Tainted Grail: Conquest – The Complete Guide to Lost Souls

Gamers who love roguelikes understand the basic structure of the game. They fought with all their might while slowly losing their lives. After losing a few times, they hoped that there would be enough upgrades for the final boss to run out of life before they did. Tainted Grail: Conquest no different in that respect.

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Because of this general formula, healing is usually kept to a minimum. Too much healing and the equation is out of balance, allowing gamers to beat the game by regaining everything they should have lost. The person who lost his soul in Tainted Grail: Conquest completely throws off this balance and can be a huge part of allowing rookies to beat the game at the toughest settings.


Farming Wyrdstone

The Conquest of the Poisoned Grail Visiting the Lost Souls by the Campfire

The currency that lost souls prefer to trade is Wyrdstone. There are many ways to collect Wyrdstone, the most common of which is to fight it with as many monsters as possible. Once properly leveled, clear the monster map to gain maximum Wyrdstone.

Also, after unlocking each class, Wyrdstone is granted as opposed to new classes, so getting more points per run will also pay off a lot. And let’s not forget that NPCs, when they are saved, often offer Wyrdstone as a thank you when encountered. Final, tailor has an upgrade that provides up to 50% more profits from Wyrdstone.

The Wolf: A Responsibility for Most

Tainted Grail Conquest A Sentinel uses wolves in battle

Lost Soul will give the player a wolf for each run, free for them to choose whether to run with it or not. Unfortunately, In most cases, the wolf is more of a liability than an asset. While it can be summoned with zero mana, the total cost is hardly “free”. This RPG could have an interesting sequel, but the wolf will need a lot of buffs to switch from one to the other.

It is still calculated by hand size, so it will substitute for other cards. Upgraded cards also take up a lot of points and cost one energy per card. And the wolf’s output is low compared to other moves that are free or cost an energy or less. Finally, the damage the wolf deals is random, sometimes it will attack opponents that need to be left alone.

The mission card is very suitable for veterans

Tainted Grail Conquest Gluttony quest card with its upgraded form

Quest cards can also be purchased when souls are gone and they are generally not recommended for newer players. There is usually a negative consequence associated with playing cards the first few times. However, After being played so many times, the quest card becomes something amazing.

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Veterans looking to get through the game’s toughest hurdles will love the quest card as they can use the charges against easy opponents and then have a fully upgraded card to fight back. bosses. For those who can’t beat one of these the best RPGs on Game Pass, the quest tag can be the factor that makes all the difference.

Rest is free healing

Conquest The Poisoned Grail Choose to Rest by the Campfire

What makes Tainted Grail: Conquest one of The best role-playing game on PC is the vibe of the game. Taking medicine and resting by the campfire presents the aesthetic perfectly. But between those two choices, there is clearly a superior choice between battles.

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The purpose of potions is to use them in a battle for needed healing. Using them outside of combat is a waste. Campfire Rest is free to do twice when upgraded, meaning players can do all but one per run when they visit their village. Save potions to fight.

Upgrading the healing stockpile

Tainted Grail Conquest Upgrading potions instead of curing all diseases

Ideally, everything is fully upgraded. But it’s a process that dedicated gamers will take weeks to complete. So in the meantime, players will have to choose. Should they upgrade the potion count? Or the quality of the potion? That’s a pretty easy answer.

Upgrading the potion to five health is a small boon that borders on little things. An additional potion not only provides a more comprehensive cure, but is also useful in many possible emergencies. Between these two upgrades, go with quantity over quality.

Tainted Grail: Conquest was released on May 27, 2021 and is available for PC.

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