Term ‘Sex abuser’ to be dropped due to ‘negative impact’ on abuser

There aren’t many sex crimes in Colorado.

They are now “adult sex offenders,” according to a vote last week by the Sex Offenders Administration of the United States. Colorado Department of Justice.

Board Chairman Kimberly Kline told Denver Post it’s about that nasty label: sex offenders. “I think the most important thing is that research shows us that labeling has the potential to have negative effects on rehabilitation,” she said.

“If we’re talking about how someone talks about themselves… that can increase the risk,” she continued. “Ultimately, the victim is central if we minimize the risk.”

Victim-centered? Do not follow board member Jessica Dotter in her dissent at a meeting Friday on the development of new terminology.


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“In general, prosecutors do not support this change,” said Dotter, who represents prosecutors as the Sexual Assault Resource Attorney at the Colorado County Bar Council. .

“Victim advocates, therapists, law enforcement agencies that I have spoken to, all the DAs that I represent, are not advocating replacing the term.”

“When they meet with victims over the years, their most common request is to be believed – that they were offended and that they were sexually assaulted by one person. They want their offender to be held accountable and known as the person – as the offender, as the person who committed these crimes.

“They had to convince 12 members of their community or make a plea agreement to actually convict these offenders that SOMB looked at,” Dotter continued.

Should the term “sex offender” be replaced?

“It was incredibly difficult and they had to take, work hard to get the label they are now attached to as either a victim or a survivor for their entire lives.”

She said individuals dealing with sex offenders used less harsh terms in dealing with them, and she questioned whether such approaches reduced recidivism. are not.

Sex abuse victim Victoria Esquibel told KOAA-TV, “We never really felt like we were getting the justice we deserved, and when I read this, it almost feels like we are defending ourselves. abuser”.

Terms “sex crime“It will not completely disappear.


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“The term ‘sex offender’ will continue to be used in Colorado statute and the criminal justice system, including the courts, law enforcement agencies, and the Colorado Sex Offender Registry, ” according to SOMB New information posted.

But wait. Will SOMB’s name be changed to the Sexual Assault Management Board?

“The name of SOMB itself will not change,” the news release said. Looks like even political direction sometimes you have to restrain yourself.

After all, that’s usually how you can tell if a concept has been changed for PC purpose: if it adds verbosity. That’s how we “reduce vision” for blindness, “release sex” for promiscuity, “ultimately unavailable” for death.

Friday’s SOMB meeting looked at four different expressions of replacing the common two-word term “sex offender”. One has six words: “Adult committed sexual abuse”, seven words: “Adult committed sexual abuse”, nine words: “Adult is being handled for sexual abuse ” and choose five from “Adult sex offenders. ”

Rub! Political direction is a lot of work!

All the reasons to stay with sex crime as a quick, accurate description of those who commit terrible crimes.

And what better way to face rehabilitation than to admit what one has done was wrong? As one crime. And as sin.

God Himself requires the recognition of sin – a dimension of repentance – before being forgiven.

And sex offenders can find forgiveness in Christ by realizing for the first time that they are, among other things, two-word sober people: sex offenders.

The use of euphemisms is not allowed. Not even in Colorado.

https://www.westernjournal.com/term-sex-offender-dropped-due-negative-impact-abusers/ Term ‘Sex abuser’ to be dropped due to ‘negative impact’ on abuser

Huynh Nguyen

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