‘Succession’ Dropping Dick Pic to Daddy Could Change Everything

Heir tells us just enough about Logan Roy’s history to know that while he abused his kids, it was no worse than what he suffered as a child. We learn that he and his brother, Ewan, grew up in the care of their uncle, Noah. Logan still blamed himself for the death of their sister, Rose – and whatever happened to him and Ewan after that, it left numerous angry red scars on his back.

Logan’s scars appear in Season 1’s “Austerlitz”, showing the Roys reunited with their oldest son and the ranch of the certified black sheep Connor. (Reason for the gathering? A photojournalistic photo interview designed to boost Waystar’s stock with a little-publicized family therapy.) After a fruitless discussion with three children Justifiably frustrated and Kendall’s new relapse, we watched Logan swim laps in the Pool. Marcia wrapped him in a towel when he appeared — covering the keloid scars that cut across his back like whiplash lashes.

I think about that moment at the end of this week’s episode, “Chiantishire,” when Kendall lies face down in an infinity pool. Surrounded by his children, beer in hand, his back glistening in the sun as he sprawled out on a swimming buoy, lost in the world. As the kids got inside, the bottle fell from Kendall’s hand and bubbles rose from his nose. Given the conversation he and Logan previously shared about the catering crew member Kendall left behind to drown, the moment feels ominous.

Did I mention that this is a wedding episode?

To Roman’s dismay, Mommy Roy — Caroline Collingwood, aka actress Harriet Walter, aka “Scary Poppins” — is getting married again. On the surface, the suitor she chooses is a job with multiple marriages, bad business decisions, and shady businesses in his pocket. Shiv’s level of interest hovers around “fuck”, but Roman at least wants to encourage the mother to go to bed early while they attend her wedding in Italy.

Roman, meanwhile, is arranging a marriage of his own — Waystar’s acquisition of content platform GoJo, could save the company from obsolescence. Logan makes a deal with Sandy and Beny, who are thwarted by the blind but not opposed to the deal. Shiv, probably still annoyed, chose this week’s board meeting to play pickpocketing and watch Food Network with the dog.

Any gathering that attracts this many Roys is bound to lead to an unlikely mess of social dysfunction and neuroticism, and Mommy Roy’s wedding was no exception. .

Kendall brings in his assistant Comfrey—who has informed him of a new podcast about “The Curse of the Roys” and the mysterious death of that caterer. It didn’t take long for him to get kicked out of the wedding – “Where is my baby?” – only to turn around, confront Logan, and insist that they meet for dinner. There doesn’t seem to be an “L.” leave for “OG”

Perhaps the only one who had any real fun at this wedding was Greg – who took the opportunity to flirt with Comfrey before attempting to “accidentally” impress other women with his valuable watch. His $40,000. Tom and Shiv recall what chemistry looked like by mocking him as utterly ridiculous, a brief moment of camaraderie before they reverted back to their familiar dance of the name. The most sneaky couple. Mostly, Shiv just wanted to avoid her mother’s “House of Flying Daggers”-style interrogation.

“How is your marriage going,” she scoffed, “Are you going to have kids?” Husband’s reply? “How To be Will your marriage take place? Are you about to have a baby? “We love a wedding, don’t we?

Finally, Caroline struck up her daughter to have a heated conversation about which of them had hurt the other more over the years. Caroline blames Shiv for “choosing” her father at the famous 13-year-old self-control, and Shiv blames her mother for…you know, everything.

Unlike Logan, who couldn’t bear to face his failures as a father, Caroline eventually gave in. She says maybe she’s a terrible mother – but Shiv is childless, she adds, because neither will she. And just like that, Tom’s desire to have children looks a lot more attractive than his previous reluctant wife.

Logan, it turns out, chose to go out with Kendall to dinner. (Anyway, after catching his nephew, Iverson, tasted his food for poison.) him to see what will come back crawling back. So he canceled the offer.

“And just like that, Tom’s desire to have children looks a lot more attractive than his previous reluctant wife.”

When Logan summons the kids to Connor’s place in New Mexico to mediate a bit of PR, it turns out he’s the least equipped to handle it. When his staunch claim that he did “everything” for his children was bombarded in the room and the therapist pushed further, he exploded. But the anger in his voice seemed to betray something even more fragile: fear.

“I’ll apologize as much as you want,” Logan said. “But I can’t participate in everything.”

Kendall, very high on meth, diagnosed his father later in the episode: “You’re so jealous of what you’ve given your kids.” When his father said he could never say the same to the uncle who raised him, Kendall began taunting him: “What would evil Uncle Noah do?”

Just as he lunges at Kendall to call him “asshole” in that moment, Logan’s darkest side emerges as his son calls him “the devil”.

Logan said: “You are my son. “I did my best. And when you damn it, I cleaned up yours. And am I a bad person? Damn it, kid. ”

Another intriguing coda: In that Season 1 episode, Connor asks Willa to move in with him to legitimize their relationship while the press closes. This week, he asked her to marry him — and in a classic Willa moment, she managed to make it sound like she was saying yes while politely asking for a moment to think. think about ideas. Catching up seems to be in vogue; that’s also where shiv finally asks the question about the child. Why decide to have a baby now when you can “reserve some embryos” and decide later? In the meantime, she and Tom might want to figure out their dirty talk; he doesn’t seem to enjoy being told how different she is from him.

However, if anyone’s sex life is under the microscope this week, it’s… you guessed it, our favorite puppy.

In addition to trying to make sure his mother doesn’t squander the family fortune on a gold digger, Roman spent this week brokering a deal with GoJo. As tech mogul Lukas Mattson, Alexander Skarsgård is essentially a type of Elon Musk – eccentric, unpredictable, prone to moves that make suits nervous. When Mattson makes a play to turn his corporate acquisition into a merger of equal companies, Roman seems to give up almost immediately – until he realizes that his father can really care.

When he sold the meeting room on a deal, Roman received the best possible prize a religious child could ask for: a compliment from both parents. and Gerri who recently asked him to please stop sending her so many dick pictures. Unfortunately, the joy of success hit Roman’s head – and his disobedience to Gerri bit his ass. In an attempt to send a fake penis photo to his lover, Roman accidentally texted it to his father.

A climactic “Shiv” moment? Consider a photo that clearly depicts her brother’s penis before vaguely confirming what we already know: “Yes, that’s his penis.”

Maybe it was just another mistake from one of Logan Roy’s many failures. Or maybe it’s an act of subconscious self-sabotage.

Whatever Kendall’s fate may be after the bleak ending scene of this week’s episode, it doesn’t look like he’ll be fighting for the family crown anytime soon. We can pretend like Shiv is still running, but if this season’s public blunders have taught us anything, it’s not a good idea to bet heavily on that possibility. (With that being said, it looks like Shiv is done playing with the leverage she has over Gerri after the clumsy.) That leaves only one option, because God can’t be Connor.

Roman loves to pretend to be the darkest, meanest Roy of all – “Don’t open Pandora’s box,” he warned, “just a lot of dents in there.” But youngest Roy’s relentlessly annoyed body language tells a different story; so, perhaps, what his sister described this week as his “ricotta cock”. Part of Roman clearly wanted to inherit the family legacy. The question is whether he can get over the scars that come with it. If he learned one thing from Kendall and Logan, it was how quickly they spread.

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