Survival Evolved Lost Island DLC is a combination of all previous maps

ARK: Survival Evolved explored various environments on different open world maps. These include arid deserts, snowy plains, grassy lands that thrive, and aquatic biomes. With eleven different languages, ARK includes most environments of natural existence, along with sci-fi landscapes such as those seen in Extinction, Aberration, and Genesis.

While in the past new maps have offered completely different lands to explore than previously released maps, the newest map ARK The map is a combination of everything that came before it. Lost Island, released in early December, is one of the largest to date, spanning 150 square kilometers. While Studio Wildcard introduced a map with three new creatures, there’s not necessarily much that’s new about the landscape itself.


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How does the missing island compare to other maps


Lost island similar to maps like The Island, Ragnarok and Crystal Isles, with sandy beaches bordering the sea on one side and jungle on the other. Looking out into the sea, the jagged mountains fade into the distance, covered with snowbags. There are several caves scattered across the map, some small caves and others that open to a large underground system. Looking at the player’s map, Lost Island is surrounded by the ocean and flanked by a sandy land on the southern part of the map. Old ruins can be found scattered throughout, reminiscent of those found in Central and Ragnarok, such as castles and jungle temples.

The pale lands in the southern part of the map represent a desert biome, like those found on Burned Earth, Ragnarok, and Extinct. Like Ragnarok, this biome contains artifacts from the “Labyrinth Cave”, a long tunnel system consisting of deadly traps that the player must avoid at all costs. Artifacts waiting for players to get through Indiana Jones-Style barriers are worth the danger, as they are crucial to triggering boss battles.

Ark: Survival Evolved Aberration Expansion

Lost Island also includes an Aberration region; a strange and deadly underworld limited only to the Aberration, Valguero, and Genesis 2 maps. Although the area of ​​Lost Island is rather small compared to other DLCs, it does provide a spawn point for the Aberration games. famous as Basilisk, Glowtail and Ravager. There are also five different creatures that spawn as variants of the Aberrant, including the Raptor and the Carnotaurus. As aberration area on this map it’s small, the entrance is a bit obscured, hard to find without GPS or video reference.

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On the ground, Lost Island shares certain similarities with the Ragnarok and Valguero DLCs. The most remarkable thing is that the smoldering volcano can be found in the northeast corner. Like Ragnarok, this volcanic biome covers a large area with blackened ground, decorated with lava flows and dangerous creatures. There are also two Wyvern trenches to the Northeast of the map, including the Ice Wyvern trench that would otherwise only be found in Valguero. Along with Wyverns, Lost Island provides spawn points for Griffins, meaning the player doesn’t need to go to Ragnarok or the Crystal Isles to tame them anymore.

While no new environmental biomes have been added to the Lost Island DLC, it is worth noting that most of the biomes that exist on previous maps are rolled into one biome per area overall smaller than its predecessors. Having access to most map-specific games without moving off the server will also make your life much easier ARK players in the world wearing Managarmrs and Wyverns appear side by side.

ARK: Survival Evolved Now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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