Tainted Grail: Conquest – Crafting the Best Blood Mage

Like many roguelike games, Tainted Grail: Conquest Use the formula to slowly wear down the players before they can cross the finish line. So when a class like Blood Mage comes along and claims it works but only at the cost of health, the red flags will naturally fly.

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And these red flags came true during the first few plays with Blood Mage. Sometimes the character gives all his life before the first boss in Tainted Grail: Conquest. But with the right construction, the class has a chance to overcome the final boss.


Take a Golem and overload it at level four

Conquest of the Poisoned Grail Choose the Golem with the Blood Mage

This build isn’t too Golem heavy, but one to start with is always good for business. Players will deal a lot of damage to themselves, receiving additional attacks from the opponent will obviously favor the opponent. The single golem also has a second, more important purpose in life.

At level four, one last golem overcharge will heal the player for 40 (more with enhanced healing). This will restore most, if not all, of the damage the Blood Mage did to them during the fight and it is key to keeping the Blood Mage at bay. compete with other characters.

Priority for Wyrms and Abomaries

Tainted Grail Conquest Blood Mage with Two Disgusts and a Wyrm

Golems will do their thing, so the focus needs to be on damage. Forget about healing them since minions automatically die after level four anyway. The two best damage dealers are Wyrm and Abomination.

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Abomination will hit all enemies on the screen at once, making it great for smaller fights and currency increase. Wyrm marks and wreaks havoc on single targets. Between the two of them, there was no challenge the weak mage had to contend with.

Conquest Tainted Grail No promotion card selected with Blood Mage

An important lesson to learn is that promotions eventually cut the damage, so use them sparingly. Has more damage instantly, but it will push minions to the next rank, so the promotion ends with skipping a loss wave which Wyrm or Abomination may have used.

Instead, focus on trigger cards and signs. The minions are short-lived but effective and there’s no reason to rush them to the grave. More energy to spend on barriers and summoner spells is never a bad thing, Using Master-At-Arms can ensure that an activation card is always on hand.

Level 10 – Lesser Binding Key

Tainted Grail Conquest Selects the Key of Low Binding Mastery of Blood Mage
  • Whenever a minion increases too much, remove its marks and return them to the hand. Their cost is returned 0.

Of the options, the worst is the Lesser Key of Punishment, which increases the damage dealt to the Blood Mage by summoning cards but also damages enemies. Most enemies have more health than Blood Mage, so this is a net negative. The other option, getting a max charge for an overcharged minion, sounds tempting, but players should max out when minions are already overloaded.

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For this build (and most others), the usual choice is the Lesser key of the Constraint, which provides return cues to overloaded minions and makes them free. This encourages the collection of buff cards and maintaining them on the Abomaries and Wyrms.

Level 20 – Greater Key of Chain

Conquest of the Poisoned Grail Choose the More Important Key to Chaining Blood Mage Expertise
  • Enables max charge capacity up to 16. At 16, perform 1200% overcharge effect.

To look at how the Greater Key of Chaining completely dominates the perspective, keep in mind that 12 normal charges only produce 400% of the intensity. So 40 heals with Golems is now 120 heals. If the Blood Mage is fine on health, give it to the Wyrm or Abomination and watch them take away half of the last enemy’s health (or maybe all with summoner spells).

Greater Key of Punishment saves overpowered minions and returns them to level two, but that’s not much better than a new minion. The other option gives a 200% overcharge effect to slain minions, but sacrifice isn’t what this build is about.

Tainted Grail: Conquest was released on May 27, 2021 and is available for PC.

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