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This review contains spoilers for Which doctor? Series 13, Episode 5.The previous two episodes of Which doctor? proved to be huge disappointments, bogging down what appeared to be a promising season – “Once, Upon Time” was an unnecessary mess, while “Village of the Angels” was a read. boring back of the previous Crying Angel episodes. And while this week’s season isn’t quite as frustrating as the previous two, that still doesn’t make it much of an improvement.

Part 5 of Flush miniseries, “Survivors of the Flux,” written as usual by host Chris Chibnall, begins shortly after the dramatic (albeit confusing) portion of the previous episode, in which the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) is the turned into a Crying Angel before being transported to the Mystery Division. Any tension created by this twist is immediately removed as the Doctor returns to normal immediately, revealing that the Crying Angel has only put her in a temporary stalemate. That’s right, Episode 4’s stuntman was rendered completely unimportant in less than a minute, making it nothing more than a cheap gimmick that adds even more superfluous power to the ever-growing list. development of Crying Angel.


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Sadly, things don’t turn for the better when the Doctor arrives at Division headquarters, where she meets the leader of the shadowy Time Lord organization – Barbara Flynn’s enigmatic character from “Once, Upon Time”. The mastermind, formerly believed to be “Awsok”, is now revealed to be none other than Tecteun, the Gallifreyan adventurer who first received the Doctor and brought them to Gallifrey. This confirms that the Master’s account of The controversial new origin of Dr Returning in Series 12 is indeed true, and the Doctor remains the immortal Timeless Child, the source of the Time Lords’ power.

Tecteun also reveals the long-awaited truth behind both Division and Flux – Division is a Time Lord organization created to interfere with the timeline, orchestrating events so that history will go on like the Time Lords found suitable. Once the Master reveals Division’s existence to the Doctor, Tecteun knows she won’t stop until she finds the Division and uncovers their secret. So Division created the Stream to destroy the universe (and the Doctor with it) while providing enough power to let Division travel to another universe and start all their operations again.

Now let’s say that the premise of this story isn’t conceptually bad. In fact, it has potential: the Time Lords’ hypocritical, short-sighted thirst for power has caused plenty of problems in the past, and the Doctor class confronting her adoptive mother could easily add lots of drama. Indeed, the problem here is not with the concept, but with the execution. Division’s entire storyline faces a major case of “show, don’t tell” – Tecteun claims that Division is a large, almighty organization that controls all time and space from within, but she is the only current member ever shown on screen. Likewise, there are no examples of interfere with time or its adverse effects has been mentioned. It could be said simply that the Division was manipulating history, without detailing the idea, and this was meant to be enough for the Division to take it seriously.


As for Tecteun herself, she lacks the necessary gravitational forces to effectively serve the role of ultimate mastermind behind Flux. Judging by her role in the story, she has to be one of the biggest enemies the Doctor has ever faced – she’s the first Time Lord to control a puzzlingly powerful organization, and even raised the Doctor as his own child. But as scary as she hears it on paper, Chibnall’s script makes Tecteun look like a generic bad guy.

Tecteun’s lines are like the most successful album ever of the past Which doctor? big bad. She offers to let the Doctor rule beside her as Master, and she prides herself on the superiority of Time Lords like Rassilon. However, most of her interactions with the Doctor are like a reread of Daleks creator Davros – Tecteun criticizes the Doctor’s compassion as a weakness, later claiming that she uses copper His team is nothing more than a means to an end. Even his supposed role as the real mastermind behind all of the Doctor’s suffering is like an empty echo of the villains’ past.

That said, Tecteun went out of his way to have a memorable moment. When the Doctor asked why Division was so afraid of her, Tecteun replied, “You inspire. Make people wonder and wake up. You give them hope. That could be the problem. It’s a line that perfectly sums up the series’ driving themes – Doctors are like a beacon of hope and freedom, fighting against the forces of fear and tyranny. But alas, even that quote didn’t resonate as much as it could. After all, with Chibnall at the helm, the Doctor didn’t feel inspired for a while, despite Jodie Whittaker’s best efforts.


Of course, Whittaker at least gets some decent equipment time to work, even if most of the time is spent showing off. Her poor co-stars didn’t even get that much, with Yaz and Dan being relegated to a minor spin-off, where they moved on. one Indiana Jones– amazing adventure in the early 20th century. At first, this spin-off felt like the perfect opportunity for Yaz to finally have the time to stand out, becoming a leader to help save the Doctor. However, the companions have very little to do other than clutter, waste valuable screen time while not getting much done. This entire season has been a serious waste of time for the Doctor’s companions – one of the most important aspects of the entire series.

The episode’s other major spin-off focuses on the Grand Serpent (Craig Parkinson), who originally appeared in Vinder’s flashback in “Once, Upon Time” as a corrupt politician who was assigned by Vinder to a remote outpost. Now, he shows up without explanation interfered with UNIT throughout history, assassinating major officials by spiritualizing an alien snake to kill them from within. Yes, you read that right. The important thing, however, is that the Grand Serpent is working for the Sontarans, preparing for their return in the next episode.

The episode also featured some surprise appearances by fan-favorite characters like Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) and Ood – plus the names of Osgood and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart – but the cameos don’t make it. a good movie. Much of the episode is made up of mostly unrelated subplots, while the rest is a presentation devoted to a generic villain who is unwarrantedly killed by a villain. even more generic villains as Ravagers. “Survivors of the Flux” at least provides some long-overdue answers to the season’s mysteries but says the answers aren’t all that satisfying. Next episode will end Flush arc in what promises to be an epic final battle, but with as poorly paced and awkwardly written as the rest of the season, it’s hard to get excited about it.

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