SyndereN Explains Nigma Galaxy Consequences And Alliance Relegation

We’re at an exciting moment in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) 2021-22 Tour 1: Division 1 tournament as it’s already halfway through. Nigma Galaxy and Alliance, the two teams that are usually expected to be at the top of the table, are significantly behind. These two teams have won one of four series, and it’s hard to see why they’re fighting to survive in Division 1. With both organizations being so reputable, Dota 2 analyst and commentator says , Troels Lyngholt”syndereN“Nielsen recently compared the consequences of these two teams potentially relegating to Division 2. SyndereN believes Nigma Galaxy’s relegation from Division 1 will be larger from a fan perspective, but regardless of which team is relegated. will also be a big problem for the WEU region.

SyndereN discusses who is more important to 2nd place

As currently in DPC WEU Tour 1 Division 1, it is likely that COOLGUYS will be the first team to be relegated because they have lost all 4 matches played. Regarding the second team being relegated to Division 2, it seems like Alliance or Nigma Galaxy may be facing that fate as both are in poor form, looking weak compared to their opponents.

On episode 132 of the We Say Things podcast, syndereN noted that Nigma Galaxy’s relegation will have a bigger impact on the region than Alliance. In syndereN’s opinion, Nigma Galaxy is one of the only teams with a huge fan base in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and as such, being demoted will likely affect viewership .

“I think seriously from a fan perspective and fan interest, the underdog team in Division is Nigma because they represent the MENA region. They are the only team with players from the Middle East so that would be bigger. Alliance obviously has a strong fan culture and a strong brand and a lot of fans but those fans are also… the region those players come from, there are so many other teams you can cheering, right? So I think that would be the biggest shame in terms of viewership or whatever that would cost Nigma. ”

[relevation section begins at 33:20]

Alliance prides itself on being a well-known name in competitive Dota 2, meaning that no matter who gets relegated, it’s going to be a big story, sydnereN added.

“At the same time, no matter which of these teams have to be relegated, it’s a big story, so that’s going to create a lot of hype in a way, especially when they’re close to relegation, these series that post will become exaggerated as all. if they have their backs against the wall. “

Alliance and Nigma Galaxy each have one win in four series, with Alliance winning COOLGUYS and Nigma Galaxy winning Team Secret. For both teams, there are still three series. Winning most or all of them will not only get them out of the relegation zone, but also land a big spot. But since Nigma Galaxy and Alliance still have to face each other, the losing team in this match will have a harder time. A lot is at stake in the second half of the 2021-22 DPC in the WEU region.

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