Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a revealing dress up game

Jack Garland is the most manly man I have met in a long time. He is the main character of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origina new side story from Koei Tecmo studio Team Ninja (Nioh, Nioh 2) and Square Enix. Jack is on a mission to defeat a monster named Chaos, and to those who doubt his mission, he says, “Nonsense.” His gray face had a jawline sharp enough to sever the most ferocious dragons, and he himself was strong enough to smash the heads of demons and colossal wolves. He’s extremely grumpy, however, it’s this masculinity – combined with tons of loot found in the game – that makes me turn him into the world’s rageiest barbie doll.

Like Team Ninja’s previous work, Stranger of Paradise push you into the action battle like the soul. As you play, you’ll take Jack and his friends through a series of maze levels set in underwater caves or on snow-capped mountains. As you battle monster after monster, you’ll also unlock lots of chests, along with an arsenal of weapons, armor, and clothing for each party member.

Depending on how quickly you progress through the levels, you can accumulate hundreds of items within a few hours of play. Stranger of Paradise have a full Final Fantasy– Unique job system with basic options: Swordsman, Duelist, Swordfighter, Pugilist, Marauder, Ronin, Lancer and Mage. There are 28 jobs in total, but you can maximize the stats for different jobs by equipping the right combination of specialized equipment such as weapons, helmets, armor and accessories for his arms and legs. There are countless outfit possibilities.

According to the original Stranger of Origin announcement, fans praised Jack for coming up with a Final Fantasy game – a franchise known for its intricate and memorable character designs – in a shirt. font. And while his revelation is admittedly lackluster, it’s believable what the rest of the game will be: a colossal, elaborate opportunity to play dressing up with out-and-out man Ken… I mean Jack.

The loot is absolutely amazing. I won’t share all the devices here; Discovering the device for yourself is half the fun. But I wanted to show some of what you can get in the previous installments of the game – by that point you’ll have a lot going. It’s a magical fantasy land of leather, shiny metal, and vinyl odd-looking materials, befitting a diner chair or a costume for an actual Final Fantasy protagonist.

Jack wears an all-leather outfit. there are pink ribbons on his shoes. and is wearing a turtleneck and headband.

Image: Koei Tecmo / Square Enix

A favorite among middle-aged moms everywhere, Jack brings masculinity to the classic look of a gray cow-neck sweater with ease. (It looks soft!) It all has a certain punk feel to it and if you look closer, there are a few soft feminine touches. There is a hint of pink in the boot to match the pink metallic details in the “Savage Knuckles” weapon.

Jack wears a felt hat and flat shoes. and black leather gloves.

Image: Koei Tecmo / Square Enix

I call this look the “Man in Jack’s Hat”. Inspired by Scatman John’s classic hit, “Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop), Jack wears a felt hat that just screams “midlife crisis”. This is a paired outfit that basically uses his abs as an accessory. Everything was chosen to match the hat, and I think his dragon armor pants give this classic look just as much peril for a professional wrestler as it is for Jack Garland.

jsck is topless again and wears purple leather gloves and leather jogging pants with purple rivet shoes and mask.

Image: Koei Tecmo / Square Enix

Now, this only me is having fun. You can put Jack in these leather running pants with laces on the sides. I paired them with studded boots and purple “Witch Gloves”. The standout feature of this outfit is the purple mask. There’s an in-game feature that lets you turn the headgear on and off – but seeing Jack wear his various leather and metal masks in the cutscenes is a treat.

These are just a few of the thousands of possible outfits. You’ll need to arrange the menus to get it right, but the results are amazing. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a revealing dress up game


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