Streamer xQc warns Halo developers not to make the same mistakes as Overwatch

Halo InfiniteIts multiplayer is now available for free worldwide and first impressions have been very positive. It’s been many years since its release Halo 5 and fans are clearly looking forward to returning to the franchise, especially with the kind of strong post-launch support expected for online games in 2021. However, There are still some concerns. Twitch streamer xQc set a lot Halo Infinite Players have been worried about every word lately, warning developers at 343 Industries not to make the same mistakes Blizzard has made Overwatch.

Refer Overwatch It seems like an odd comparison, but in this case xQc’s makes a good point. His reactions are motivated by what he considers assumptions about Halo Infinitesuccess and lifespan based on initial numbers around game stats, including concurrent Steam players and Twitch viewers. xQc warns developers and players alike against trusting those numbers, because “it may not continue to be so.”


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xQc continues to mock its audience, mockingly encouraging them to brag and focus on “information driven analytics”. “That’s a good idea, never been wrong before,” is his way of emphasizing his point. He goes on to say that it’s not a good idea to “bring into Analytics prematurely.” “Overwatch did it”, xQc explains why, asserting that Blizzard would say “34 million! “for many years. It’s a reference to Overwatch reach 35 million players/accounts during the first 18 months.

XQc believes that number is incorrect for the size of Overwatchits player base or activity. He said that at the moment he saw Overwatch only about 8,000 viewers on Twitch “and there aren’t many players left.” That’s clearly an exaggeration, but xQc’s point of view that the numbers can be misleading and the important thing is an active player base and a healthy game. Therefore, xQc recommends that 343 should focus on solving problems in the game lest the game “rot”.

Fair to 343 and Halo, it seems that xQc doesn’t approach the conversation from an unbiased point of view. He had low opinion of Halo Infinite and is not very confident in the future of the game, saying that he thinks “people have moved from Halo, “compared to the popularity of the franchise. xQc describes Halofight is “slow and outdated” and that it “seriously lacks speed in gameplay.” It’s easy to see why xQc didn’t think the game would be a hit when he didn’t like the game in the first place.

Despite xQc’s thoughts, Halo Infinite and 343 Industries has a lot to prove. However, the game’s seasonal progression system has been heavily criticized 343 was quick to promise improvements. Then comes month and year 343 post-launch content syndication to keep Halo Infinite Fresh and attractive. That’s not something many games have managed to do. That said, while launch numbers may not matter in 2022 or beyond, it’s still a great start to a franchise that many worry will never top again. .

Halo InfiniteMultiplayer is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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