Aerialite Dye, Astral Flesh Dye, Auric Dye, Bloodflare Dye, Blue Cosmic Flame Dye, Blue Statigel Dye, Brimflame Dye, Calamitous Dye, Cosmilite Dye, Cryonic Dye, Exo Dye, Phantoplasm Dye, Pink Cosmic Flame Dye, Pink Statigel Dye, Profaned Flame Dye, Slime God Dye, and Swirling Cosmic Flame Dye.
  • Added Little Light.
  • Added Pineapple and Rotting Eyeball.

Weapons and Ammunition

  • Added The Atom Splitter, Bullet-Filled Shotgun, Cinders of Lament, Condemnation, Daedalus Golem Staff, Deathstare Rod, Eye of Night, Flesh of Infidelity, Flowers of Mortality, Gruesome Eminence, Heresy, The Jailor, Metastasis, Perdition, Phosphorescent Gauntlet, Photon Ripper, Polyp Launcher, Rainbow Party Cannon, Rancor, Refraction Rotor, Rem’s Revenge, Sacrifice, Slime Puppet Staff, Spine of Thanatos, Surge Driver, Universe Splitter, Vigilance, Violence, Viral Sprout, Virid Vanguard, Void Concentration Staff, and Wither Blossoms Staff.
  • God Slayer Slugs are now obtainable.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Added Anti-Cyst Ointment, Anti-Tumor Ointment, Bleach Ball, Sirenproof Earmuffs, and Voodoo Demon Voodoo Doll.
  • Added The Cart of Gods.
  • Added Cyan Seeking Mechanism, Green Seeking Mechanism, Mysterious Mechanism, Purple Seeking Mechanism, Red Seeking Mechanism, Yellow Seeking Mechanism.
  • Added Treasure Coffer and Treasure Bags for Ceaseless Void, Exo Mechs, Signus, Envoy of the Devourer, and Storm Weaver.
  • Added Exo Box.
  • Added The Exo Mechanical Trio lore item.
  • Added Exo Prism and Miracle Matter.
  • Added Malice.
  • Added Martian Distress Beacon.


  • Added Defense Damage, Malice Mode, Point-Blank Damage, and Speedrun Timer.
  • Added equipped sprites for Giant Shell, Rampart of Deities, and Warbanner of the Sun.
  • Added sound effects for Demonshade armor’s Enraged effect, The Plaguebringer Goliath’s attacks, Plague Enemies death, Sepulcher spawn and death, Supreme Calamitas spawn, and Jungle Dragon, Yharon’s fire breath attack.
  • Added a separate map icon for Necroplasm.
  • Added a charge meter.
  • Added gores to Cultist Assassin, Despair Stone, Scryllar, Soul Seeker, Soul Seeker (Supreme), Soul Slurper.
  • Added scrap piles to the Sulphurous Sea world generation.
  • Added the Disable Screenshakes, Early Hardmode Progression Rework, Speedrun Timer, Speedrun Timer X Position, and Speedrun Timer Y Position configuration options.
  • Added mod calls for modifying entries in the Boss Rush, detecting if the Hardmode Giant Clam has been defeated, detecting and setting Sulphurous and Titan Heart armor set bonuses, starting and ending Acid Rain, detecting The Devourer of Gods’ phase 2 countdown, defining items as rogue weapons, and various edits to the Calamity Boss Health Bar.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Normality Relocator to be used while the player was inflicted with the Frozen, Webbed, or Slowed debuffs.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Ravager to fall infinitely through platforms in its second phase slam.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sulphuric Poisoning to be inflicted on the player while they were submerged in Honey or Lava.
  • Fixed a bug that caused armor penetration to incorrectly calculate its bonus damage on enemies that are affected by DR decreasing debuffs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Draedon Arsenal weapons to lose their Charge when reforged.
  • Fixed a bug that caused The Dragonfolly to become permanently invulnerable if its second phase was skipped.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Gilded and Gleaming Dagger projectiles to linger for extended periods of time when killing an enemy with a stealth strike.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Phaseslayer to fire projectiles faster when angled at -π.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Phaseslayer to skip one of the frames of the player’s swing animation when facing left.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Eternity from auto-targeting another enemy after killing its first target.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Hermit’s Box of One Hundred Medicines from healing the player to full HP when respawning as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the Cobalt Kunai, Dune Hopper, and Stellar Knife stealth strike projectiles could not proc the effects of certain rogue accessories.
  • Fixed a bug where Death Mode Lava Geysers in the Brimstone Crag did not deal damage to players.
  • Fixed a bug where the raining projectiles spawned from the Venerated Locket were counted as stealth strike projectiles for the Duke’s Decapitator, Luminous Striker, and Scarlet Devil.
  • Fixed a bug where the Squirrel Squire minion would be able to get stuck around blocks and slopes.
  • Fixed a damage calculation error with The Dragonfolly’s lightning projectile.
  • Fixed a desync issue that caused Wulfrum Gyrators to teleport while jumping.
  • Fixed a desync issue that prevented Super Dummies from despawning.
  • Fixed a rare bug where hovering over a Calamity Chest via the map would cause a game crash.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused the game to crash when hovering over a chest via the map.
  • Fixed a vanilla exploit that allowed the Brand of the Inferno Striking Moment buff to transfer over to other weapons.
  • Fixed an exploit involving velocity multipliers being given to the player while wearing the Snow Ruffian armor while in minecarts.
    • Additionally, fixed an exploit that allowed players to glide with the Snow Ruffian armor while in minecarts.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to deal extreme amounts of damage against Astrum Deus using Yanmei’s Knife.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to gain two dodges from swapping the Abyssal Mirror and Eclipse Mirror when one or the other’s dodge was on cooldown.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed stealth strike projectiles to multiply per use when using certain rogue weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed bosses to spawn naturally while other bosses are alive in Death Mode.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed certain projectiles to hit Town NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Gauss Dagger aura damage to scale exponentially.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Bloodfire Bullets and the True Bloody Edge to incorrectly function during PvP.
  • Fixed an issue that caused chunk-loading errors when entering a biome added by the Calamity Mod in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Cosmic Guardian’s audio cue to be extremely loud.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Plague Mine hitboxes to levitate above their sprite.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Rogue Stealth to not properly reset when using a rogue weapon without max-stealth.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Crystyl Crusher and Sparkling Empress beams to break or get stuck in the air.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to be hit twice while performing a shield bash or bounce.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Devourer of Gods’ phase 2 music to be out of sync by 10 frames.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash if the player loaded in an Arsenal Lab Turret without a dedicated graphics card installed on their PC.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to lag or crash when Slime God Core drops Gel upon its defeat.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Orichalcum Spiked Gemstone stealth strike to enable all sequential uses of the weapon to be stealth strikes regardless if the player has their Stealth Meter full.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Tactical Plague Engine bullet damage to scale several times in its damage calculation.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented Signus, Envoy of the Devourer from spawning during the Sentinels phase of The Devourer of Gods fight.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from performing two stealth strikes consecutively with the Coin of Deceit line of accessories.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Latcher Mine fire projectiles from dealing damage.
  • Fixed an issue with the Relic of Deliverance that allowed players to clip into tiles.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed Ark of the Ancients and True Ark of the Ancients’s Eon Beam projectiles to pierce infinitely.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed Feather Knives to duplicate when performing a stealth strike.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed Gael’s Greatsword lightning projectile dealing flat damage and not scaling with melee damage bonuses.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed Plaguenade stealth strikes to throw out two grenades instead of one.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed players to receive additional bonuses from the Warbanner of the Sun when nearby enemy segments.
    • Fixed an additional oversight that caused the Warbanner of the Sun to measure its enemy bonuses from the center of enemy hitboxes instead of the sides of the hitbox.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed the Statigel and Sulphurous armor double jumps to proc while the player was on a mount that disabled double jumps.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed Water Leechs to inherit contact damage from the enemy that hit you last.
  • Fixed an oversight that caused the Mounted Scanner to exponentially increase its minion damage while losing charge.
  • Fixed an oversight where the Lazure’s Barrier Platform was not a part of the “Any Wings” crafting group.
  • Fixed an oversight where the Monolith Amalgam counted as a bookcase.
  • Statigel and Sulphurous armor double jumps now properly proc while the player is on a mount that has double jumps enabled.
  • Fixed an oversight where Time Bolt non-stealth strike projectiles had more enemy penetration than intended.
  • Fixed an oversight where Web Ball stealth strike projectiles had flat damage.
  • Fixed buy and sell prices being exaggerated in the code.
  • Fixed Desecrated Water, Pwnagehammer, and Vivid Clarity dealing damage to Town NPCs.
  • Fixed despawn issues for worm-based segmented enemies and bosses.
  • Fixed Frostcrush Valari not firing as many icicles as intended on stealth strikes.
  • Fixed Gael’s Greatsword small skull projectiles moving faster than intended.
  • Fixed Golem (free head) hitbox being significantly lower than its sprite.
  • Fixed incorrect sell price values for the following items:
    • Alpha Virus, The Evolution, Pulse Turret Remote, Titan Arm, Ursa Sergeant.
  • Fixed Jaws of Oblivion stealth strike projectiles doing significantly less damage than intended.
  • Fixed several instances where immunity frame bonuses from items would not be granted.
  • Fixed several desync issues with the Providence, the Profaned Goddess, Ravager, and Wall of Flesh boss fights.
  • Fixed several issues with Furniture not properly counting towards Town NPC housing, crafting recipes, and light sources.
  • Fixed the hitboxes of Aquashard Shotgun shard being larger than its actual sprite.
  • Fixed the hitboxes of The Devourer of Gods’ fireballs, The Plaguebringer Goliath’s hive bomb, Ravager’s homing dart, and Yharon’s fireballs being smaller than its actual sprite.
  • Fixed various Aquatic Scourge despawning issues.
  • Fixed various bugs where the game would crash if the player was too far away from a boss when a background shader was changed.
  • Fixed various issues with the Counter Scarf, Mirage Mirror line, Evasion Scarf, and Spectral Veil dodges.
  • Fixed Verium Bullets being able to target friendly NPCs.
  • All tooltips that use an ellipse now have proper spacing.
  • Fixed a rendering error with debuff icons that appear on top of The Hive Mind’s second phase.
  • Fixed a spelling error of a instead of an in Boss Checklist Mod’s instruction to summon Ravager.
  • Fixed a sprite exportation oversight where small Astral ambient objects had their vanilla counterpart’s sprite layered beneath them.
  • Fixed Abyss Dresser and Profaned Dresser having incorrectly cropped highlights.
  • Fixed an issue where Anahita Mask, Anahita Trophy, Calamitas Mask, Lead Wizard, and Ancient God Slayer armor were missing on Boss Checklist Mod’s boss log function.
  • Fixed an issue with stalactites that generate in the Sulphurous Sea where it would disconnect or cut off.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dance of Light where its projectiles would rapidly flash in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue with the Event Horizon black hole projectiles incorrectly displaying on enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with the Nanotech incorrectly displaying crit levels.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Nuclear Fury’s projectiles to incorrectly draw and display only a third of the projectile sprite.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented all backpack-like equipped sprites from drawing and displaying.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Ancient Lantern, Ancient Chandelier, and Profaned Chandelier from turning off using wires.
  • Fixed Asteroid Staff’s holding animation being incorrectly offset.
  • Fixed Blunder Booster’s, Fire Gauntlet’s, and Plagued Fuel Pack’s outdated tooltips, they now reflect their current functions.
  • Fixed Eclipse Mirror explosion drawing issues.
  • Fixed Epidemic Shredder missing to in its tooltip.
  • Fixed Fantasy Talisman souls facing the wrong direction when thrown to the left during a stealth strike.
  • Fixed Gravistar Sabaton’s spelling error of a instead of an in its tooltip.
  • Fixed Hydrothermic Helmet not listing its +100 mana bonus in the tooltip while Death Mode was enabled.
  • Fixed Profaned Dressers having an inconsistent and outdated highlight.
  • Fixed Relic of Deliverance tooltip saying “more strong” instead of “stronger”.
  • Fixed Saros Possession minion giving off too much light when idle.
  • Fixed sprite rotation issues with the following:
    • Aetherflux Cannon’s holdout projectile, Contagion’s holdout projectile, Crystal Piercer’s thrown projectile, Frosty Flare’s thrown projectile, Hiveling (enemy), Lionfish’s thrown projectile, and Nano Purge’s holdout projectile.
  • Fixed System Bane and The Syringe stealth strikes incorrectly drawing.
  • Fixed The Devourer of Gods’ sky shaders displaying out of sync or at the incorrect AI phase.
  • Fixed sprite sheeting errors with the following:
    • Aquatic Scourge Trophy, Aries, Goldplume Spear projectile, Hive (enemy), Hive Pod, Profaned Bench, Profaned Chandelier, Profaned Piano.
  • Reverted an accidental change that replaced the Ancient Ice Chunk’s Ice Clasper minion’s unique sprite with the enemy’s sprite.
  • Cleaned up several internal utilities to prevent potential issues.
  • Corrected an oversight where “Empyrean” was not a viable string for the set bonus mod calls for Empyrean armor.
  • Fixed potential out-of-bounds crashes due to the projectile limit.

Terraria is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. However, the Calamity mod is only available on PC.

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