Subway Simulator 3D Mod APK v3.9.2 (Unlimited Money)

In addition to the fun of games like a thrilling car race, Subway Simulator 3D is proof that creating your own style with a distinct personality is also a great alternative. The new version allows you to create a world with subway trains, start as a driver with one of four alternatives, establish a career as an adventurer by driving your train. you on the subway map, go through all the lines and stop to visit specific places. It’s lovely isn’t it? This is an opportunity for those who like to operate the train alone and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Let’s see what we can learn more about!

What is Subway Simulator 3D Mod APK?

Subway Simulator 3D Mod is a simulation game of realistic submarine operation. Use 3D imaging to recreate every angle in stunning detail. Everything from the control room to the passenger compartment to the ship’s exterior and environment, was created by the developers of Simulators Live to be incredibly realistic. To allow for different viewing angles, the developer incorporated flexibility into the layout. You can observe the passengers inside the cabin from any angle. Moreover, because each passenger has infinite freedom of movement when boarding and disembarking, it creates the feeling that you are operating a real ship.

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Outstanding Features of Subway Simulator 3D Mod APK

Learn how to manage vehicles and traffic laws

Not only satisfying the passion for controlling the subway, but players coming to Subway Simulator 3D also learn, show off their talents, earn more coins from trains, thereby opening more routes. Learning how to obey traffic laws is also worth reminding because you will be fined once you exceed the allowed limit; The number of passengers trusting to choose you as a driver will be the number of points you receive after each trip. It’s great to be the master of the ship with the biggest controller!

Lots of quests

The goal of Subway Simulator 3D Mod is very simple. You have to drive the train to the pick-up stations, stopping to wait for the passengers to board. Keep going until you reach the final destination. Repeat this process until you complete your journey. To complete the mission, drop off passengers at each stop. However, in each trip, you have to carry a certain number of passengers. They gather at specific locations depending on the station. If you don’t collect enough people by the time you reach the end of the line, you won’t be able to complete the quest.

Improve passenger skills and experience

Subway Simulator 3D is a game that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own subway. Choose your favorite train and route, learn to use the buttons to open and close passenger doors, use tools to speed up or slow down, and keep track of the number of people on board. Always be aware of your speed and avoid receiving penalties; Avoid collisions by keeping an eye on everything. It’s exciting that you can try the unique autopilot function to have the best possible ride.

The train operator is not only commanding but also responsible train driver who cares about the mood and attitude of the passengers towards how you deliver. Customers will be satisfied with anything you do for them as long as they are treated well. Successfully dealing with picky travelers is a source of pride. Open and close doors based on what you have seen on board; treat your passengers with respect; perhaps they will assist you in opening new routes and trains.

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Sightseeing everywhere

Participating in Subway Simulator 3D is also fun because it allows you to go to places you have never been before or revisit old settings. You can take a break to enjoy the beautiful view outside the window. The tireless efforts of the creators have resulted in this remarkable opportunity. Take a journey across Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

So you will need to set goals for driving, picking up passengers and gaining experience to unlock additional stations, see more places, meet and learn new things. Don’t let the beauty of nature outside convince you; Let’s explore and learn it with us. Now is the time to explore and discover!

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Earn money and get rewards

The game will give you rewards for completing regular activities. The game has provided a bunch of options to change the look of your ship. It will be beneficial if you also consider personalizing your ship and decorating it with eye-catching pieces of furniture in the zones. You can also adjust the color scheme of your ship.

You can earn money by driving your ship or following the rules to save in-game currency. This will assist you in paying for resources and renewing your ship. Moreover, the weather is not always ideal, sometimes it rains and then calms down. So stay awake and keep an eye on the situation!

Subway classification

There are four different classes of submarines in the game. You start with a submarine available in Subway Simulator 3D Mod. Complete your subway driving job in the best way after a while on duty. New trains can be unlocked as you progress. Continue your journey using savings from previous missions. You get access to new ships as well as explore some exotic locations. There are some special maps that have been simulated in extremely realistic 3D, except for the ships. With so many distinct maps to explore, all created in ultra-precise 3D. Follow the route available on each map, while improving your tram driving skills. Gradually, you will become a professional train driver.

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Special sound

Subway Simulator 3D Mod adds a special sound to the game. The sound of the engine while running and the movement of the train on the track. Going through tunnels or suburbs creates a variety of noises. Every time the train stops at pick-up points, a simulation of a human voice is played in the subway environment with vibrant background music playing. When the ship reaches its destination, everything is simulated according to each action performed on it. v promises to bring a realistic subway operating experience to players.

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Download Subway Simulator 3D Mod APK for Android and become a real underground train driver! Experience the life of a real-life subway worker in this fun, free game that’s both challenging and addictive. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it takes to drive a subway car without having your license revoked, now is the time! With unlimited coins, unlocking all levels and over 50 missions to complete, there are tons of reasons why you should download Subway Simulator 3D Mod APK right away!

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