Tales of Arise Blends genre better than most sci-fi/fantasy games

Science fiction and fantasy are both popular genres for video games to explore, and for good reason. Both genres not only open up a series of fantasy worlds and epic storylines, they also provide a treasure trove of creative possibilities for developers. Each has its own characteristics and relative weaknesses that can make them better suited to specific types of games. However, some titles – such as Tales of Arise – try to get the best of both worlds. Tales of Arise It’s not the only game that balances fantasy and sci-fi elements, but it could be one of the best.

Tales of Arise is the seventeenth mainline entry in Stories and from the start batman fans knew it was going to be different. Prior to Stories The game has a strong theme, memorable characters and creative worlds, but all are firmly set in the fantasy genre. NS Stories games have always been about challenging, interrogating, and defying the conventions of JRPGs, and most of the JRPGs they target are also fantasy titles. The decision is made Tales of Arise A sci-fi as well as fantasy game that puts a new twist on the relationship between Rena and Dahna’s twin worlds.


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Tales of Arise’s Magic is indistinguishable from technology

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Franchising Star Ocean brought magic to the interstellar age and turned computer simulations into fantasy worlds, World of Warcraft sent the player to other planets, and Doom Eternal Doom Guy pits against the legions of hell. However, most of these games remain firmly fixed in the themes and logic of one genre, while the latter are simply added for flavor. Tales of Arise examines the ways that fantasy and science fiction can mask each other’s weaknesses.

Tales of Arise have some elements in common with Stories Game, but it presented itself as a darker story from the outset. Most Stories the game features two peoples or worlds that must find a way to coexist, but the decision to make Rena and Dahna separate planets forms the backbone of the game. While the Renans are functionally alien invaders, once they are on Dahna, they will act as a dominant magical aristocracy. Rena’s technological and cultural dominance over Dahna also gives the series a new edge while also tapping into a very important and relevant theme found in both fantasy and science fiction.

Tales of Arise about colonialism

The Story of Arise Shionne Gun

Colonialism is something of a room elephant in fantasy and sci-fi stories. While relatively few classic titles are set to try and portray imperialism and the ravages of other cultures, these themes still emerge regardless. Are from Star Trek call space the final frontier come Lord of the Rings making the slaughter of orcs acceptable, fans have noticed unpleasant tones in sci-fi and fantasy classics for years. Tales of Arise breaking the norm by dealing directly with the problem: Rena has conquered Dahna, enslaved its people, and is in the process of heartlessly subverting her culture in pursuit of short-sighted interests. . It also doesn’t hide how terrible this is.

Dahnans are being harvested by the Renan society, a form of systematic horror commonly found in science fiction. At the same time, there is a plot point that Dahnan Rinwell has a similar ability as a Renan – not because she is part of Renan, but because Renans is descended from people just like her. Alphen’s mask seemed like an element of fantasy until it was revealed that it was a device used to inject sedatives into his system as a treatment for trauma. Following this reveal, players can expect Shionne’s Curse of Thorns to have a similar scientific explanation, but her illness is actually of a magical nature. This decision combines sci-fi and fantasy plot rhythms, all based on a setting designed to uncover the dirty laundry of both genres, creating an unforgettable experience.

Tales of Arise currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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