‘Succession’ Season 3 Episode 7 Summary: “Too Many Birthdays”

We had to go through weeks of building up to Kendall’s 40th birthday party, and now that it’s finally here, we can understand what an overstatement is. Heir Season 3, episode 7, titled “Too many birthdays” really is. All who are will come, including Kendall’s mostly estranged siblings. However – and you won’t believe this – Shiv and Roman have an ulterior motive to attend: because Waystar’s acquisition of tech company GoJo is about to collapse, they need to support GoJo’s CEO Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) at KenFest or risk Logan’s attention turning again may have failed in their attempt to pursue Pierce.

So: everyone goes to the big event. Although we have seen Kendall plan this party with the unforgetable pride of a My Super Sweet 16 subject, his seemingly unlimited budget means a disgusting excess that is truly amazing. “The infamous KEN is ready to die, “Read a magazine. One peon tells guests to leave their coats and phones: “Kendall wants his gift of everyone present.” They then enter the carnival through a pink hallway that leads them into a midwifery department, “born into Kendall Roy’s world.” (Justifiably, Willa resented not being consulted about the party’s immersive theatrical elements.)

Eventually, the Roys find Kendall with the other VIPs, and his siblings’ malicious teasing seems to make Kendall think they’re back to normal – or, at least, they’re taking a break from their feuds. for the boy’s special day. Roman and Shiv try to stay calm as Kendall confirms that Matsson is there, but before they take off to find him, Roman passes Logan a card. In a hellish copy of his Waystar office, Kendall opens it.


we know Logan blocked Kendall’s number, but Kendall probably doesn’t, so it was a shock for Logan to send him a stock offer instead of an Applebee gift card. Spinning around, Kendall told Naomi about it, and when she suggested that a $2 billion cash outflow from Waystar might be good for him, in fact, he appeared to be considering the thing. there…

…Until Comfry tells him that Shiv and Roman asked her to find them a private space to talk to Matsson, Kendall then heads straight for a star tree house – only for VVVIP – and bans them goes up: “You are the Nazi Lover, and you are a Nazi lover, and I am a defender of liberal democracy”.

Kendall goes from this fight to a very bored Matsson.


Kendall warns him that Shiv and Roman are spinning, and argues that Waystar buying GoJo is like Amtrak buying Tesla; in fact, maybe GoJo should buy Waystar! Before they could discuss this, Kendall was called away to say hello to Rava. When she described the event as “huge”, he took it as a veiled insult – it was time Hudson Yards; “Giant” is just a statement of fact! Rava refuses to be engaged to Kendall, but asks before she leaves if he will receive the gift the children made for him. Kendall immediately begins to worry that he doesn’t, but can’t let her go without seeking her approval – just like he did in season premiere – maybe, maybe, get out of the “company.” Rava wants it: “Maybe they’ll, uh, stop sending their baby goats to the park to talk to the nanny about how often you lose your temper with the kids.” Kendall berates her for deliberately blowing up his “birthday balloon” and leaves with a sarcastic glass of 40 malt.

Returning to Roman, one finds Matsson even more bored than before. Roman begins touting his pitch, but Matsson is less interested in the “victory” of marrying Waystar’s content library and GoJo’s technology than he is when Logan might die: “Like, I don’t want to be rude, but what shape is he in?” Historically, Roman was the kid Roy had the most sincere love for Logan (or, at least, the closest thing to a near-missable love. ability of a kid Roy), but we get to see what a brilliant business boy Roman has become when Hardly repels Matsson’s rude question to cement the deal: Can Matsson set up his office outside of New York and never had to speak to Logan After Matsson turned down Waystar’s streaming app, StarGo, Roman said he’d open it up on his phone and both two can “stream some” [Waystar’s] Small streaming platform. ‘ Roman couldn’t pee around other men (Roman’s shy genitals attacked again…or didn’t), but Matsson lost in an aggressive blast. He is not rather willing to agree to the sale, but he is “joining the conversation”.

Between his father’s card, Rava’s revelation, and Connor killing vibes by refusing to take off his coat, Kendall isn’t too excited about wearing a tuxedo and having his guests hang from a cross to sing a song. Billy Joel‘NS’honest. “What a relief,” Berry muttered to Comfry as Kendall walked away. Still think this is a “work of the heart”, lady?!

Kendall goes from canceling his “set” to his mountain of gifts. (A lot because “presence” is his present.) The night’s setbacks had clearly reminded him of the important people in his life, and he began rummaging through the papers in search of it. the rabbit paper that Rava said his children’s gift was wrapped in. (If the kids still like rabbits, does that mean the bagels didn’t kill them? Kendall’s Doctor maybe treat animals!) Naomi tries to redirect Kendall’s panic by giving him she Gift: a watch. He did a terrible job of disguising himself to the extent he least wanted to, and when she tried to get it back, suggesting instead a trumpet show, he twisted the knife: “I don’t want to be back. I’ve become a bitch, but I have a watch?… Me I’m just trying to get inside your head and figure out why you’re giving me this gift. When he returns to the junkyard, even more desperate to rescue night after night comes disappointment…


… He quickly gave up and cried, “I wish I had stayed home.”

Shiv and Roman are fighting – about Matsson, about Shiv being excluded from business decisions (including the stock offer Logan made to Kendall, which Roman knew but she didn’t), and about each other’s sex lives (“[Logan] really enjoyed making love to me and he just didn’t want to fuck me anymore,” Roman told her, which… what?!) — as Naomi helped Kendall out. Roman tells Kendall about his success with Matsson. After Kendall sternly reminds them that having GoJo was his idea, he turns against Shiv, accusing her of spying on his children. Here’s another thing Roman knows while Shiv doesn’t, and her horror tells us why she’s out. When Kendall turned his head outside, Roman shoved him and Kendall fell in front of all of his VVVIPs.

We ended up in two different moods after the party: Roman called Logan to gloat about Matsson; and Kendall, wrapped in a A group comforter, looking down at Hudson Yards from the balcony of his apartment before resting his head on Naomi’s lap.


Naomi might wonder if Kendall is too big of a deal for her? If not, maybe she should be.

Margin Calls

  • Tom, free: I’ll take this very consequential news as an afterthought, then it seems to be for everyone is different than Tom and Greg: Gerri has heard from Justice that the investigation may be over, and that no one at Waystar will serve time. (“I will,” Logan said quietly to Tom.) Roman accused her of looking disappointed when the news was announced, as he assumed she had expected Tom to be incarcerated to have sex with him. others. He probably didn’t know she did it too when Tom was on a business trip.
  • Roman’s… Full agreement: In addition to the announcement that Roman can’t pee in public AND the weird status line about his kid Logan loves to have sex with, we also know that, officially, Roman is still dating Tabitha; We just don’t see her all season because she’s so busy. He was also so offended on behalf of his absent mother that her vagina was presented as a pink corridor, until Kendall said he could take it home. It might start to seem like the producers don’t have a clear idea of ​​what Roman’s sexual orientation is and are just using him as a crate for every extreme fetish they can think of. ?
  • News from the future: For the party, Kendall consulted with trend forecasters, including “Gladwell” and “Popcorn“To mock some of the front pages of the paper they claimed were predictions Roys made; Connor was elected president… “about pocketing.” No one else bothered to eat this bait except Connor – probably because, as it turns out, he once threw his (sleeping) bag. “Because I took two fuckers on a camping trip” because Dad couldn’t mind, THAT WHY,” shouted Connor, “and I ate some damn fish! ” Assuming this is the same outing that the Romans mentioned in “The Interruption”, how important to be This journey?
  • Greg finds love in a hopeless place: Freed from the threat of imprisonment with Tom, Greg decides to embrace life by inviting Comfry out. Even though Tom says she’s not related to him and Kendall outright forbids him from dating a consultant at his job, Greg still shoots him, and since Comfry has finished his bullshit Kendall, she accepts. Let’s hope they can get a foothold before, as she warned him, Kendall makes her brief about going against Greg….

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