TBC Classic: Aldor or Scryers?

When you first set foot in Shattrath City, you are faced with an important question: “Aldor or Scryers?” The answer to this question is not as important as “Horde or Alliance?” but it still has a significant effect on your time in Outland.

Two factions were found in Shattrath—Burning Crusade main hub — providing distinctly different quests and reputation rewards for World of Warcraft player. You can change your faction if you absolutely must but picking one and sticking with it will save you valuable time and effort once you hit level 70.

To gain fame with each faction, you can either complete the quests or hand over the Sunfury Signets and Arcane Tomes to the Scyers, and the Marks of Sargeras and Fel Armaments to Aldor.

When TBC first released in 2007, players looted the Sunfury Signets twice as often as Marks of Sargeras and Arcane Tomes 84% ​​more often than Fel Armament, according to Blizzard. If this data is the same for Classic, choosing Scryers will almost certainly be the easier and cheaper option – in the future.

But in reality, if you want to get the most out of your class, you should choose the faction with better reputation rewards. Aldor provides a service staff for classes like Mage and Warlock, and a sword suitable for Warriors, Shamans, and Rogues. On the other hand, the Scryers have a healing stick and a dagger to get.

As for armor, Aldor has a cloth chest with wisdom, spirit and magic power, a chest with stamina, dodge and defense, a ring with agility and attack power , and a neck with wisdom and energy every second. Scryers have leather feet with hit and attack power, plate gauntlets with agility, stamina, and defense, a trinket with hit and magic power, and a ring with stamina , crit and magic power.

It’s a tough choice but according to class-specific data recorded from the armory, players back in 2007 and 2008 followed the same trend.

Class Spec Aldor Dryer Not decided yet
Druid Balance 47.23 percent 50.81 percent 1.97 percent
Druid Fornication 45.03 percent 52.49 percent 2.48 percent
Druid Rehabilitation 47.03 percent 51.78 percent 1.19 percent
Hunter Beast Mastery 67.16 percent 29.55 percent 3.29 percent
Hunter Marksman 68.24 percent 29.95 percent 1.81 percent
Hunter Survival 67.05 percent 31.82 percent 1.14 percent
Magician Arcane 46.75 percent 52.09 percent 1.16 percent
Magician Fire 41.44 percent 57.48 percent 1.08 percent
Magician Frost 41.99 percent 55.15 percent 2.86 percent
Paladins St 61.64 percent 37.52 percent 0.85 percent
Paladins Protection 60 percent 39.40 percent 0.60 percent
Paladins Retribution 57.40 percent 40.77 percent 1.82 percent
Monk Discipline 55.80 percent 44.60 percent 1.60 percent
Monk St 58.89 percent 40.17 percent 0.94 percent
Monk Ball 53.72 percent 45 percent 1.28 percent
Fake Assassination 41.65 percent 57.06 percent 1.30 percent
Fake Fight 59.17 percent 40.03 percent 0.80 percent
Fake Subtle 54.48 percent 44.16 percent 1.35 percent
Shaman Element 44.27 percent 54.66 percent 1.07 percent
Shaman Enhancement 47.47 percent 50.35 percent 2.18 percent
Shaman Rehabilitation 47.56 percent 51.56 percent 0.88 percent
Warlock Troubles 41.40 percent 57.45 percent 1.15 percent
Warlock Demonology 38.58 percent 60.10 percent 1.13 percent
Warlock Destruction 41.30 percent 57.89 percent 0.81 percent
Warrior Arm 68.47 percent 29.65 percent 1.89 percent
Warrior Anger 71.72 percent 26.35 percent 1.94 percent
Warrior Protection 70.16 percent 29 percent 0.84 percent

According to the data, melee and tanks usually head towards Aldor while caster users and healers go to Scryers. But there are a few exceptions. The Priests and Paladins choose Aldor, and the Druids choose the Scryers.

In the end, the choice is yours. Once you start raiding and entering the arena, the items available from Aldor and Scryers will make very little difference to your overall stats.

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