Tainted Grail: Conquest – The Best Sentinel Build

Beat Tainted Grail: Conquest is the first step in a long journey of leveling up, climbing the ladder, and solving weekly challenges. But it is the most difficult task by far. The first runs are sure to be disasters that won’t even end. And then the player will unlock the Sentinel.

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Perhaps no class in the game is more willing to tackle the final boss without upgrading any more cards than the Sentinel. If that seems like an overly bold promise, following these steps will ensure that Tainted Grail: Conquest eventually conquered by anyone whose class is up to them.


Set up a barrier

Conquest The Poisoned Grail Caught a Barrier with a Sentinel

Work before play is a generic colloquialism, but failure to follow this advice could result in instant death for any Archer class. Because of The barrier disappears after each turn, the Sentinel will need to expend one mana per turn putting one up to avoid being defeated.

There are exceptions. When currency increase and attack more mobs that don’t use the attack, feel free to focus entirely on attacking for the turn. Pied Piper has a block tone and has runestones that place barriers on each turn, so they can also substitute for using a barrier card. Just be sure to take one up.

Armor reduction is Sentinel’s best friend

Tainted Grail Conquest Draws an arrow that reduces armor

Each shot the Sentinel takes is followed by a shot that deals 50% of Sentinel’s basic attack damage. To get the most out of both attacks, reduce your opponent’s armor. Basic hands won’t help this endeavour, but there are ways to add some debug tags.

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There are some shakes that deliver malicious shots in there; these are the best cards in the game for the Sentinel. To start right off with armor reduction, use master-at-arm to make sure to start with at least one such vibration in every fight.

Use The Ultimate as a Finisher

Conquest Poisoned Grail Fight with enemies that absorb the shot

Sentinel’s ultimate skill fires phantom shots that hit random targets. The richer and more powerful these photos are, the higher the fees received. In general, this will probably kill anything but a boss in a single swoop, but will take a catch.

The ghosts will attack random targets, so it’s not that simple to determine who will remain at the end of an attack. To make up for this problem, use it when an enemy only needs a hit or two to be killed. Against single targets, no matter what, makes the Sentinel one of the The best class in the game.

Level 10 – Walking Fortress

Tainted Grail Conquest Option to Walk Sentinel Fort Mastery
  • Adds two damage and grants a 20% armor shield at the beginning of each turn

Sentinels are spoiled for choice for level ten mastery because of the option to boost attack and defense power. If the player has a lot of vibration, they will take 50% more damage when using vibration and 30 health with Silent Weapon. Scattershot adds five armor and doubles the last shot.

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But the safest bet for each run is that Walking Fortress will automatically add a barrier every turn and add a few extra damage. This might seem like a big deviation in terms of defense, but Extra energy savings by not using it for a barrier will increase offense just like other options.

Level 20 – Assassin’s Path

Tainted Grail Conquest The Sentinel Assassin's Path of Mastery
  • The ultimate target all enemies instead of one, killing one creates three ultimate stacks

Unlike level ten mastery, there is a clear winner here. Path of the Protector is a flat debt that has the potential to ruin a run because it makes barriers 75% weaker; the fact that they stay through every turn is not enough to compensate. Path of the Keeper adds more hits from ghosts, which isn’t bad.

Path of the Assassin is a step above the rest. Killing every enemy means that the ultimate should be used whenever it is charged, regardless of the enemy formation. It gets charged faster when the enemy dies. Even if players use their fees for more shakes than the last one, additional fee will give Sentinel more arrows.

Tainted Grail: Conquest was released on May 27, 2021 and is available for PC.

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