Tainted Grail: Conquest – The Complete Guide to Equipping Weapons

Out of all the people in the village, very few offer benefits comparable to those at the top Tainted Grail: Conquest. He has a lot of options for players to customize their deck. Unfortunately, the number of options can be overwhelming unless the player understands what to prioritize.

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To add to the complexity, this coin, the junk card, is one of the hardest to earn, so each upgrade must be carefully considered for potentially better alternatives. Here’s what everyone needs to know about the martial arts master and how he can help them beat Tainted Grail: Conquest.


Shredded card farming

Tainted Grail Conquest Choose to cancel card collection during leveling up

The sooner players start collecting card pieces, the better off they are as it is one of the hardest currencies to earn. Tear cards issued when players hit cancel instead of choosing cards after they level up. Giving away too many cards can cause this game to lose one of its the best RPGs on Game Pass to one of the worst in a hurry.

Some classes, like Sentinel, don’t need a lot of extra cards to be great, so that can be a good choice for farming card shards. Basically, any time the tokens on offer aren’t interesting, just switching them to some sort of currency is definitely more important in the long run.

Special Card: Tactical Mastery

Conquest of the Poisoned Grail Obtain a Tactical Mastery Card from a Weapon Master

Different classes will have different ratings for the special card that the owner provides. But the player can’t tell what it is because the game doesn’t say it explicitly. It is mysteries like this that make Real PC role-playing game.

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This card is Tactic Mastery, it costs nothing to play, discards all cards, then allows the player to redraw a difficult hand where each card consumes less energy. Since it is a neutral card, it can only be used once per battle session, so players will have mixed feelings about how worthy it is.

Draw more cards every turn is top priority

Tainted Grail Conquest Pick an extra card every turn through the first turn

RPG fans excited for the sequel and Tainted Grail: Conquest hope is just the beginning of an exciting chain. Some villagers may not make the journey to the series’ sequel, but the master gunsmith, or someone like him, will solidify their legacy for a single upgrade.

The first upgrade a player will receive from a master weapon is also one of the most expensive investments in the game. But getting an extra card each turn is too good to ignore. This is a much better upgrade than an upgrade that only draws more cards on the first turn, although it is cheaper.

Card removal is very important for some characters

Tainted Grail Conquest Select Apostles From Selection Screen

In general, since players can discard cards as they level up, removing a card from the deck isn’t worth the expense. Of course, there are cards that are less than ideal, but they can mostly be ignored as long as they’re not actively destructive.

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That being said, some character classes essentially require removing cards from their base deck. For example, Apostate uses the front and back of the cards, so a bad card is considered additional punishment. Make room for good cards by removing bad cards for certain classes.

New and Duplicate Cards is a Bad Gambling Game

Tainted Grail Conquest Avoid buying new and duplicate passes

Duplicating cards and having more cards to choose from are good things. No one argues that they are bad. If they are offered for free all the time, gamers should absolutely take advantage of the mechanics at the owners. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Draw a card starting at one hundred wealth and duplicate a card starting at two hundred wealth, then double after each purchase. Remember that every one hundred wealth equals one gold token at the end of a run, so these purchases are priced in the permanent and vital currencies used by the scientist. Best to leave things as they are.

Tainted Grail: Conquest was released on May 27, 2021 and is available for PC.

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