Suggestions for Streamer Indiefoxx when coming back

After a lengthy ban that resulted in a number of suspensions, popular streamer Indiefoxx hinted at returning to streaming on Twitch in the near future.

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Popular live streamer Jenelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres has been suspended Twitch several times and has switched to YouTube since then, but she recently teased her return to Amazon’s streaming platform. It’s currently unclear when Indiefoxx will return to streaming, but a recent tweet suggests that it will soon.

Indiefoxx recently used her Twitter account to showcase the comeback Twitch by saying she “will be back soon” along with a heart emoji. Twitch streamer Just Chatting hit YouTube in October with a single live stream called “The Return of Indiefoxx.” During this live stream, Indiefoxx mainly discussed what is happening to her since the Twitch ban and interacting with her followers.


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Indiefoxx was banned by Twitch about half a year ago and her over two million followers have been waiting since. Before being banned, Indiefoxx accumulated her six Twitch hangs account due to breach of various terms and conditions. Indiefoxx was finally banned on Twitch on June 28, but the Twitch ban may not be permanent.

Most of Indiefoxx’s pauses revolve around her erotic content in ASMR streams and hot tubs. Indiefoxx is known for pushing the envelope on Twitch in many ways prior to a ban that kept her from using the platform since the summer. Although Twitch is a major platform where Indiefoxx is banned, TikTok also banned her for violating the rules of the platform after she amassed an equally impressive following.

The final draw for Indiefoxx on Twitch is apparently the streamer’s sale of clips as a non-fungible token (NFT), allowing her fans to own a variety of clips if they have the money. Twitch officially calls this third-party selling, which goes against its rules as a platform. Indiefoxx hasn’t suggested a specific date for her Twitch return, but given the fact that she says she’ll be back soon, the wait may not be long.

Send Indiefoxx’s track record on Twitch, it may just be a matter of time before Indiefoxx is suspended or banned again from the platform. Indiefoxx doesn’t state whether Twitch is the streaming platform she’s returning to, but given the fact that she hasn’t been banned by YouTube, it’s likely her cryptic tweet from May 19th. 11 refers to Twitch. It’s currently unclear if Indiefoxx will return to hot tub streaming once it has its own catalog, or if she’ll find another niche.

While Indiefoxx has broken some of Twitch’s rules in the past, she may be looking to turn the tide with her upcoming comeback. During her recent YouTube live stream, the popular streamer didn’t seem to break any ground rules and her community cheered at the possibility that they could watch her live. once again. Indiefoxx does not specify if or when her Twitch ban goes into effect, but November marks the fifth month since she was dropped from Twitch.

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