Susan Collins told American women to trust her to protect Roe v Wade. She lied.

The person most responsible for the loss of abortion rights – aside from the president who has appointed three anti-Roe judges – is Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins, who in October 2018 became the 50th and decided intends to vote in the Senate for Brett Kavanaugh. He wouldn’t be confirmed without Collins, who wanted women to believe like her that he would keep his word.

He did not.

Perhaps his fingers were crossed because whatever he told Collins was a lie. Kavanaugh’s confirmation of 50 to 48 votes was the beginning of the end for Roe v Wadeand everyone knows it except maybe Collins, who insists Kavanaugh told her the truth, that he respects the right of way, what they call determined staremeans “to stand by what has been decided,” that Roe would be safe in his hands.

“A constitutional right that has existed for 50 years is about to be broken because of a promise that was predictably false.

Collins is a professional pick, moderation is her trademark, and the professional selection community waited with trepidation as she did her due diligence on Kavanaugh. She assembled a team of 19 attorneys general to help her through his positions before spending two hours and fifteen minutes with the judge, where she vowed to secure his pledge to stand up to a five-year decision. 1973 by Roe and its successor, Planned Parenthood v Casey, ruling. that in 1992 reaffirmed Roe.

By the time Collins took to the Senate floor to deliver her nearly hour-long speech, which she’d worked through until it felt more like a handshake, the Skepticism has arisen to the point where it seems the solution has been fixed. into the. Collins was there with the nomination no matter what, and when a last-minute bombshell revelation threatened to derail Kavanaugh, Collins was there with a high profile to denounce the allegation of assault. Christine Blasey Ford’s sex is said to be pointless.

She complains of a “steady decline in the dignity of the validation process” and a “degrading politics” that she blames on interest groups and left-wing activists.

After controversial hearings where Kavanaugh defended her feelings, Collins said she saw him again, and in that second meeting, she again pulled out of what she believes to be his commitment to upholding. Roe. “Judge Kavanaugh is the first Supreme Court nominee to express the view that precedent is not merely a practice and tradition, but is rooted in Article 3 of our Constitution itself. He believes that precedent is not just a judicial policy, it is prescribed in the constitution to pay attention and pay attention to the rules of precedent. In other words, precedent is not a goal or aspiration. It is a constitutional principle that must be followed except in the most unusual circumstances. The judge further explained that precedent provides stability, predictability, credibility and fairness. ”

It is certain, of course, that we will hear a lot in the days and months ahead, that in the rare instance when a Court corrects a “seriously wrong decision”, like Brown vs. Board of Education overpower Plessy and Fergusonor something is completely inconsistent with the law, then SCOTUS is obligated to correct the mistake.

Collins said at the time she wasn’t naive, that she knew how the Court worked, and that she prided herself on asking all the right questions. “When I asked him if it would be enough to overturn a long-standing precedent if the current five judges believe it was decided wrongly, he emphatically said ‘no’,” Collins told the Senate. country in a speech that has now become a notorious speech.

Collins has won a fifth term in the Senate in 2020, and her re-election isn’t even a close call. She’s too eager to believe all the nonsense about determined stareand now, a constitutional right that has existed for 50 years is about to be broken because of a promise to her that was predictably a lie.

Susan Collins tells American women they can trust her to protect their reproductive freedom. She let us down. Susan Collins told American women to trust her to protect Roe v Wade. She lied.


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